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It is important to understand that the school system is a separate entity from the City. Therefore, it has its own governing body, the Board of Education. It also has its own, independent funding and budget. Visit their website here.

Board of Education Meetings

Regular, Committee of the Whole and Organizational meetings are all open to the public. However, public comments are permitted only are the Regular and Committee of the Whole meetings. Most meetings are held at the Administration Building (map).

For more information on meetings, reference this pamphlet.

Regular Meetings

These are the meetings at which most of the business of the Board is conducted. Regular Meetings are held at the Administration Building (map) and are open to the public. Persons are permitted three (3) minutes to speak during the public participation portion of the meeting.

Regular Meetings of the Maple Heights Board of Education are held bi-monthly. The schedule of meetings is set by the passage of a resolution at the Organizational Meeting held every January. The schedule for meetings can be found on the School District Calendar.

Committee of the Whole

A meeting that is a work session for the Board and the Administration, with very little Board action. These are held in the Board Room at the Administration Building, in accordance with the annual resolution approved at each organizational meeting held in January. A copy of which may be obtained from the Superintendent’s office.

Organizational Meetings

Held between January 1 and January 15 of each year. At the Organizational Meeting, the Board elects its officers and adopts a number of standing resolutions.

More information about the Maple Heights school system can be found at their website.

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