March 25, 2015 – Special Meeting of Maple Heights City Council

Maple Heights City Council Passes 2015 Appropriations 5-1

(0:00) Albers. 2015 Appropriations due to Auditors by April 1st
(2:00) Brownlee. Council per Charter Article 7 Section 9 is required to hold public hearings on Appropriations. March 1 deadline for Finance Director to bring Appropriations forward. Certificate of Estimated Resources of has not been amended.
(4:00) Albers says there was a reading on March 4*… all meetings pertaining to the 2015 appropriations have been public meetings.
(5:30) Mayor Lansky. Acknowledges receipt of MHN’s email asking if there should be a public hearing on the 2015 appropriations before it is passes, and citing the Agenda from the 2014 Special meeting of council which included a public hearing on the 2014 appropriations.  Defines “public hearing.”2014 Public Hearing of Appropriations
(7:26) Alex Adams
(12:39) Brownlee. Defines public hearing.
(14:43) Albers
(15:15) Resident Comment.
(18:06) Jackson. Err on side of caution.
(18:40) Adams.
(20:20) Lansky. Never had a public hearing for appropriations since 1987.
(21:43) Vote. Passed 5-1
(22:08) 2015-11 Accept properties from Land Bank (second reading)

*The first reading of  2015-08 was postponed until March 11, 2015 at the March 4, 2015 meeting because the Finance Director did not have the appropriations ready.



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