Maple Heights residents watch as the contents of the times capsule are shown.

Maple Heights 100th Anniversary

Today was the celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the City of Maple Heights. The Maple Heights Historical Society held an event at the Little Red Schoolhouse. There was food, fun and time with neighbors.


We heard speeches from prominent members of the community such as Councilmen Brownlee and Trojanski and members of the Police and Fire Departments. We also heard from Facebook moderator George Belden and local historian John Straka. There was even a few words from former Mayor Santo Incorvaia.

John Straka speaking at the Maple Heights 100th Anniversary celebration.Finally, we got to the part that everyone was anticipating: the opening of the time capsule from 1965. No one knew what to expect because no list of the contents could be found. Once it was open, we found all kinds of things.

The citizens of 1965 had left us a wide variety of items. We had the expected things like a newspaper and map. But there were also toiletries, kitchen utensils and health and beauty items. All in all, it looked like they had tried to share with us the items that they found to be neat and significant in their time. Fifty years later, it is funny to think of things like aluminum foil being significant.

One of the most important items was a letter titled, “To the Citizens of the Twenty-first Century.” In many ways, 1965 sounded a lot like today: political disagreements and concerns about apathy and the well-being of the schools. Perhaps the old adage is true, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

May God give Maple Heights a blessed fifty years to come.

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