Maple Heights Senior Center

Maple Heights City Council Meeting: June 3, 2015

Maple Heights City Council Caucus

(0:50) 2015-30 & 2015-31 (addendum) City Engineer, Ed Hren, address Council. ADA curbs must be done before Libby can be paved. Tight timeline. Written into contract that if project isn’t complete on time the contractor is responsible for the funds lost. Low bid withdrew and therefore 2015-30 withdrawn. 2015-31 Council voting to award contract to Catt’s Construction second lowest bid.

(9:11) City Engineer, Ed Hren, also explains amendment to 2015-28 and necessity of legislation.  Fourth “whereas” should be Cuyahoga County Department of Public Works.

(12:30) Jackson asks for contractor to not do all 4 corners of an intersection at the same time.

(14:39) 2015-29 Law Director John Montello suggests first reading to allow him to “shop it around” to see if we can get more money.

(18:55)  Jackson: How much less will the this tax levy generate than the one proposed in 2014? Roughly $8,000 less.

 City Council Meeting

(1:24) Addendum 2015-31

(1:48) Minutes Regular Meeting Minutes May 20, 2015

(2:18) Communications: Ohio Division of Liquor Control C1 & C2 Liquor Lic. transfer (same location)

(2:50) Fire Department: Temporary water main on Rockside Bridge. Water pressure fluctuations. Hydrant flushing still needs to be finished in that area.  June 2nd switched dispatch to SECC.

(3:50) Law Department: What the Law Department does: 50 misdemeanor cases at GHMC. 100 cases in Mayors Court ever 2 weeks. Voluntary Juvenile Diversion Program for first time offenders. Watch video for complete description.

(5:34) Police Department: June 2nd switched dispatch to SECC. Stafford Park Shooting. Two groups of juveniles: one group was fired at and then returned fire. It is not the police department’s practice to approach people who are gathering in a city park unless suspicious activities are reported. Arrest made Tuesday night. The league has “hired” an auxiliary police officer.

(10:12) Human Service Department: Saints football league picked up trash along parade route before parade. WZAK #FreeLunchFriday at Mr. Chicken on Northfield (free for first 93 people). Fundraiser in conjunction to benefit the Senior Center and Food Pantry. Intern. Senior Farmers Market Coupons to be available on June 15th.

(13:16) Finance Department: Finance committee meeting June 15 at 6:30 at the Senior Center.

Citizen Comments (13:47)

  • Parks trash over flowering
  • How will levy affect taxpayers?
  • Request for Mayoral Candidate Debate.
  • Landlords.
  • Increase fine for trash put out on wrong day.
  • Vision for Senior Center- not just for elderly but also for our youth.
  • Concern that there is not much incentive to stay: no recreational activities for children.

(3:30) 2015-21 Resolution to submit a 1.3 Mill tax levy for 5 years to the electors of the City of Maple Heights at the November 3, 2015 election for the purpose of current expenses and general operations of the Maple Heights Senior Center. This piece of legislation was reintroduced so that monies can be collected in 2016 (instead of 2017). ( Passed 6-1)

(6:09) 2015-27 An ordinance adopting the 2016 Tax Budget of the City of Maple Heights. (2nd Reading)

(6:23) 2015-28 A resolution authorizing the Mayor to enter into a modified utility agreement with Cuyahoga County Department of Public Works for the continued maintenance of the city’s sewers and adding the maintenance of the water lines. (Passed 7-0 on 1st reading by suspending rules with an amendment on 4th “whereas”). Please note the attached file does not reflect the amendment. 

(8:43) 2015-29 A resolution authorizing the Mayor and Law Director to amend the lease contract with SBA Towers, LLC for a perpetual easement agreement for the Cell Tower site at Dunham Park. (1st reading)

(9:05) 2015-30 A  resolution authorizing and directing the Mayor to enter into a contract to provide for the Libby Road ADA Accessible curb ramp project. Withdrawn. Replaced by 2015-31.

(9:50)  2015-31  A  resolution authorizing and directing the Mayor to enter into a contract to provide for the Libby Road ADA Accessible curb ramp project. Passed 7-0. Replaces 2015-30.

(11:06)  Expenditures over $1000

(11:37) Mayors Report

(11:50) District 1 Report

(14:15) District 2 Report: July 1st beginning of Summer Crisis Program (HEAP). AC units are also available.

(15:43) District 3

(15:59) District 4: Democratic Club Hosting Forum for Mayoral Candidates. Community Policing: See something. Say Something. Recognize Pastor of New Church meeting in the Former United Methodist Building on Libby.

(18:25) District 5: 100th Anniversary Celebration on June 14th Noon-5PM.

(25:22) District 6: Cleanup. Thanks Girl Scouts. Monday June 22 at the Library in Room B- community awareness about block watch party. Monday June 15th at 6:30 Finance Committee meeting at Senior Center.

(26:36) District 7: No report.

(26:37) President: Farmers Market at Lutheran Church starts Saturday June 21st

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