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Policing Maple Heights

Anyone having information related to any of these crimes should call the Maple Heights Police at 216-662-1234.
To report suspected drug activity contact the SEALE Drug Task Force Narcotics Tip Line at (440) 735-6595.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

2:17am – Complaintant from Philip St. reported the neighbors are outside playing basketball and being loud. When officers arrived, an 18yo male was being loud, bouncing a basketball and shooting baskets in the backyard which was disturbing to neighbors. This was heard from the street prior to the officers approaching the house. Once in the driveway, the subject approached officers where he was loud and thought that it was a joke and began laughing that he was keeping neighbors up.  The subject told officers that “it’s his house and that he can be loud if he wanted to in his own yard”. Subject was cited for DISTURBING THE PEACE.

3:33am – 41yo male subject was stopped on Granger Rd. where he was arrested and charged with OPERATING A VEHICLE WHILE IMPAIRED and CARRYING A CONCEALED WEAPON which was stolen from Nashville, TN.

Monday, June 15, 2015

5:13am – Officer out with a STOLEN VEHICLE (from Cleveland) on Catherine St.  An attempt was made to contact the owner but subjects phone is not accepting incoming calls. Vehicle was towed.

5:49 – Report of BURGLARY to home and AUTO THEFT on Raymond St.  Owner’s purse was located in the bushes at another residence on Raymond St.

6:03am – While investigating the above report, another resident on Raymond St. reported an ATTEMPTED BURGLARY.

6:43am – Complaintant on McCracken Rd. reported a suspicious gold SUV parked on the street with the windows open and it does not belong to any of the neighbors.  Back passenger window was broken, ignition was punched and mud was all over the side of the vehicle. Officer was unable to locate anything inside to identify who had the vehicle. Cleveland will be making a notification to the owner of the RECOVERED STOLEN AUTO.

6:42pm – Resident from Miller Ave. reported 12 solar lights were taken from her yard and driveway sometime overnight on Saturday.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

9:40pm – Officer attempting to stop a 54yo male riding a motorcycle on Libby Rd./Broadway Ave. Officers pursued the vehicle to Forest St. where the subject dropped the bike and fled. Subject was arrested and charged with FLEEING & ELUDING & OPERATING A VEHICLE WHILE IMPAIRED. Subject also has a warrant out of Madison County Sheriffs Office.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Police involvement needed?
12:29am – Female from Libby Rd. reported that her 15yo son is refusing to give her a cell phone.
To the residents who helped police ~ Thank You!.
1:09am – Report of 5 shots in the Elmwood Ave./Waterbury Ave. area.  Two black males were headed towards Waterbury when an additional call was received from a resident on Hollywood Ave. reporting he heard 4 gunshots.  The original complaintant called back to report that the officers are out with the correct males that fired the gun and that the subject tucked the gun in his shorts. The subjects were located on Elmwood Ave. where a 23yo male was arrested and charged with DISCHARGING A FIREARM WITHIN CITY. Same subject has an active warrant in Lake County for carrying a concealed weapon.

8:46am – 2015 Blue Kia bearing a temporary license plate had been parked in the Mount Moriah Church parking lot on Lafayette Ave. for a few weeks.  Caller thinks vehicle may be stolen since she has not seen anyone check on it. Vehicle was entered as stolen and now will be towed, cleared from LEADS, and the owner was notified. Vehicle was not damaged, and the license plate was still with the vehicle.

* 9:42am – Complainant stated there was a juvenile driving around in the Clare Ave./Northfield Rd. area in a black Infinity. A second caller stated she also saw the juvenile driving but also saw two adults stop him,  and then the adults started driving the vehicle. Officers located the vehicle at Touchless Car Wash in Bedford Heights.  The vehicle the 11yo male juvenile was driving was stolen from Touchless Car Wash a little bit ago. Employees saw the juvenile drive off in another employees vehicle, gave chase, caught the subject, and returned him to the car wash. Bedford Heights PD was contacted and was enroute to Touchless Car Wash.

11:58am -The complainant from Thomas St. advised officers that someone had gone through her vehicle overnight and had taken several items. She also advised that on Sunday June 7, 2015, someone had gone through her vehicle and taken several items.  She said she didn’t report the incident on June 7, 2015. Items taken from vehicle on Sunday the 7th – 2 pairs of True Religion Jeans valued at $327.00ea. , 2 Michael Kors purses valued at $634.00 total, a water pump for her vehicle was valued at $100.00. She stated she purchased 2 more Michael Kors purses and 2 more pairs of True Religion Jeans and last night someone went into her vehicle again and stole these items. She stated they also stole a Sony Erickson cell phone valued at $500.00, a pair of prescription glasses valued at $300.00, $212.00 cash, and miscellaneous items valued at $70.00. The total amount for the items taken totaled $3,768.00. The complaintant advised that she just wanted this documented. The complaintant had gone through the vehicle and cleaned up what was moved prior to advising the police of the incident.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

* 12:57am – Complainant on Warrensville Ctr. Rd. reported a very young w/m looking into vehicles in the Southgate lots. Juvenile is gone and was unable to locate. RTA PD captured this male on camera, they want officers to check because he is suspicious and very young. Officers stopped this male on Southgate Park Blvd. and arrested the 11yo male and transported to his home on Fairway, where his mother was CITED FOR CURFEW. (Same juvenile as mentioned above in the Touchless Car Wash incident)

3:19pm – Caller reported 3 boys in a black Jeep with temp tag in back window speeding and doing donuts in street, Stafford Park area. Officers were in pursuit of this vehicle through many side streets and then the suspects bailed in the Watson/Prayner area where they were running through backyards and then ran into a residence on Watson.  Officers used a PA to try and get the suspects to come out of the residence. The STOLEN VEHICLE was towed and three JUVENILES, 18yo, 16yo, 15yo, were arrested.

Friday, June 19, 2015

2:43am – 27yo female arrested and charged with OPERATING A VEHICLE WHILE IMPAIRED on Broadway Ave./Maple Hts. Blvd.  Subject was also transported by the squad for suicial thoughts.

2:47am – 35yo male arrested and charged with OPERATING A VEHICLE WHILE IMPAIRED on Broadway Ave./Harrison Ave.

11:03am – One Stop Auto Shop of Broadway Ave. reported someone removed catalytic converters from 2 vehicles.

9:40pm – 62yo female reporting that her 16 yr old son hit her 12 yr old daughter. The son was upset because his sister was out at 9:30 p.m unsupervised and the mother was not doing anything about it.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

3:44am – Complainant from Raymond St. called and reported someone tried break into her garage and her husband went to get the person(s) involved.  The husband could not ID the party stopped, but the 53yo male subject was arrested anyway for his warrant with the Cuyahoga County Sheriffs Office for BURGLARY.

5:37am – Caller from Oakwood Ave. reported someone in a vacant house at this location and can hear alot of bumping around. Bedford, Walton Hills, and Garfield K-9 responding for mutual aid. Officers had to force entry through the back door to a party who did not want to come out of the residence. A 46yo male was arrested and charged with BURGLARY. He also has a warrant from Cleveland Hts. for traffic offense.

Someone has a guardian angel looking over them!
12:19pm – Call received from Hillgrove Ave. reporting a 7 month old not breathing.  Fire Engine and Squad dispatched but parents left for hospital before they arrived.  Baby stopped breathing while on the way to the hospital (South Pointe) and the baby’s Godmother did CPR on the way to the hospital.   Hospital staff stated the baby is now breathing fine.

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