Maple Heights City Hall

Special Meeting of Council: Tuesday ,November 10, 2015

Maple Heights City Council will hold a special meeting tonight, Tuesday, November 10, 2015 at 7PM in room 7 at the Maple Heights City Hall.

  • On the agenda is approval of an updated Tax Rate resolution due to the passage of the Senior Center Levy.
  • 2015-74 Zoning code change to section 1286.02 of the Codified Ordinances regarding Institutional/Office zoning districts. According to the legislation a company called AMCLO, Inc desires a zoning change for a located at 14901 Broadway. The property abutts residential properties along Greenhurst Drive. The amendment adds an additional permitted use, “Industrial Uses for those structures that were previously used or designed for  commercial, industrial, or heavy or light industrial uses.” The legislation intends to bypass the Planning and Zoning commission and their public hearing (which require notice to nearby property owners) citing Article XVI of the City Charter which allows council by a 3/4 majority vote to waive the mandatory referral to the Planning and Zoning commission. Section 1268.14 of the Codified ordinances however, requires a notice be sent to nearby property owners by council before council’s public hearing, also.
1268.14  NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS BY COUNCIL   Written notice of the hearing shall be mailed by the Clerk of Council by first class mail or hand delivery at least ten (10) days before the day of the hearing to all owners of property within such area proposed to be rezoned or redistricted and to the owners of property located within 300 feet in any direction of the area to be rezoned or by the posting of a sign on the property indicating the time and place of the public hearing and the nature of the proposed amendment. Such notice shall be sent to the address of such owners appearing in the records of the County Recorder. The failure to mail or deliver the notification as provided in this Code shall not invalidate any such amendment. The notice shall contain the same information as required of notices published in newspapers as specified in Section 1268.13. (Ord. 2000-128. Passed 12-6-00.)

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