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Policing Maple Heights

Anyone having information related to any of these crimes should call the Maple Heights Police at 216-662-1234.
To report suspected drug activity contact the SEALE Drug Task Force Narcotics Tip Line at (440) 735-6595.

* Salt crews requested: Mon. @ 3:57pm
* Parking ban initiated:  Sat. at 4pm (2/21/15)
* Parking ban violations:  Sun: 3
* Vehicles stuck in snow (no tow needed):  Sun: 1, Tues: 1, Thurs: 1
* Tows needed:  Thurs: 1, Sat: 1

* Sun: 6
* Wed: 2
* Thurs: 3
* Sat: 3

Sunday, February 22, 2015

3:12pm –  Report from a snow plow driver on Dunham Rd. who reported while trying to plow a lot, two men came out of the house next door and started yelling at him for blocking their driveway with snow. He believes they may be intoxicated. There was no snow on or blocking the driveway upon officers arrival. Incident was settled but the plow driver wanted it documented in case it happens again.

3:26pm – Female on Broadway Ave. reported that while shoveling her driveway, her neighbors came outside and started throwing the snow back off their side of the yard.  Two females, ages 16 and 17, were arrested and charged with aggravated menacing.

6:48pm – Caller from Warrensville Ctr. Rd./Watson Rd. reported a male slumped over the steering wheel of a car.  Officers responded to the scene and observed the subject sleeping in his vehicle on Watson Rd. at the stop sign who stated he works two jobs and often gets little sleep from working so much. Officers asked the subject if he had consumed any alcoholic beverages as two unopened beers were located in the vehicle.  The subject stated no, but did admit he used a small amount of Heroin at 1pm. The 27yo suspect was taken into custody for his warrant with Maple Hts. and on suspicion of operating a vehicle while impaired.  After a series of Standardized Field Sobriety Tests, it was determined that the subject was not impaired and the charge was cleared.  The vehicle was towed and the subject was released to be transported by squad for medical reasons.

Monday February 23, 2015

8:29am – Caller from Maplewood Ave. reported identity theft which resulted in IRS fraud.  The callers social security number was breached through Anthem when files were hacked. Someone filed a tax return in the subjects name.

9:02am – Another report of identity theft from a different Maplewood Ave. resident.  Complaintant  was informed by the IRS that an unknown person attempted to file taxes using her name in 2012.

5:12pm – Home Depot loss prevention officer reported a 14yo juvenile stole $75.00 worth of items, one item was an axe.  Home Depot was advised to file charges directly, but decided not to pursue charges. The juvenile was turned over to his father who wanted this incident documented.

9:28pm – Officers conducted a traffic stop on Raymond St./Lee Rd. and upon making contact with the driver and passenger, they discovered #1 both not wearing their seatbelts, and #2 there was an open bottle of 750mL of Paul Masson Brandy in the glove box. The passenger stated the bottle was his and was issued a citation and both parties received a citation for seat belt.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Is this REALLY a matter for the police?
7:08pm – Complainant from Lisa Dr. reported her 7yo foster child is not listening and knocked some clothes off the counter.  Juvenile got upset because he was told to stop coloring and threw a temper tantrum. Complainant wanted officers to speak with the juvenile concerning his behavior.

Wednesday February 25, 2015

9:23am – Officers initiated a traffic stop on Warrensville Ctr. Rd./Libby Rd. and discovered the driver did not have a valid license. During an administrative inventory of the vehicle a marijuana pipe was located in the center console. The 24yo driver was cited and charged with driving without an operators license.  Vehicle was towed and the subject was transported to his fathers house in Bedford.

Bonnie & Clyde?
5:00pm – Security from Home Depot on Libby Rd. reported a black male shoplifter who ran out of the store and got into a vehicle.  The 51yo female driver was cited for driving under suspension and her 49yo male acomplice was arrested and charged with theft.

