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Policing Maple Heights

The MHN “Police Blotter” will be discontinued for the time being due to the resignation of the author and the reality that there are not enough hours in my week during the school year. Please check out the Job description if you are be interested in keeping your neighbors informed of what is happening in Maple Heights.

Anyone having information related to any of these crimes should call the Maple Heights Police at 216-662-1234.
To report suspected drug activity contact the SEALE Drug Task Force Narcotics Tip Line at (440) 735-6595.

January 31, 2016

12:42 AM  Maple Heights Officer out on patrol reported hearing a single gunshot in the area of Warrensville Center. At 2:00 AM Warrensville PD reported a man in the ER with a gunshot wound to the leg possibly received in Maple Heights on Warrensville Center while traveling in a vehicle. Another involved party was arrested with a warrant out of GHMC for Attempted Murder and Felonious Assault as well as a warrant with CCSO.

Overnight: A 2008 Chevy Equinox (teal) was stolen between midnight and 2:30AM from Donnybrook Road.

3PM While officer was investigating a call, a suspect in a theft case was located behind Dunham Plaza. Suspect had heroin on his person.

9 PM Officer requested to check the driveway of a home for mail that may have been dropped when caretaker fell while checking on the property. Mail was found by officer.

February 1, 2016

12:57AM A suspicious package was found on the sidewalk by city hall and was cleared by a “bomb guy”. Police continue regular checks of City Hall and the Mayor’s house due to threats.

Overnight: 5400 block of E 141st.  An unlocked vehicle was rummaged through. Nothing was taken.

Home on the 20500 block of Clare was broken into and the copper plumbing was stolen. Thieves left side door open.

20800 Southgate park. Resident reporting that her car window was smashed and her purse was stolen.

February 2, 2016

1:07 PM Cleveland police reporting they recovered a Honda stolen out of our city on the 29th from Walgreens with keys.

8:05 PM Report of an armed robbery on the 5100 block of Clement. Parties came to station to report robbery.

February 3, 2016

5:03 AM Officer out with a vehicle in the area of Glenwood and Edgewood that has 5 unpaid parking tickets. Vehicle was towed.

4:25 PM Male reporting a suspicious landscaping trailer in the lot behind apartments on the 5100 block of Lee road. Trailer was stolen and items from trailer were missing.

5:25 PM Female cited for walking in the street on the 5100 Block of Warrensville Center. Caller reported seeing female knock over a dog grooming sign and touching cars as they drive by.

February 4, 2016

12:36 AM Tow truck driver reporting a male hanging onto the side of his truck after he picked up the female victim of domestic violence.

Daytime burglary to a home on the 5500 block of Beechwood. Entry was made through a window and a TV was found in the backyard.

February 5, 2016

Maple Heights Fire Department responded to the call of an overflowing toilet and successfully stopped the flow.

5:05 PM Resident from the 20600 block of Centuryway reporting that her neighbor shot at her dog and son(s) with a paintball gun. The neighbor felt the dog was vicious, and did not actually hit anyone. He was advised that he is not allowed to shoot paintball guns in the city.

10:06 PM Female being escorted out of King and Queens (Southgate Park) threw something through bar window and striking a male in the face. Female was charged with assault, criminal damage and resisting arrest.

February 6, 2016

9:44 AM Male shot 3 times on Mapleboro/South. See Press Release for more information. At 5:30 PM GHPD located the suspects girlfriend’s vehicle. Suspect was arrested and weapon was found in the vehicle.

5:22 PM Real Estate agent showing a property on the 17300 block of Libby discovered that the home had been broken into through a window, the copper piping had been stolen and the basement was flooding. Water department was contacted.

February 7, 2016

1:17 AM Callers from the 5100 block of Arch, 5200 block of Theodore and Clement reported hearing 5-6 gunshots.

Overnight someone stole a checkbook and loose change from an unlocked vehicle on the 14600 block of Summit.

8:33 PM Glass bottle thrown at a front window of a home on the 20700 block of Hillgrove. 9:02 resident called back reporting something had been thrown at a rear window. A male was seen running through backyards.

8:45 PM A resident reported someone threw a brick through front window of their 5400 block of Elmwood home.

