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Anyone having information related to any of these crimes should call the Maple Heights Police at 216-662-1234.
To report suspected drug activity contact the SEALE Drug Task Force Narcotics Tip Line at (440) 735-6595.
 * Driving under suspension: 8
 * Squad Calls: 64
 * Reports involving guns: 13
 * IRS/tax calls: 4

Sunday, March 15, 2015

1:46am – Officer saw a vehicle make a wide right turn onto Broadway Ave. from Libby Rd.  The 33yo male driver was stopped and arrested for operating a vehicle under the influence.  The officer also detected an odor of raw marijuana emiting from the 30yo female passenger and asked her to open her purse where 3 plastic bags of raw marijuana (3.4 grams) were inside, she was cited. Driver was cited for driving without a license and arrested for operating a vehicle under the influence. The passenger/vehicle owner, who was suspended from driving, then drove off in the vehicle, but was stopped again by officers and issued a citation for driving under suspension.

6:35pm – Driver on Raymond St./Lee Rd. reported she is in front of a blue Buick that has been swerving all over the roadway.  She also stated the passenger in the vehicle is drinking, and there is a baby in the backseat.  Officers stopped the vehicle in front of R&R Towing on Broadway and while speaking with the 21yo driver, he admitted to drinking one 24oz Bud Light Margarita, he did not have a drivers license and was in possession of 2.2g of raw marijuana. The driver was cited for driving under suspension, open container and possession of marijuana. Officers transported the 20yo female, who has an active warrant with Cleveland Hts., back to the station and the driver and children in the vehicle were transported to an apartment on Maplepark.  Vehicle was towed.

3:04pm – Call from Maple Hts. Blvd. reporting 12 students fighting, boys against girls.  Additional calls received reported parties are at Maple Hts Blvd and Raymond and a female has a brick.  Three juveniles were arrested (age 11yo, 13yo and 15yo).

***8:08pm – Female from Camden Rd. reported someone just shot at her son and residence. No description of the parties.

10:45pm – Warrensville Hts PD advising that South Pointe hospital called to advise they have a 16yo black male gun shot victim in the emergency room, and the shooting took place in Maple Hts. on Watson Rd. It is unknown who shot the victim and there are no eye-witnesses to the incident.  Officers talked to residents and some witnessed the victim being put in a vehicle and driven to the hospital. He was taken to the hospital by a passer-by who was flagged down by the victim’s father. The only call MHPD received was from the hospital. No one from the neighborhood called about the shots fired.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

1:33am – Call received regarding males fighting outside of Maple Leaf Tavern on Broadway Ave. Two vehicles, one a grey Chevy Monte Carlo occupied by one black  male and the other vehicle a grey Mitsubishi occupied by four black males were seen leaving the area.  Officers initiated a traffic stop on the Chevy Monte Carlo where the 22yo driver allowed a search of his person and vehicle.   2.6 grams of raw marijuana was located in the subjects front right pocket, and while searching the vehicle, a handgun was located. Subject was arrested and charged with carrying concealed weapon and operating a vehicle while impaired.

3:59pm – Two people reported an incident where 2 black males fired a shot at a Lumina and continued to walk southbound on Warrensville Ctr. Rd.  Officers patrolled the area and stopped a male at Maple Hts Blvd/Libby Rd, stopped a male at Libby Rd/Mayville and received a 911 hangup call from RTA station on Warrensville Ctr. Rd. – all checked OK.  Officers then stopped a 24yo male on the North side of Giant Eagle who ran and was taken into custody at the intersection of Mountville and Prayner, and a 31yo male who was taken into custody at Giant Eagle.

5:13pm – Officer in a foot pursuit on Kenyon Dr./Mountville Dr. of a male in reference to the previous call.  It was determined that  the male is not related to the original call but during a search incident to arrest, 3 plastic bags containing a total of 3.5 grams of marijuanna was located and the 24yo male was arrested and charged with obstruction.

