Indian coaches live in past, need foreign help: Yogeshwar Dutt

Olympic bronze medallist wrestler Yogeshwar Dutt feels Indian mentors live previously and do not have the appetite to learn new procedures, requiring the contribution of outside mentors for the advantage of grapplers.
img India won its lady Olympic wrestling award in the 1952 Helsinki Games through KD Jadhav. Decades later, Sushil Kumar won the nation's its next Olympic award on the tangle, packing a bronze in the 2008 Beijing Games.
"Indian wrestling began doing great internationally after the remote mentors came. In 2003, out of the blue we got a Georgian mentor, it was after that we won at the Olympics, began winning World Championships and awards in the Asian Games likewise expanded," he said.
Yogeshwar won a bronze at the 2012 London Olympics. "The remote mentors will learn and work with competitors. In any case, Indian mentors do not have that craving to learn. Despite everything they live previously and keep on training with the old frameworks. Hence it is basic to have remote mentors in wrestling since one needs to continue changing the diversion," he included.
District gold medallist Geeta Phogat concurred with individual wrestler Dutt and included that outside mentors give the aptitudes and ability obscure to Indian grapplers.

- Maple Heights News Team