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DISCLAIMER: This article is brief overview of what is needed to run for office and is not meant to be comprehensive. 

All City of Maple Heights Elected Offices will be on the November General Election Ballot, those offices with more than two candidates will be on the September 8, 2015 Primary Ballot.  There are two “at large” seats open, Mayor and City Council President, and 7 City Council seats which are elected by district.

In 2013, three of the city council seats were uncontested: District 2, District 3 and Council President, while only two of the remaining districts: Districts 1 and 7 required a primary.

Residency Requirements for City Council, Council President and Mayoral Candidates

All candidates must be qualified electors.  City Council candidates must be residents of the city for at least two years, and live in the district they are running for a minimum of one year. The position of Mayor and Council President require that candidates have been Maple Heights residents for three years immediately preceding their election.

Compensation of Council, Council President and Mayor

The position of Mayor is full time and as per the Charter the Mayor may “shall hold no other public or private employment.” Starting in 2016 the position of Mayor will pay $85,000, a reduction of about $15,000 from the current compensation.

Council positions are part time. Council President’s current salary is $15,000 while council members are paid $12,000, annually. Council voted against reducing these salaries anymore earlier this year. (2015-09)

Filing Deadline for Maple Heights Candidates

Candidates will need to head to the Cuyahoga Board of Elections to pull petitions and have them filed by June 10, 2015 to be on the September 8, 2015 primary ballot. If the race is uncontested or there are only two candidates the primary election will be “bypassed” for that race.

Candidates for Mayor and City Council President need a minimum of 66 signatures on their petition while Council candidates for districts 1-6 need a minimum of 25, while candidates for District 7 need 26. All petitions submitted to the Board of Elections require the candidate pay a filing fee.

Campaign Finance

Candidates will also need to file a DOT (Designation of Treasurer) before spending any money or receiving donations. The Board of Elections will provide candidates with a packet of information with everything the treasurer needs to know about Campaign Finance. They also send reminders before every filing deadline.




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