6:11pm – Female from Maplepark Dr. reported identity theft. Female stated she received a letter from the IRS stating that on January 26, 2015 an unknown person filed taxes in complainants name. Complainant has started a claim with the IRS and needed this incident documented to start an investigation and allow complainant to receive her refund.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

1:47pm – Traffic stop on Corridon Ave. where the 33yo female driver was cited for driving under suspension, no front license plate and operating a vehicle while impaired.   Upon administrative inventory of the vehicle, an open 375 mL bottle of Hennessy Cognac was located in the passenger door panel. The subject was also cited for the open container.

Repo gone wrong!
1:57pm – Complainant (repo agent) stated he was trying to repossess a vehicle on Raymond St. and while verifying the VIN of the Jeep, the debtor came outside and got into the Jeep, drove the vehicle into the grass and got stuck in the snow.  Complainant stated while speaking with the debtor, the debtor then got into the tow truck and attempted to drive it.  The complainant stated he was not willing to prosecute but mentioned he was missing repo paperwork from the truck and a GPS unit valued at $100.  The complainant did show proper paperwork and took the Jeep.

Friday February 27, 2015

9:24am – Turney Rd. female called 911 stating she needed a party removed from her residence and then hung up.  When officers arrived they made two arrests, as two subjects had felony warrants with the Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Office.  One 32yo male subject had a warrant for receiving stolen property and theft, and one 27yo female subject had a warrant for theft.  Two juveniles, 3yo and 1yo, were transported to the station to wait for a caretaker.

11:37am – While on routine patrol, two officers were traveling Westbound on Raymond Ave when they observed a silver Saturn SUV, with a black female hanging out of the driver side window yelling at another vehicle. A traffic enforcement stop was conducted and while speaking to the driver, a strong odor of marijuana was coming from inside the vehicle. The passenger surrendered a burnt marijuana cigarette and the driver was cited for driving under suspension and failure to wear safety restraints. The passenger was cited for failure to wear safety restraints and possession of marijuana. The vehicle was towed.

8:12pm – Bartender from Grills Tavern on Broadway Ave. called to report a male is threatening people with a knife.  Police arrived and arrested a 35yo suspect and charged him with disorderly conduct, trespassing, weapon under disability ( in possession of a weapon while not legally allowed to be) and menacing. He also has warrants with Maple Hts. for failure to appear/disorderly conduct and North Randall.  Knife was found under the front passenger tire of a vehicle in the parking lot of the business.

8:49pm – Call from Maple Hts. Blvd. about a person climbing in the window of a home which backs up to the police department parking lot.  An officer went to the front of the property to cut off any parties if they ran and observed a vehicle occupied by three black males. One passenger, 19yo, had a warrant with Beachwood and was asked to exit the vehicle until the officer knew if Beachwood was going to pick up or advise him of his warrant. The subject began to reach into his pocket and the officer saw a large sum of money.  The officer then asked him to not reach into his pockets but he continued and turned away. The subject was then pulled out of the vehicle, handcuffed and patted down.  The officer located 2.4 grams of raw marijuana in his pocket. The subject was cited for Possessoin Of Marijuana and was sent on his way. The female, 25yo, who was climbing in the window was the daughter of the homeowner who locked herself out and needed to get in to get her baby’s formula. Homeowner was contacted and advised it was ok for her to be there.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

8:10pm – Officers were called out to R Bar & Lounge on Warrensville Ctr. Rd. with a complaint of loud music.  Upon arrival there was no music heard in the area, but while in the parking lot officers saw an occupied vehicle and noticed a strong odor of raw marijuana. Officers located a bag of marijuana (34grams) on the passenger, who also has a warrant from Linndale, and marijuana by the driver’s seat belonging to the driver.  Both were cited.

10:12pm – Call received about a male who is slumped over the steering wheel of a vehicle in the lot of the American Legion on Broadway Ave.  Vehicle is running, unknown if it is in gear.  The 26yo male subject was arrested, charged with operating a vehicle while impaired and taken to Marymount Hospital for a blood draw.

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