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Policing Maple Heights

Anyone having information related to any of these crimes should call the Maple Heights Police at 216-662-1234.
To report suspected drug activity contact the SEALE Drug Task Force Narcotics Tip Line at (440) 735-6595.

* Alcohol related incidences: 9
* Drug related incidences: 3
* Gun related incidences: 9
* Vandalism at residences/on vehicles: 9

Sunday, May 3, 2015

1:39am –  Complainant was at a party on Clement St. for the Floyd Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight and came outside to find his GMC Yukon missing.  Complainant put the keys to the vehicle in his vest pocket, but then he left his vest in the vehicle with the doors UNLOCKED.

2:39am – A GUN was discovered in a vehicle involved in a car accident on Lee Rd./Libby Rd.  Serial # had been scratched off.  Driver was arrested for operating a vehicle while impaired and had a warrant from Garfield Hts. for forgery.

2:58am –  A male and female approached an officer at the intersection of Lee Rd./Libby Rd. and reported a domestic violence incident and that the female reportedly pulled her GUN on the male.  Female’s car was towed and she was arrested. Gun was located.

12:46pm – Complainant from Warrensville Ctr. Rd. reported a theft from his semi truck while parked in the lot of Giant Eagle.  Sometime overnight an aluminum roller, that is used for loading the trailer, was taken from UNLOCKED truck.

1:47pm – Employee with Family Dollar in Southgate reported 2 JUVENILES writing graffiti on a wall behind Home Depot.  Complainant called back reporting parties left.  One male was carrying a red shirt and the other male was wearing a yellow hoodie.  There were obscene words written in pink spray paint on the wall behind Home Depot. Officers checked the area but were unable to locate the juveniles.

Monday, May 4, 2015

10:51am – Employee of Charter One on Broadway Ave. came into the lobby and turned in 2 pink pouches that a customer found outside.  The bags are 2 pink Estee Lauder pouches that contain a drivers license, misc. business cards, loose change, medication and checkbooks. Dispatch was unable to locate a working number, however, the owner came into the lobby to report that her UNLOCKED vehicle was broken into on Grant.  The subject is missing her purse and $420 in cash.

3:31pm – Report of two JUVENILE males fighting on Longview Ave.  One party was located at Raymond/Camden and the other male ran north on Camden and was detained at Fairway and Portland.  One was turned over to his mother and the other to his grandmother.

5:46pm – Complainant from Check Smart on Broadway Ave. reported a 56yo black female attempting to cash a stolen check.  There is also a 43yo black male with the suspect female.  Both were arrested and charged with FRAUD.

6:12pm – SHOPLIFTER at Walgreens on Lee Rd. was fighting with the store security guard just outside the main door.  On police arrival the 51yo shoplifter was taken into custody. The female walked over to the police car, fell down and started having convulsions just prior to being put in the back seat. Rescue squad was dispatched and subject was taken to Marymount hospital.  Subject was issued a citation for petty theft of miscellaneous merchandise totaling $103.41 and was advised of trespassing.

11:27pm – Female from Hillgrove Ave. reported two males attempting to break into her vehicle in her driveway. She yelled to them to get away from her car and they ran through the backyard to Franklin.  Three vehicles were targeted, one was locked and the other two were UNLOCKED.  Subjects were gone when officers arrived and were unable to locate.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

12:36am – Complainant from Homewood Ave. heard a noise outside and looked out to see two people inside her UNLOCKED vehicle. Nothing was missing and the two subjects were gone when officers arrived and were unable to locate.  Complainant will be locking her vehicle.

2:47am – Complainant from Raymond St. stated she heard something outside and saw two people inside her UNLOCKED vehicle.  Subject was last seen going north on Prayner towards Northfield Road.

4:35am – Female from Maple Hts. Blvd. reported her UNLOCKED vehicles were rummaged through sometime overnight.  Nothing was taken.

5:44pm – Vehicle on Homewood Ave. was left UNLOCKED and when the complainant went out today the GPS was missing.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

3:49pm – 26yo male and 25yo female, in separate silver vehicles, arguing with each other while leaving south on Dunham Rd.  While Officers were en route to the call, the male subject involved called advising that the female subject ran into his vehicle and he was chasing her on Broadway Ave.  Vehicles were stopped near Nissan in Bedford where parties (boyfriend and girlfriend) were involved in a verbal argument. Male was cited for DRIVING UNDER SUSPENSION and both parties were cited for RECKLESS OPERATION.

4:23pm – Male caller from Library Lane reported DARE PARK ON FIRE.  There was no structural damage to the playground equipment as the equipment itself was not set on fire.  An object, possibly cloth, was placed on one of the metal platforms and was set ablaze. The fire did not damage the structure, but did leave soot marks burnt onto the paint. The juvenile caller, stated he saw two white females run from the park when he initially saw the fire. He stated there was also a black male with them who appeared to run southwest towards Libby Rd.  Officers checked the surrounding area, including inside the library. Library staff stated they had not seen anyone matching that description come into the library around the time of the call.

