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Policing Maple Heights

Anyone having information related to any of these crimes should call the Maple Heights Police at 216-662-1234.
To report suspected drug activity contact the SEALE Drug Task Force Narcotics Tip Line at (440) 735-6595.

 * Reports involving intoxicated/impaired parties: 19
 * Driving under suspension: 13
 * Animal at large: 9
 * Objects thrown at homes/vehicles: 12

Sunday, April 26, 2015

12:47am – Officer called out to Warrensville Ctr. Rd.   35yo driver was cited for driving under suspension and the 27yo owner of the vehicle was charged with operating a vehicle while impaired.

7:33pm – Officer witnessed two 15yo black males on Bowling Green carrying backpacks.  They ran down a driveway heading towards a plaza when they saw the officer.  Suspects ran into Home Depot where one was taken into custody.  A second backpack was located at a Bowling Green residence (where burglary occurred), and maintenance was contacted to board up the door. Contact was made with the victim and will be responding to pick up items stolen.  Both JUVENILES were transported to Juvenile Detention.

7:46pm – Employee of Taco Bell reported 7 unruly JUVENILES in the lobby who are being disrespectful to customers and their staff and will not leave.  The juveniles ordered food to go and were cleared from dining room.

8:11pm – Female from Friend Ave. reported 6 males had busted into her house, ruffed them up, stole a gun and left in 2 silver vehicles towards Lee Rd.  An unreported break-in occurred earlier where some jewelry was taken from this residence and the males came back looking for “DJ”.   Subjects are believed to be members of the “heartless felons”.  They had a long barrel handgun which they brought with them and took it with them when they left.

 Monday April 27, 2015

4:32pm –  Walgreens on Lee Rd. reported that an Rx was picked up, but not by the person who was prescribed the medication.  Officers responded to a residence on Philip St. to speak with a suspect and arrested a 56yo female and a 44yo female and charged them with theft.

8:31pm –  A male shoplifter just left the business with a coat full of merchandise from the Dollar General store on Broadway.  The 17yo male shoplifter is with a 14yo female, and both were walking across the parking lot of Mapletown.  Both were located at Broadway and Maple Heights Blvd. where the subjects had $66.65 worth of merchandise.  Manager was given the subject information and was advised on how to file charges against the JUVENILES. Subjects were advised of trespassing and dispatch made contact with the subjects mother and made her aware of the incident.

10:05am – Complainant from Franklin Rd. stated she saw two shadowy figures outside her home, and when she went to the door she saw the two figures opening the door on her husbands vehicle. She yelled and the males ran off through the backyard.  Complainant is afraid to go outside and she is not sure if anything is missing from the vehicle.  The complainant called back and advised her husband checked on the vehicle, nothing is missing, and she does not need officers to respond.

 Tuesday, April 28, 2015

4:57pm – Automobile accident with no injuries on IR 480 Westbound over Northfield Road.  Male driver in unit #2 changed seats with a female passenger of unit #2.  Both suspects were arrested, the driver had a suspended license and was charged with possible drug paraphernalia and the passenger was dropped off in police lobby to make arrangements.

5:39pm – Complainant stated her relative owns a vacant home on Maple Hts. Blvd. and she just went to check on the property.  She found the home unsecure and when she spoke with a neighbor, the neighbor advised her several adults have been squatting in the residence the past few days.  Complainant was afraid to go inside and requested officers to check the residence to see if the squatters were inside.  Officers found someone broke into the home and stole all the copper pipes, officers did not find any evidence that people have been squatting in the home. The home is in poor condition and it appears some raccoons have taken up residence.

 Wednesday April 29, 2015

8:30am – UNLOCKED vehicle on Beverly Ave. broken into overnight. An unknown party went through the vehicle, nothing was taken.

11:17am – Female from Thomas St. reported she is having problems with her son who is refusing to go to school.  The 16yo JUVENILE slept in and did not want to go to school. The son was transported to the high school by a police officer.

 Thursday, April 30, 2015

2:57am –  A 13 yo male was found walking on Lee Rd in a blanket and stated he left his home in Cleveland.  JUVENILE was entered as missing out of Cleveland.  A message was left at a contact number and the juvenile turned over to his parents.

Friday May 1, 2015

1:12am –  A patron at Mapleleaf Tavern on Broadway reported hearing 10-12 gunshots in the area.  Another report from a neighbor not far from the Mapleleaf Tavern also reported gunshots.  Area hospitals were contacted and South Pointe ER advised they had a gunshot victim, 24yo male, who drove himself in for treatment.  One arrest was made of another 24yo male who has a warrant with Stow, the charge is still under investigation.

3:53am – 48yo male on Kenyon Dr. stated that his 16yo son is being unruly and is not listening.  There was a verbal dispute over the JUVENILE not listening and refusing to go to sleep. He is now in his room and the father will file unruly charges in the morning.

6:05am – 36yo male was arrested and charged with operating a vehicle while impaired when his vehicle was found  parked up on a Lisa Dr. tree lawn with lights still on.

Saturday,May 2, 2015

2:31am – Officer called out with a disturbance in the area of Henry St. where a 22yo male was shot in the groin.  Subject was transported to Metro.

12:17pm –  Complainant from Homewood Ave. left her vehicle UNLOCKED, and sometime during the night someone entered the vehicle and removed a laptop, bookbag containing gym clothes & keys to a cleaning business. Items recovered and two taken into custody at CD Game Exchange for receiving stolen property.

1:44pm – Traffic stop in the parking lot of Southgate USA in front of D&R Meats.   Pursuit started East on Libby then South on Northfield at that time both Bedford and Bedford Hts. Police notified.  Suspect vehicle struck two other vehicles on Northfield at Rockside, but was still drivable and continued South on Northfield.  Suspect vehicle stopped in a parking lot off Meadowbrook near Northfield (main entryway into Wal-Mart shopping Center ).  30yo male driver was arrested, cited for driving under suspension and charged with fleeing and operating a vehicle while impaired.

2:43pm –  A call was received from W. 141st St. about a black pitbull that just killed the complainants fathers 2yo teacup chihuahua, and the pitbull is running around with the dog’s carcass in its’ mouth.  Upon speaking with the complainant, he stated that he observed the neighbor’s dog run into his yard and knock over the dog pen in his back yard and attack his teacup Chihuahua and then drag the dog into the back behind the garage. The complainant advised that the pit-bull lives across the street and was inside the residence on officers arrival. Investigator tried to walk over to the house but observed that a second pit-bull was loose in the front yard and neighbor’s yard to the south. The party responsible for the pit-bull, secured the brown pit-bull and began searching for the black pit-bull that had killed the dog across the street.  The subject stated that the dogs belonged to her son, who lives in Akron, and therefore she did not have the licensing information. The subject was issued three citations, 2 citations for the dogs running loose and 1 for the dog being vicious. The animal warden would be following up as soon as he is on duty.   At the time of this call the black pit-bull had not been located and is believed to be running loose in Garfield Heights. Garfield Heights Police were advised.

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