***11:12pm – Complainant from Camden Rd. stated someone just drove past and shot up her residence. No one inside was struck and the complainant reported the shots came from a silver SUV.  Suspect vehicle was gone and unable to locate.  This is the second time in two days that shots were fired at this house.   The house was once again struck but no people were hit or injured. Evidence was collected again and it will be analyzed.

Wednesday March 18, 2015

1:56am – Car vs telephone pole on Libby Rd.  50yo male driver was arrested and charged with operating a vehicle while impaired and failure to reinstate a suspended license.  Vehicle was towed.

7:48am – Car vs telephone pole on Broadway Ave. Vehicle continued North bound on Broadway and was stopped near McCracken.  26yo female driver was arrested and charged with failure to reinstate a suspended license.  Vehicle was towed.

8:08am – Car vs parked car on Shirley Ave.  Parked vehicle sustained minor damage to the rear bumper. The parties exchanged information.

11:05am – Complainant from Rowena Ave. reported a male with a heavy accent called stating he was from the IRS and needed the complainants banking information and social security #.

3:03pm – Broadway Care employee reported a large group of kids fighting in the parking lot. Dispatch received several 911 calls reporting a large fight.  Two arrests were made a 33yo subject was charged with disorderly conduct and an 18yo was charged with assault on a police officer.

3:16pm – Mapletown Automotive employee reported about 20 juveniles fighting.  Jean jacket found in the parking lot. No identifying items in the pockets to say who the jacket belongs too.

4:04pm – Maple Ht. Blvd. female reported someone just fired 6 shots into her house.  There were 7 witnesses and one was arrested on his outstanding warrant with Bedford.  K9 unit was enroute from Shaker Hts and started tracking south on Hollywood to Mapleboro to Elmwood where tracks ended.

Friday March 20, 2015

12:49am – Male caller from Warrensville Ctr. Rd. reported a light skinned black male wearing a red jacket has a knife and a gun and just tried to stab him.   A rescue squad transported the victim, who was stabbed in the left arm, to  South Pointe hospital and officers arrested the suspect.  Victim is the cousin of the suspect and refused to sign charges against him.

1:51am – Complainant states he owns a business on Dunham Rd.  He was viewing surveillance cameras from his home and could see a subject breaking into the business. The subject is an ex-employee who was fired yesterday, and was also advised of trespassing.  Subject may have also stolen a gun from the business.  Officers arrested a 34yo male and charged him with burglary and trespassing.

5:40pm – Male from Mayville Ave. observed a group of about 15 kids gathered in the parking lot of Stafford Park.  The group split and went separate ways when a light skinned black male turned around and fired three shots at the other group.  The shooter was wearing light blue jeans and a grey hoody and put the gun in his hoody pocket.  At 6:05pm a group of males was stopped in front of Wendy’s where a 17yo male juvenile was arrested after being found with a gun on his person and matching the description given of the park shooter.  He was transported to the Cuyahoga Juvenile Detention Center and charged with tampering with evidence and unlawful discharge of a firearm.  In all, 2 adults and 5 additional juveniles were arrested.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

3:33am – Officer was called out on a traffic stop on Lee Rd./Libby Rd. for a  traffic violation.  Upon further investigation,  the driver was found to be operating a vehicle while impaired and while conducting an administrative vehicle inventory, an open 750ml bottle of Remy Martin Liquor was located in the driver side back seat floor board.  Driver was arrested and the vehicle towed.

3:49am – Officer initiated a traffic stop on Raymond St./Theodore St. and during an  administrative inventory of the vehicle, a small plastic cup with liquor was found.  The 36yo driver was arrested for suspicion of operating a vehicle while impaired.

2:14pm – Complaintant from Dunbury Dr. to report the theft of a wallet.  Sometime last night an unknown person entered the complaintants UNLOCKED vehicle. Taken was a wallet containing $12.00 cash, and a pink IPhone valued at $350.00.

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