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Anyone having information related to any of these crimes should call the Maple Heights Police at 216-662-1234.
To report suspected drug activity contact the SEALE Drug Task Force Narcotics Tip Line at (440) 735-6595.

Successful: 5
Unsuccessful: 12

Sunday, January 25, 2015

12:55am – Traffic stop on Steinway Blvd./Dunham Rd.  44yr old male driver was cited for OPEN CONTAINER.

2:15pm – 77yr old male caller from Granger Rd. stated someone stole the keys out of a vehicle that was running in his driveway.  Checks ok the male was HIGHLY INTOXICATED  and located his own keys.

5:13pm – Report of a two car accident on Raymond St./Lee Rd.  The 22yr old driver was taken into custody for an active warrant and turned over to Bedford Hts.  He was also cited for POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA.

Monday, January 26, 2015

1:49am –  Caller from Mountville Dr. stated a friend was visiting and someone entered his UNLOCKED vehicle, which was parked in the driveway, and took his cell phone.

Police matter?
10:44am – 54yr old female caller from Bowling Green has a ring stuck on her finger.

7:14pm – Female from Maplepark Dr. reported someone had vandalized her vehicle.  Complaintant parked the vehicle on Friday evening and when she was leaving on Saturday morning, the vehicle would not start. The vehicle was towed to a mechanic who informed the complaintant that the CATALYIC CONVERTER was missing along with other wires. There are no suspects at this time.

Bring pets inside during cold weather.
Caller from Kenton Ave. reported on a DOG THAT WAS LEFT OUTSIDE for a few days and keeps barking.  Small black shephard mix dog was taken to the cages. The dog had been in the cold for a few days and was bleeding from the mouth from biting on a pole. Animal warden advised.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

2:57pm – Complainant from Homewood Ave. parked her vehicle in the driveway yesterday and left the vehicle UNLOCKED. When the complainant came out to the vehicle on 01-27-15, she found the ignition was damaged. There was nothing missing from the vehicle and there are no known suspects.

3:27pm – Call received from Harrison Ave. reporting someone broke into the complainant’s car and punched the column.  It is unknown if the vehicle was left UNLOCKED or if the subject was able to enter forcefully (there was no damage to the vehicle). The steering column was stripped in an attempt to steal the vehicle and an Invicta watch, valued at $100, was also taken.

3:36pm – Report from Steinway Blvd. where an elderly female’s WALLET WAS STOLEN when she allowed two females into her house who were posing as employees from the electric company.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

6:34pm –  A black PITBULL on Benhoff Dr. was chasing residents and blocking them from leaving their houses.  Pit Bull was placed in the cages and the Animal Warden was advised.

11:24pm – Officers conducted a traffic stop on Broadway Ave./LaFayette Ave.  During the stop, officers asked the occupants if they had any weapons or any drugs inside the car. The passenger (32yr old) informed them that he had marijuana in the center console of the vehicle.  He was found to have a warrant with the Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Office and was arrested.  During the administrative inventory of the vehicle, a clear plastic baggie containing 8.6g of raw marijuana was found and placed into evidence. The vehicle was towed and the passenger was cited for no seatbelt and POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA. Driver (33yr old) was transported to Marymount Hospital for a blood draw then transported to the RTA Transit Center.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

#1  11:13am – Call received from CATO HOUSE regarding a female that was assaulted by another resident.  This is an ongoing issue between the two females. The staff is aware of this and has begun paperwork to relocate one of the females. There was no visible injury to the female that alleged the allegation. Both females do not have the culpable mental state to have charges filed against them.

#2  2:54pm – Another call received from CATO HOUSE reporting the same two subjects mentioned above physically fighting. Squad dispatched for 1 female w/lacerations from a broken glass. Both parties are not mentally capable of understanding reasonable thinking per Cato House staff. The staff is going to contact both parties social workers to get them removed. For the time being, the staff is going to work on keeping the parties separated on a more permanent basis.

Friday, January 30, 2015

1:47am – Caller from Brunswick Ave. reported an SUV parked near her house playing very loud music and not sure who is in it.  There was no loud music upon officers arrival, however, officers could smell marijuana coming from the vehicle.  Officers observed one subject put a silver marijuana grinder in his right jacket pocket and a probable cause search was then conducted.  Five male subjects were in the vehicle ranging in ages from 23 to 20yrs old.  One was cited for POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA and drug paraphernalia and one had a warrant from Richfield.

Why it pays to LOCK your car doors!
2:14am – Caller from Hillgrove Ave. reported a black male wearing a furry grey and black hat and all black clothing was in her yard near her vehicle.  Complainant went to let out her dogs and saw the male who also had a black handgun in his hand.  The subject took off running through the front yards on Hillgrove. Officers followed footprints through several backyards, leading to a backyard on Raymond Ave.   The suspect appeared to have stopped and checked on vehicles parked along his route, officer reports all the vehicles were LOCKED. Subject was unable to be located.

10:13am – Male from Rockside Rd. stated he received a call from a male claiming to be from the IRS.  Unknown male told the complaintant that he owed the IRS alot of money. The complaintant did not give the caller any information or form of money. Call came from 340-884-5069.

1:37pm –  Officers responded to Gerard Ave. regarding a report of a theft from auto.  The complainant stated he left his vehicle UNLOCKED at 10:30pm on Thursday the 29th and at 1:30pm he found the front side passenger door slightly ajar. The complaintant’s wallet was missing along with some gift cards, Ohio Driver’s License, SS Card and CCW Permit.

4:52pm – Complainant from Mapleboro Ave. reported her vehicle was rummaged through last night.  Complainant’s vehicle was left UNLOCKED in the driveway of her residence. Nothing was taken and there are no suspects.

#3 5:55pm – Another call from CATO HOUSE regarding a disturbance between two residents.  Female complainant was transported to Marymount Hospital for a psych eval.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

12:55am –  A fatal SHOOTING at The R Bar on Warrensville Center Road was reported. The victim, who was shot several time in the chest, was identified as Orlando J. Stephens, a 27 year old black male. The victim was transported to South Pointe Hospital where he passed away. The shooting occurred in the parking lot outside the bar after an altercation. Maple Heights Police Department is investigating the homicide and anyone with information about the shooting can contact Maple Heights Police Detectives at 216-662-1234 or Crime Stoppers at 216-252-7463

1:31am – Maple Hts. officer reported a FIGHT at the Weave Lounge also on  Warrensville Center Road.  Bedford Hts. and Liquor Control responded to this call.

1:53pm –  Call received from Home Depot security that they have a shoplifter detained.  Subject attempted to remove $205.68 of plumbing equipment.  35yr old male suspect was arrested and charged with SHOPLIFTING.  He also has a warrant with Sagamore Hills for failure to appear/bad check.

4:37pm – 40yr old female from Cato St. called regarding a sore throat.  Transported to Marymount Hospital.

8:39pm –  A traffic stop was initiated on Lee Rd.  During an inventory of the vehicle, a marijuana cigerette and 114 grams of raw marijuana was located. The driver was arrested for DRIVING UNDER SUSPENSION and POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA.  The 28yr old suspect was transported to Sams Club in Oakwood Village where he was turned over to Macedonia PD on his warrant.

11:14pm – Security Officer from Giant Eagle on Warrensville Ctr. Rd. reported a customer came in and stated a female was asleep in her truck in the middle of Warr Ctr Rd. The customer woke up the female and the female began to yell at her. She then drove to OReilly’s Auto Parts parking lot and went back to sleep.  Officers arrested the 40yr old suspect and charged her with OPERATING A VEHICLE WHILE IMPAIRED.

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