7:37pm –  Complainant from Dunham Rd. stated the thief from an incident that occurred earlier on Home St.  just ran across the street from her, he is wearing a blue t-shirt and shorts, and has a backpack.  After a brief foot chase, the suspects were caught – two subjects in the backyard of Sunny Lane, and  three at Dunham & Tokay.  Complainant gave a description that was identical to the subject with the backpack and when officers tried to speak with him and his friends, they ran away from officers through backyards.   Officers re-captured the subjects (four/13yo and one/14yo) but the complainant now could not positively identify the subjects as being involved in the earlier theft of medicine from her vehicle.   Subjects were transported to their homes by officers and advised of TRESPASSING AND LOITERING.

11:02pm – Complainant on Charles St. left his two vehicles UNLOCKED in the driveway and he just went to lock them up for the night and found that someone had broken in and stolen some property.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

1:54pm – Complainant from Wingate Ave.  reported a SOLICITOR going door to door claiming to be from the city and wanting to check her electric bill.

2:49pm –  Call received from Lee Rd.  reporting 2 black males attempting to break into the abandoned apartment building next door.  Two subjects, 21yo and 16yo male, were arrested and charged with BREAKING AND ENTERING.

4:27pm – Complainant from Tokay Ave. stated someone driving a green truck with a lot of lawn mowers in the truck bed, just RAN OVER A DOG and left the scene.  Truck last seen heading towards East 141st St. but was gone upon officers arrival.  The dog owner will be transporting his dog to the emergency vet.

Friday, May 8, 2015

10:23am – Sometime between 5pm yesterday and time of call unknown person(s) entered the subject’s UNLOCKED vehicle  while it was parked in the driveway of a Dalewood home and took an undetermined amount of loose change.

10:33am – Complainant from DM Motors on Broadway Ave. reported catalytic converters taken out of 3 vehicles overnight.  The CATALYTIC CONVERTERS were taken sometime between 3:47am-4:07am.  The description at this time (via video footage) is of two black males, both wearing hoodies and one wearing a baseball cap.

10:50am – Passerby reporting a suspicious black male in the bushes at the drive through of Key Bank on Warrensville Ctr. Rd.  Male is dressed in camouflage and has his face partially covered with a bandanna.  Suspect was gone upon officers arrival and unable to locate.

11:01am – Employee from Giant Eagle on Warrensville Ctr. Rd. reported a male causing a disturbance inside Giant Eagle. Male is dressed in camouflage (reference above report).  Suspect was gone upon officer’s arrival but was located at Lamplight, then ran and was taken into custody at Applegate. Property located in the bag the male was carrying were stolen items from Family Dollar.  The 36yo male was arrested and charged with THEFT, OBSTRUCTION AND DRUG PARAPHERNALIA.

3:55pm – Complainant reported parties in a burgundy Grand Am were SHOOTING at an 18yo male.  The vehicle then went East on Libby and turned north on Lee. The complainant was talking to a male witness who stated parties in the vehicle were shooting at his friend.  The witness was later stopped while walking towards the Prime Station near Vine St. and arrested on his warrant with Parma.

5:03pm – Complainant from Greenhurst Dr. reported he was ROBBED AT GUN POINT by a dark skinned male, 5’8, wearing a black shirt and jeans. The suspect took off running though the backyards.

5:34pm – Complainant from Joseph St. reported 3-4 shots fired in the area.  Officers determined the 24yo male subject was using FIREWORKS.  Male was cited for discharging fireworks (roman candle).

Saturday, May 9, 2015

2:59am – Female from Oakwood Ave. stated her boyfriend kicked her car window and it is broken.  Female does not wish to press charges. Male was transported and turned over to his wife?

Vandalism on Raymond St.
8:15am – Male reporting sometime last night someone threw BBQ sauce on the residence.
8:33am – Sometime after midnight parties heard noise and did not see anyone.  An open can of sloppy joe was thrown at a vehicle.
8:34am – Sometime after midnight parties heard noise and did not see anyone. There were eggs thrown at the residence.
9:52am – Male had tomato sauce and eggs thrown at house overnight, unknown suspect.

10:57am – Male passerby on Mayville Ave. reported to an Officer GRAFFITI on the gazebo at Stafford Park.  He stated the graffiti was not there yesterday when he was at the park. Pictures were taken and will be added to this complaint sheet.

3:04pm – Female from Waterbury Ave. reported juveniles were at a vacant residence and set something in the garage on fire. The complainant has one of the juveniles and the other juvenile is no longer on scene but lives in Bedford on the street behind the residence.  The juvenile subject used a hammer to pry a lock off of garage and then lit some paper and cardboard on fire in the garage. He then put out the fire by pouring cups of water on fire.  The fire did not damage any of the garage, photos were taken of the garage and lighter and included in this report. The subject’s mother was cited for CHILD ENDANGERMENT.

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  1. Christine May 19, 2015 at 10:25 pm #

    Is this just a sample of police activity or all of it for the week?

    • Lynde Brownlee May 19, 2015 at 11:18 pm #

      This is just a “sample” – we try to pick ones that make people aware of crime trends (for example: Thefts from unlocked vehicles. Lesson: lock your car doors), as well as those which we feel people should be aware of. For 2014 the police department had 23,286 calls.

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