Maple Heights City Council

The City Council is the primary governing body of the city. It is responsible for approving the annual budget and passing necessary legislation. Codified Ordinances for the City of Maple Heights can be found here.


The Council meets regularly on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month (except through the summer) at the Maple Heights Seniors Center (map). These meetings are open to the public and begin at 7:00pm. A caucus to discuss legislation is held prior to every meeting at 6:30pm and is also open to the public. The caucus provides a closer look at the working of the City and the Council.

During council meetings, each department gives a report to the Council and each council member has the opportunity to give a report to the citizens. Additionally, the council hears comments from citizens during each meeting. Any citizen is permitted to speak about any concern or topic they desire for a total of three (3) minutes.

Minutes from past Council Meetings can be found here.

Video from past Council Meetings can be found on YouTube.

Work Sessions

Council meets for a work session on the Monday before the first council meeting of the month for City business to be discussed. These meetings are open to the public and generally take place at 6pm in room 7 of City Hall.

Special Meetings

24 hours notice of time, place and purpose must be given to the public and media when a Special Meeting is called.

Council Members

Your council member is there for you. They can handle all kind of requests and questions. Please feel free to contact them with any concerns or suggestions you may have.

 See what District you are in here

2016-2017 Maple Heights City Councilmembers

Council President

Richard Trojanski, (216) 816-6863

Council District 1

Stafford Shenett, (216) 510-6340

Council District 2

Toni Jones, (216) 650-5409

Council District 3

Ebony Miller, (216) 780-3238

Council District 4

Ron Jackson, (216) 663-0995

Council District 5

Tanglyn Madden, (216) 346-5095

Council District 6

Sharri Thomas, (216) 587-2889


Council District 7

Edwina Agee, (216) 323-8829



Committee meetings:

  • Shall be announced at regular council meetings (if possible)
  • Held on City Property
  • Scheduled after 6pm on weekdays
  • Minutes shall be reported to the entire council at its next regularly scheduled meeting


Committee of the Whole

All members of council.

Special projects, presentations, issues and information relating to the entire Council.



All financial matters of the City, and other related matters. 

Economic Development/Housing


Neighborhood revitalization, preservation and enhancement of City housing, acquisition of new businesses and/or land, Broadway redevelopment, parks and gardens, and railroad and intermodal issues and all other related matters. 

Community Life and Education

Agee – Chairwoman

Recreation programs for youth and adults, health issues, family programs, City events, volunteer recruitment and recognitions, communication issues, public relations, school district issues, education programs for residents, city officials and employees, and all other related matters.

Public Works/Safety


Streets and street maintenance, infrastructure, sewers, storm water and flooding issues, sidewalks, garbage and waste issues. All safety issues, including block watch groups, street lighting, traffic signals and timing, signage, core services, police and fire safety programs, and all other related matters. 

More detailed information can be found in Chapter 220 of the administrative code.

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