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Maple Heights November 3, 2015 General Election Ballot Issues

Disclaimer: This is not an endorsement of any candidate. 

This list was updated September 4, to show that one of the District 7 Candidates, Colleen Scott, has withdrawn.

Candidates for Mayor

Mayor Lansky is NOT seeking re-election.

  • Annette Blackwell, who ran unsuccessfully in 2013 for City Council for District 1. Blackwell was appointed by Mayor Lansky to the 2011 Charter Review Commission. A recent editorial by Naymik of NEOMG stated that Lansky is backing Blackwell.
  • District 5 Councilman, Bill Brownlee, who is in his first city council term, will be “giving up” his seat to run for Mayor.


Candidates for Council President: Open Seat


  • Aaron Mitchell served on the 2011 Charter Review Commission. He also ran unsuccessfully for Councilman of District 5 in 2011.
  • Richard Trojanski 3 term District 6 Councilman, Council President Pro-Tem (vice president) and Chair of Council’s Finance Committee since 2014.

Candidates for City Council 

District 1: Uncontested Open Seat

  • Stafford Shenett who ran unsuccessfully in 2013 is seeking the position again and has been endorsed by Adams. Since then, Shenett has been appointed to Planning and Zoning. If he is elected he will leave a vacant seat on the Planning and Zoning Commission which expires in 2019.

District 2

NEOMG hosted a debate between the district 2 candidates.

  • Councilwoman Toni Jones was first elected to council in 2007.  Currently chair of the Economic Development and Housing committee.
  • Thomas Coyle.

District 3: Open seat

  • Christian Ostenson, a member of the Planning and Zoning Commission has pulled petitions. If he is elected he will leave a vacant seat on the Planning and Zoning Commission which expires in 2017.
  • Ebony Miller. Miller participated in a NEOMG debate.

District 4

  • Councilman Jackson is currently serving in his first term on City Council.  Jackson participated in a NEOMG debate.
  • Dolly Lewis.

District 5: Uncontested Open Seat

  • Tanglyn Madden.

District 6: Open Seat

  • Richard Clark, II.
  • Sharri Thomas.  Thomas participated in a NEOMG debate.

District 7

  • Councilwoman, Edwina Agee, who is currently serving her first term on council and chair of the Community Life and Education Committee.
  • Celestine Wilburn. Wilburn led the charge to get the traffic cameras on the ballot last fall. The Charter Amendment which was approved by voters 3-1.

Member of Maple Heights Board of Education (vote for 2)

  • Michael White (incumbent)
  • Dale Walter (incumbent)

Issue 67- Proposed Tax Levy

An additional tax for the benefit of the City of
Maple Heights for the purpose of current
expenses and general operations of the Maple
Heights Senior Center at a rate not exceeding
1.3 mills for each one dollar of valuation, which
amounts to 13 cents for each one hundred
dollars of valuation, for five years, commencing
in 2015, first due in calendar year 2016.


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2 Responses to Maple Heights November 3, 2015 General Election Ballot Issues

  1. Jay October 29, 2015 at 2:28 am #

    After I do the above calculation, my tax bill is $78. Is that a monthly tax or is it yearly?

    • Lynde Brownlee October 30, 2015 at 11:01 am #

      That sounds too high. Did you multiply your current (or the proposed for 2016) market value of your home by .35 and use that number for the calculation. Taxes are only assessed on the assessed value (35% of the market value). The number you come up with should be yearly.

      I think it’s around $2/month. I will try to find something that has it calculated out for the different property values.

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