Maple Heights Senior Center

April 15, 2015 Maple Heights City Council Meeting

City Council Caucus: April 15, 2015

(0:00) Announcements: Local Audit just started and State Audit continues. Waste Management coming to May 6th Caucus.

(2:25) 2015-13 Senior Center Levy. Revenue Estimate from County Auditor. 1.3 mill is sufficient per Human Service and Finance Director based on the revenue projected to be generated last November. Does not include Recreation Department. Jackson suggests going for 1.4mills to include Recreation Department. Brownlee asks what will be done to fund center in the interim. 16 months. Finance director says we could ask for special provision to start in 2016, not 2017 reducing the interim to 4 months. Recreation department would cost more than .1mills to operate. Linda is continue to fundraise and request grants to cover the interim. Jones doesn’t think “status quo” is good enough. Have time to increase millage and resend to County Auditor.

(12:47) 2015-14 Senior Center Levy to Electors.

(12:56) 2015-17 Authorizing Mayor to enter into contract with Cuyahoga County Department of Public Works for Warrensville Center. Trojanski: When will project be done? Per Mayor: Believes project will start in 2016 and go into 2017.

(14:15) 2015-18 Summer Schedule for Council. Moving summer schedule to 1st Wednesday instead of 3rd Wednesday to keep Budget submission on time. Brownlee suggest not going to a summer schedule but keep regular times to keep residents informed/residents can share concerns. Adams says we’ve always had one meeting in summer and special meetings can be scheduled. Albers states there will be less legislation. Have website and Neighborhood News to keep residents informed.

(17:47) Expenditures over $1000 Jackson ask about Great Lakes Petroleum- how much does this cover. Finance Director says it costs $200k/year $60k to date.

(19:33) Brownlee suggests Community Development Corp. being discussed by council.

Part 1- Regular Council Meeting April 15, 2015

(1:30) Approval of minutes from regular council meeting on April 1, 2015

(1:52) Communication from NOPEC. Some NOPEC customers who enrolled from the most recent mailer will receive a refund.

(2:25) Fire Department. Electrical short caused fire on James Ave which caused one death. Firefighter/Paramedic application due by 4/27. 17 applicants so far.

(3:27) Law Department. No report.

(3:30) Police Department. 4/28 @ 7pm Domestic Violence Program at Library. Donation for 20 body cameras.  Already have body cameras but some are getting old.

(5:15) Human Services Department. Vandalism at Parks.  17th volunteer recognition for 50hrs of service. Using volunteering for city’s portion of “cash match” (can use in-kind as our “cash match”) for Federal Grant. Candy sale raised $1200. New fundraiser: Raffle at Senior Center.

(11:05) Finance Department. 2 Audits in process.

(11:25) Citizen Comments / Bring the Traffic Cameras Back

(14:58) Arnold from P&Z. Clarification on receipt of minutes.

(17:45) New Business. Transportation & Education Business on Southgate Blvd. & Taking over Bowling Alley.

(20:12) City Hall Closed or Open on Fridays?

(22:55) Bring the Traffic Cameras Back

(24:22) 2015-13 Senior Center Levy. Revenue Estimate from County Auditor. Rules suspended and placed on 3rd reading. Passed 6-1. Brownlee comments what to do until we start receiving funding (if the levy passes). Don’t forget how important other things are building department, service department that affect everyone including seniors. Jones advocates to give the citizens the option of voting on the senior center. Adams comments asks residents to support the Senior Center. Jackson points out that if the Senior Levy passed it would free up money currently allocated to Senior Center for other things.

Part 2 – Regular Council Meeting April 15, 2015

(0:00) 2015-14 Senior Center Levy to Electors. Second Reading.

(0:34) 2015-17 Authorizing Mayor to enter into contract with Cuyahoga County Department of Public Works for Warrensville Center. Suspend rules and placed on 3rd reading. Passed 7-0.

(1:47) 2015-18 Summer Schedule for Council. Suspend rules and placed on 3rd reading. Councilman Brownlee questions “doing things the way we always have”. Asks to continue with regular schedule to give residents more opportunity to be involved. #transparency Jones and Albers said there will be special meetings. Cited residents are not always aware of special summer scheduled and showed up when there were no meetings and that they are not allowed to speak at special meetings. Adams says resident was allowed to speak at special meeting recently. Resident moves to take microphone and isn’t allowed to speak. Laughter erupts. (8:51) Brownlee calls for Point of Order and is ignored. 5 yes, 2 no.

(10:00) Expenditures over $1000. Passed 7-0

(10:42) Mayors Report. None

(10:47) District 5 Report. Was at Local Government Officials Conference put on by the Auditor of State’s office last week gives brief “report”.  Talks about bond rating & report from Moody’s. Highlights Treasurer Mandel invites Maple Heights (and all other Ohio municipalities) to put checkbook online.

(24:45) District 6. Monday, April 27 Community Awareness meeting.

(25:18) District 7. April 22nd at 6:30 Block watch meeting at Library.

Part 3 – Regular Council Meeting April 15, 2015

(0:00) District 1. Agrees with Mandel and Brownlee about #transparency provided by placing checkbook online. Demolition.

(7:06) District 2. Housing committee meeting Wed. April 22nd 6:30PM Room 7 of City Hall. Vacant housing ordinance to include tax certificate foreclosure and criteria for purchase/sale of residential vacant lots and community Development Corporation.  5667 Dunham for sale for $5000 needs $12,000 worth of work. Bruce Douglas. There is a demo list- a “hopeful” demo list as the properties have to go through due process. Landlord workshop Tuesday May 12th.  at 5:30 pm at the Senior Center.

(17:04) District 3. Demolition is “long term” plan.

(22:59) District 4. 5 year fiscal recovery plan because getting rid of that kind of debt cannot be done overnight.

(25:47) Council President. Community Garden Start up meeting April 23rd 7-8pm at the Library. Loose Dogs.

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