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WANTED: Residents’ Opinions Regarding November Ballot Issues

Want to make your opinion heard? Do you know what Maple Heights needs? Here is your chance to let everyone know. We are looking for opinion pieces written by residents (or business owners) of Maple Heights. We invite you to share you opinion “For” or “Against” the issues that will appear on the November 4, […]

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Classic Maple Heights House East Side

#FBF: Maple Heights the American Dream

Recently I compiled a 10 question survey for past residents of Maple Heights, Ohio, in response to reading Once the American Dream by Bernadette Hanlon.  In the book Hanlon discusses the decline of inner-ring suburbs. She looks at age of housing (homes built in the 1950’s and 60’s have become obsolete), shift of wealth (inner […]

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Mayor Demands Retraction; Demeans MHN Staff

While we are flattered that Mayor Lansky is presumably one of our most loyal readers, we are not so pleased with his motivation for reading. Exactly two weeks ago, Maple Heights News received a surprising response to the July 17th Throwback Thursday article – a threatening and inflammatory letter from Mayor Lansky’s lawyer. Taking it […]

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How Maple Compares

House It Going? I pulled data from the 2010 Census to compare Maple Heights to other inner-ring suburbs in the Cleveland Metro with similar (+/-6,000 persons) sized populations. I have included data such as size of city in square miles, total population, homeowner population, renter population, housing units: total, occupied, vacant, rented or owner occupied. E. Cleveland Brook […]

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