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November 3, 2015 Maple Heights Election Results

This article is based on unofficial results, however all the races were decisive. 

In January, Maple Heights will welcome a new Mayor into City Hall, Annette Blackwell.

Council will welcome 4 new members and have a new President, but Richard Trojanski is not new to city government having served 3 terms as District 6 Councilman.

Residents in Districts 1 and 5 will have new councilpersons as Stafford Shenett (1) and Tanglyn Madden (5) were unopposed. Both were at the polls introducing themselves to their constituents. Shenett is a member of Planing and Zoning and therefore his election will result in a vacancy on that commission.

Residents in Districts 2, 4 and 7 retained their current councilperson, Toni Jones (2), Ron Jackson (4), and Edwina Agee (7).

Residents in Districts 3 and 6 will also have new council, but unlike Districts 1 and 5 had the opportunity to choose who their council person would be. District 3 was won by Ebony Miller and District 6 was won by Sharri Thomas.

The Senior Center levy passed with 59% of the residents in favor of the levy.

Maple Board of Education incumbents, Michael White and Dale Walter, were retained by residents since they had no challengers.

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