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Policing Maple Heights

Anyone having information related to any of these crimes should call the Maple Heights Police at 216-662-1234.
To report suspected drug activity contact the SEALE Drug Task Force Narcotics Tip Line at (440) 735-6595.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

10:54am – Caller from Orchard St. stated two people were outside arguing in their front yard. The caller did not see any weapons and stated they have now gone back into their residence. Upon officer’s arrival, the parties were inside, and officers could still hear them arguing. The 28yo female subject came to the door, but refused to identify herself and after a brief struggle she was arrested and charged with disturbing the peace, failure to I.D., resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. The 36yo male subject was issued a citation for disturbing the peace.

Monday, July 20, 2015

8:50am – Theft from 3 autos on Evening Star Ave. Complainant stated he parked his vehicles in his driveway at 11pm last evening and at 8am today he went outside and saw that the doors were open and the contents rummaged through. The only item missing was a phone charger.

8:53am – Theft from auto on Lisa Dr. Sometime overnight, someone took a North Face jacket out of the complainant’s UNLOCKED vehicle. The complainant picked up a black and blue notebook that was left in her vehicle. The notebook was entered into evidence.

10:51am – Theft from auto on Hansen Rd. Complaintant stated sometime overnight her vehicle was broken into. There was no damage to the vehicle and she stated it MAY HAVE BEEN UNLOCKED. Inside of the center console of the vehicle, was her drivers license, a prepaid US Bank card and two SSN cards for her children.

11:31am – Theft from auto from another residence on Hansen Rd. Sometime overnight, someone went into the UNLOCKED vehicle and stole a Bible, calendar and notebook.

7:42pm – Theft from auto on Corkhill Rd. Caller reported her vehicle was broken into sometime last night. Glove compartment was emptied and an IPAD was taken.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

8:41pm – Theft of a bicycle on Benhoff Dr. An $85 BMX bicycle was removed from the complainants UNLOCKED garage.

9:45pm – Female reported a hit skip accident that took place in the parking lot of ACE Cash Express on Broadway. The caller chased the suspect vehicle to Granger & Kohout, where the suspects bailed out of their vehicle and ran off heading South on Granger Rd. The person driving the other vehicle parked her car and got out with her two daughters and started running up Granger Rd. One officer located one suspect at Dunham near Fernway and another officer located the suspect driver walking down Benhoff Dr. The 34yo female driver was arrested and charged with hit/skip.

9:46pm – Caller from Joseph St. was robbed of his vehicle by two black males, each armed with a handgun. Caller advised officers he was in the area to purchase drugs. Vehicle was entered into LEADS as stolen and be held for prints when located.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

4:52am – Auto theft reported on Libby Rd.

3:41pm – Male from Watson Rd. reported stereo equipment stolen from his vehicle. A Pyle screen radio ($279.00), 15″ American Base DX sub-woofer ($220.00) and a 600 wat Crunch amp ($100.00) were stolen. A juvenile neighbor, saw a white vehicle pull up in front of the subject’s house where a black male got out of his vehicle and took a radio, sub-woofer and amp from the subject’s vehicle. The back window to the subject’s SUV cannot be locked so it is possible for someone to lift it up and unlock the rest of the vehicle.

7:32pm – Female from Mayville Ave. reported a JUVENILE threw a large rock at her car and then ran away. The juvenile left his sister behind who is now with the complainant. Complainant saw the juvenile throw a rock and hit her vehicle. Officers located the 15yo male juvenile and transported him back to his residence where the juveniles mother agreed to pay restitution and handle the discipline.

7:40pm – Employee from Wendy’s on Warrensville Ctr. Rd. reported JUVENILES fighting in the parking lot and then were chasing a boy across the street to Southgate. A second caller stated that his friend was being chased by some boys. This call was related to the previous call above. The juvenile in question was returned home and his mother will handle the discipline.

And on a lighter note . . .
11:16pm – Anonymous male on Gardenview Dr. reported a possibly drunk male walking towards Prayner. Complainant is concerned he might step into traffic. Male was located on the sidewalk. The male was not intoxicated and was just listening to his headphones.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

5:58am – Auto theft reported on Franklin Rd. Gun in vehicle: Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm.

*** 2:31pm – Employee of Walgreens on Lee Rd. reported they have two 13yo JUVENILE shoplifters in custody. The business will follow up and possibly file charges for the theft. Both parties were advised of trespassing.

