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Public Records Request: Monthly List of Expenditures

According to section 240.02  of the Codified Ordinances,

 The Director of Finance shall have available for review by the public, a list each month of all expenditures which have been paid for from the General Fund. Such list (excluding payroll) will show to whom the same was paid, the amount of the item or service and the total amount expended.
The monthly expense reports in this post allow residents to see where General Fund monies are going, how much is going there and when bills are being paid.

2014 General Fund Expenditures

 January (8 pages)
February (13 pages)
March (9 pages)
April (16 pages)
May (5 pages)
June (11 pages)
July (15 pages)
August (6 pages)
September (9 pages)
October (10 pages)
November (9 pages)
December (6 pages)

2015 General Fund Expenditures

January (1 page)
February (11 pages)
March and April (14 pages)
May, June, July (23 pages)
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