 February 8, 2016

11:53 AM Burglary to an Edgewood Ct home. Resident arrived home to find the door open and that the home had been ransacked.

February 9, 2016

12:06 PM Male on the 16700 block of Maple Heights BLVD shot himself in the leg while cleaning his gun.

5:46 PM GHPD recovered vehicle stolen from our city on E 131st Street.

5:59 PM Speedway on Lee Road South and Rockside robbed at gunpoint. Video showed the robber fled in blue/gray truck with damage to the front passenger side, while an employee reported he’d fled on foot towards Broadway. One employee was arrested on his warrant. The suspects vehicle was observed on Saturday, February 13th on Rockside near Lawn Avenue and he was positively identified by a Speedway employee. See article for more information.

 February 10, 2016

12:57 AM Report of an SUV parked near the brick building at Benhoff park for 2 hours. Male was FaceTiming his girlfriend and was cited for possession of Marijuana.

9:32 AM Liberty Ford (Warrensville Center) reporting a Grey Buick Century stolen. They have been unable to locate for a week. It was taken without keys or license plate.

10:33 AM Hertz (Warrensville Center) reporting two vehicle missing from the lot: a black Toyota Corolla and a black Ford Focus. Overnight on February 5th -6th the drop box was broken into and at the time it was unknown if any vehicles and keys had been returned and subsequently stolen.

12:38 PM Motor Vehicle Accident at E 141st and Rockside. Road was reopened at 1:09PM

3:12 PM Motor Vehicle Accident at Mendota and Dunham Road when Illuminating Company truck exiting Turney Dunham Plaza slid into traffic on Dunham.

8:44 PM Motor Vehicle Accident: Granger Road and Milo. Vehicles were traveling towards each other when the westbound vehicle lost control due to snowy road conditions and struck the eastbound vehicle.


9:55 PM Caller reported being robbed (coat, wallet, duffle bag, Samsung galaxy) at gunpoint by 3 black males on Friend Avenue after getting of the bus.

 February 11, 2016

6:42 AM Employee arrived at work (5100 block of Warrensville Center) to find the back door kicked in. Police cleared building.

9:51 AM Report of vehicle leaving the 480 ramp and plunging down the embankment into Mill Creek. Reported by bystander and driver, who was unable to get out of the car which was taking on water. MHPD Captain, a Sgt and a Patrolman responded and entered the creek to extract the driver from the vehicle. The driver and one officer were treated for exposure. Fox 8 I-Team interviewed officers involved and included body camera video of rescue.

9:05 PM Two neighbors on the 14500 block of Tabor reported seeing a group of juveniles walking towards E 141st and hearing a single gunshot.

9:50 PM A 2003 Jeep Liberty was stolen from behind a building on the 5300 block of Warrensville Center. The vehicle was found on the 5100 block of Philip Street at 2:38 AM on the 12th.

 February 12, 2016

3:22 PM Resident reporting a juvenile on the 18200 block of Dalewood looking for a shovel he has supposedly left at someone’s house. Juvenile then took off running towards Edinboro and hopped a neighboring fence.

Daytime burglary to a home on the 18200 block of Mapleboro. Two TVs missing.

 February 13, 2016

12:44 PM Resident from the 5100 block of Arch reporting seeing juveniles storing a 3 wheeler in the garage of a vacant property. A stolen 4 wheeler was recovered from the garage. The ATV was stolen on the 31st from a home on the 5100 block of Thomas by parties taking the ATV for a test drive.

3:24 PM Vehicle reported being stolen from the 14700 block of Summit. Owner started the vehicle and went back inside briefly only to find vehicle gone upon returning. The vehicle was identified as being involved in a motor vehicle accident in Bedford on Broadway (which occurred at 3:04PM). The vehicle was totaled and the suspect fled the scene.


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  1. Dave March 31, 2016 at 11:16 am #

    That’s a shame I really enjoyed reading the blotter on my lunch breaks at work. Thanks for the effort you put into it, it was appreciated

    • Lynde Brownlee April 15, 2016 at 10:10 pm #

      Thanks, Dave, it is nice to hear that it was appreciated.
      We were sorry to have to discontinue it.

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