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Brave Maple Heights Resident Catches Mayor Lansky Lying

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Mayor Lansky had no idea that someone would have the audacity to fact-check him publicly. Last night was quite a surprise.

At the April 1st Maple Heights City Council Meeting, Mayor Jeffery Lansky launched an attack on individuals in the “media” who are supposedly spreading false rumors. “City hall is NOT closed on Fridays,” he said. “Anyone who says that or anyone who prints that is just ridiculous.”

He then proceeded to clarify, stating that all of city hall is open with the exception of the finance and building departments. “You can walk in, there’s doors open and people in their offices.”

Sounds good, right? Except he was lying.

Facts are stubborn things, even in Maple Heights

Anyone who has been to city hall in the past year knows that city hall is closed on Fridays. Tangyln Madden was one of those people. So, when she heard Mayor Lansky’s comments, she thought she would take a trip to city hall.

Sign at Maple Heights City Hall stating that it is closed on FridaysHer visit was five days after Mayor Lansky claimed that the idea of city hall being closed on Fridays was “ridiculous”. Sure enough, the signs she remembered seeing at city hall declaring it “closed on Fridays” were still hanging up for all to see.

The signs specifically state that the Mayor’s Office and Law Department are closed – two offices that Lansky claimed were open. Moreover, the information window is closed. How is a resident supposed to find help if the information window is closed? Would they know even how to get to the supposedly “open” offices?

The truth is, city hall has been closed for business on Fridays. That is why Ms. Madden thought it was important to clear everything up at last night’s City Council meeting:

Courage is required

I want to applaud Ms. Madden for her courage to act. Over the past twenty years, Jeff Lansky has sued more than a dozen people for being critical of him in public. It takes courage to confront someone with such a track record of relentless intimidation.

The sign at Maple Heights City Hall information window stating that it is closed on Fridays.“He needs to be truthful with people,” said Ms. Madden. She is right.

Why did Council not clear up the record on April 1st when Lansky first made his misleading and pretentious comments? It is not surprising, Council regularly allows him to openly attack and debase people. But to let him tell a bold-faced lie? That is inexcusable.

Maple Heights needs people like Ms. Madden who are willing to say what needs to be said to truthfully set the record straight, especially when city officials are willing to lie and mislead to save face.

Why Lie?

People have asked me, “Why would he lie?” Well, why does anyone lie? They lie because the truth will not serve their purposes.

It was apparent that Mayor Lansky wanted to berate “the media.” The media has this nasty habit, in his opinion, of sharing details with the public he would rather not be known. Therefore, he attacks and demeans them in order to intimidate them.

This is the same tactic he uses everywhere. Whether it is incoherent and offensive letters sent to elected officials or sarcastic comments lobbed at residents, Lansky only knows one language, intimidation.

Thankfully, there are some brave people in Maple Heights – and the media – who are willing to tell it like it is. By God’s grace we will get through this reign of intimidation and better days will come.

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