***3:17pm – Female in the Walgreen’s on Lee Rd. creating a disturbance. Female was upset about her kids being caught shoplifting earlier. The female was trying to understand why her niece and daughter were advised of trespassing earlier and things became heated. Officers explained why they were advised and everything is ok.

7:34PM – Caller from Corridon Ave. reported her two daughters are in the front yard arguing over vehicle keys. This was a verbal argument between sisters over one female not taking the other to a doctors appointment.

9:39pm – Report from Tatra St. of 20 JUVENILES running in the area and being loud. Loud noise and juveniles went inside a residence on Tatra St. where an adult female there refused to give her information and stated she does not want to talk to the police.  Female was advised of the complaint.

9:46pm – Female from James Ave. reporting 8 JUVENILES in the area on bikes, yelling and screaming, throwing each other around going up and down the street. Unable to locate.

Friday, July 24, 2015

6:19pm – Female from Family Dollar on Warrensville Ctr. Rd. reported unruly JUVENILES in the store. The juveniles are GOA and located at Giant Eagle.

6:27pm – Report of 2 – 3 JUVENILES assaulting an officer on duty at Giant Eagle.  These juveniles are the same juveniles who were causing a disturbance at Family Dollar. One of the males had a backpack filled with items, and the officer brought the Family Dollar employee over to verify if the items belong to their store. A 14yo male and a 10yo male were transported home, an 11yo female was turned over to her Mother.

6:32pm – Report from Dunham Rd./Tabor Ave. area of a JUVENILE loitering in a neigbors yard. No officer available.

6:41pm – 10 black male JUVENILES on the sidewalk not moving for traffic. No officer available.

10:28pm – Large group of JUVENILES in the middle of the Tabor/Dunham Rd. not moving for traffic, complaintant stated the juveniles are laying down in the middle of the road. Street was clear. Juveniles were riding north on Dunham, no issues.

10:38pm – Employee of a bar on Broadway Ave. reported two 13/14 black males were hanging out in their parking lot. JUVENILES were on bikes. Employee concerned they would damage vehicles. Juveniles were gone when officers arrived.

10:48pm – Resident on Dunham Rd. reported there are 4 black males on bikes hanging out in front of the business and looking in the windows. JUVENILES were gone when officers arrived.

11:10pm – Complainant on Dunham Rd. called to report a large group of kids on bikes in the parking lot blocking the sidewalk. Group of JUVENILES were advised of the curfew hours, and are now on their way home.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

9:31am – Rockside Rd. – Exterior checks secure.
9:35am – Rockside Rd. – Cancelled prior to dispatch.
9:43am – Rockside Rd. – Checks secure.
9:55am – Raymond St. – Checks secure.
10:10am – Stanley Ave. – Checks secure.
10:28am – Miller Ave. – Checks secure.
10:34am – Rockside Rd. – Checks ok.
10:39am – Lee Rd. – Checks secure.
12:53pm – Maple Hts. Blvd. – Cancelled prior to officers arrival.
1:43pm – Industrial Ave. S. – Cancelled by alarm co.
2:33pm – Wheeler Rd. – Dog set off alarm, Checks ok.
2:39pm – Industrial Ave. S. – Cancelled by alarm co.
3:46pm – Granite Rd. – Checks ok.
4:58pm – Broadway Ave. – Checks secure.
6:31pm – Thomas St. – Exterior checks ok.

Totals for the Week:

Animal complaints:  1/Beverly Ave., 1/Cato St., 1/Dunham Rd., 1/Gardenview Dr., 1/Henry St., 1/James Ave., 1/Krems Ave., 1/Libby Rd., 1/Mayville Ave., 1/Mendota Ave., 1/Miller Ave., 1/Raymond St., 1/Rockside Rd., 1/Tatra St., 1/Tokay Ave., 1/Turney Rd., 1/Waterbury Ave., 1/Watercrest Ave.

Noise complaints:   1/Catherine St., 1/Gardenview Dr., 1/Hollywood Ave., 1/James Ave., 1/Lee Rd., 1/Maple Hts. Blvd., 1/Raymond St., 1/Tabor Ave., 1/Tatra St., 1/Turney Rd., 1/Watson Rd.

Repo’s:   Successful: 3     ~     Unsuccessful: 13

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