Maple Heights Police at Work in the Rain

Policing Maple Heights

Anyone having information related to any of these crimes should call the Maple Heights Police at 216-662-1234.
To report suspected drug activity contact the SEALE Drug Task Force Narcotics Tip Line at (440) 735-6595.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Overnight.  Report of theft from a vehicle on the 21000 block of Clare Avenue. A second call came from the 20000 block of Raymond reporting a vehicle being rifled through. Nothing was stolen from the second vehicle and paperwork was recovered further down the block.

1:45 PM Video footage of the dumpster fire in the Library parking lot was viewed by police and determined to be arson. The dumpster which was open to the community to recycle paper products will not be replaced.

9:08 PM A blue 2015 Kia Soul with Florida plates was stolen out of the Convenient Food Mart parking lot on Dunham. Vehicle headed south and was pursued by Bedford police north on Warrensville Center. 3 of the 5 suspects were caught when they bailed from the vehicle in the Franklin/Raymond/Watson area.

 Monday, August 10, 2015

10:12 AM Home Depot Loss Prevention reported a man stealing a 40 gallon hot water tank valued at $420. The male tried return the hot water heater which he had not brought into the store with him, but rather loaded onto his cart from store merchandise. His return was denied because the model he was trying to return didn’t match the one he had previously purchased. When his return was denied he took the tank to his vehicle.

Mother reporting that her 7 year old son was sexually assaulted by a male cousin.

6:24 PM Black Husky Mountain bike was stolen from Giant Eagle. The bike was not locked. Suspect was observed taking the bike on security camera footage.

 Tuesday, August 11, 2015

1:50 AM 4 callers reported hearing 6 gunshots near the 18100 block of Dalewood and a possible victim (not found) laying on the ground. Complainants did not see anyone leave the area. Police recovered bullet fragments. Later in the day the police received information about a suspect and vehicle involved in the “shootout”. The vehicle was located at Circle K on Northfield, where the suspect had been observed getting into another vehicle which headed northbound on Northfield. The suspect was located and arrested near the crime scene on Dalewood.

Overnight. Report of items taken from a vehicle on the 5000 block of Catherine. Items were discard beside vehicle.

10:36 PM Prisoner in city jail deliberately clogged toilet in jail and flooded adjacent area.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

7:48 AM Benhoff Drive resident reporting a female juvenile sleeping in their garage.

11:41 AM Wires down on Corkhill Road due to semi going down the street. Fire Department secured the lines.

6:47PM Victim of an auto theft on the 15400 block of Walvern around 2 AM found the thief’s cell phone. Both the victim, her neighbor and the neighbor’s security cameras saw the thief stealing from the car.

 Thursday, August 13, 2015

6:50 PM A police officer was flagged down on the 5100 block of Thomas by a resident who found a black briefcase in her trash which did not belong to her.

9:15 PM A resident from the 5100 block of Thomas reported that someone took a black briefcase, iPhone, and a WiFi hotspot with charger from her unlocked car between 10PM last night and 8AM this morning. Residents briefcase which was found in her neighbors trash was returned.

 Friday, August 14, 2015

9:34 AM An employee of a business on the 5100 block of Warrensville Center reported finding a baggie of Marijuana in front of the business. 3 suspected baggies of marijuana were collected.

2:47 PM Complainant reported seeing his friends stolen Ford truck near Prayner & Watson and observed it pulling into a driveway on the 21400 block of Watson. Police stopped the vehicle at Warrensville Center and Raymond where the parties in the vehicle ran –one north and the other south without stopping to put the vehicle in park. The vehicle hit the tree in front of a home on the 20100 block of Raymond. One was arrested and an officer sprained his ankle during pursuit.

 Saturday, August 15, 2015

Overnight: Front window of the Mini Mart on Broadway was broken.

4:37 PM A Turquoise Mongoose bike was stolen from the front yard of a home on the 5200 block of Arch within the previous hour.

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2 Responses to Policing Maple Heights

  1. ruth August 28, 2015 at 2:14 pm #

    If I called every time my car was ransacked they would be mad

    • Lynde Brownlee August 28, 2015 at 5:52 pm #

      No they wouldn’t. I’ve talked to many members of the police department and they all want people to call and report things because the residents are they eyes and ears of the community. We can help them do their job better/more effectively.

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