Maple Heights Police at Work in the Rain

Policing Maple Heights

Anyone having information related to any of these crimes should call the Maple Heights Police at 216-662-1234.

To report suspected drug activity contact the SEALE Drug Task Force Narcotics Tip Line at (440) 735-6595.

Shoplifting reports:
* 12/14 – 1:52pm – Employee from Home Depot on Libby Rd.  reported they have a 20yr old shoplifter in custody.  Suspect was arrested and has a warrant with Maple Hts. for failure to appear/underage liquor and theft.
* 12/15 – 12:30pm – 32yr old suspect in custody at the Home Depot on Libby Rd.  Was arrested and charged with shoplifting.
* 12/16 – 3:49pm – Home Depot Loss Prevention Officer stated that he observed the 31yr old male suspect (#1) walk into the store with no merchandise.  Another male suspect (#2) selected 5 packages of flooring (total value of $347.85) and placed them in a cart that was then given to suspect #1 who proceeded to return the merchandise at the return desk. Security detained the suspect and contacted the Maple Heights Police who cited the subject for theft.
* 12/17 – 7:08am – Two shoplifters (12yrs. & 14yrs.) in custody at the Giant Eagle on Warrensville Ctr. Rd.  They were transported to the Middle School and parents were contacted.  The subjects have been advised of trespassing.
* 12/17 – Ten year old juvenile shoplifted yesterday from Convenient Food Mart on Warrensville Ctr. Rd. and left behind his bookbag. The juvenile returned and wanted his bookbag back.  The store employee wants to pursue charges from yesterdays’ theft before returning the bookbag.  Store did not want to prosecute, but wanted his parents made aware of the actions of the juvenile. Subject was transported home and turned over to his uncle who was advised of his nephews actions.
* 12/17 – 7:23pm – Home Depot on Libby Rd. reported they have two male shoplifters in custody.  One suspect was arrested, charged with petty theft and has a warrant with Madison Township while the other suspect was arrested and charged with petty theft, drug instruments.
* 12/18 – 12:24pm – 26yr. old male suspect stole (2) four port USB charger outlets valued at $29.97 each (total $59.94.) Home Depot employee signed a citation for theft and the suspect was advised of criminal trespassing. He was transported to Garfield Hts. Police station and turned over for his warrants for failure to appear and driving under suspension.
* 12/18 – 5:38pm – Employee from Shell station on Warrensville Ctr. Rd. reported someone stole from the business and left but his friend is still there.   Only information on the male was he is a 7th grader named James who lives somewhere on Raymond.
* 12/20 – 3:22pm – Security Officer from Discount Drug Mart on Dunham Rd. has a female shoplifter detained in the office.  The 34yr. old subject was arrested and has a warrant for shoplifting in Linndale.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

2:16am –  Complainant from Dalewood Ave. stated her vehicle was broken into sometime between 11pm and time of call. The passenger side window was busted out and is where entry was made to the vehicle.  Items missing, Pure Romance items, Black and Pink Victoria Secret Bag, Black Tool Box, Samsung Tablet 1.0, and her friends Louis Vuitton Purse.

1:20pm – Several callers from Maplepark Dr. reported a male had been shot.  One caller stated that someone tried to rob the victim as well.  Victim was transported to Metro.  Gun used was a revolver, vehicle was a white/pearl Lexus Suv and was parked at Maplepark.

Monday, December 15, 2014

2:50pm –  Large pitbull had a U.S. Postman trapped on the porch of a residence on Kenyon Dr.   Upon officers arrival the subject was standing on the porch and a large tan pit-bull was barking at him. The officer was able to gather the dog and take him to his residence on Kenyon Dr.  The postal worker did not wish to pursue charges against the owner who was advised on leash laws.  Both parties are satisfied with this solution.

3:20pm – Complainant on Watson Rd reported her vehicle stolen.  Vehicle was not stolen, it was towed for expired plates.

5:03pm – Complainant from Mayville Ave. reported her 14yr old daughter was assaulted after school today while at Stafford Park.

5:17pm – Another complainant from Mayville Ave. reported her 13yr old daughter was assaulted after school today while at Stafford Park.  (This assault is not related to incident above.) The juvenile got into a fight with another girl and the mother will handle the discipline through the school.

5:32pm – 21yr old female from Broadway Ave. reported she was assaulted by a black male wearing all black with red shoes.  The subject was not assaulted as she had no injuries and just wanted her items that were taken. Items have been retrieved and both parties have gone their separate ways.

5:41pm – Complainant from Maple Hts.s Blvd. reported that her 16yr old son was assaulted by a male named ‘Shavari’. The complainant will contact the school tomorrow and make them aware of the incident.

7:11pm –  A group of black male juveniles just damaged the Christmas decorations at a home on Raymond St.   A large blow up Christmas ball was popped by the subjects but the complainant has now patched the hole. Subjects were gone upon officers arrival and unable to locate.

7:35pm – 41yr old male from Mendota Ave. reported his 15yr old son was chasing him around the house.

8:23pm – Argument between a 73yr old male and his 46yr old son over utilities for the Ramage Ave. residence.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

12:38am – Two 35yr old males were observed arguing in the parking lot of Seven Eleven on Lee Rd.  The males were arguing over the keys to a vehicle that was parked at Tonight II lounge. The males were transported to the vehicle and the missing keys were found inside. The owner was given his keys and the males were provided a ride home because they had been drinking.  Neither party wanted to pursue assault charges.

7:54am – Male from Mapleboro Ave. stated that all 4 tires on his Ford Taurus were slashed sometime between midnight and 2:15am.  There are no suspects.

6:36pm – Complainant from Camden Rd. stated her 17yr old son, who is on house arrest, was tearing up the residence.  The juvenile was arrested for violation of house arrest by cutting off his bracelet.  Juvenile was transported directly to the detention house.

6:45pm – Call received from Hillgrove Ave. were a 17yr old juvenile was upset and started destroying the house because his mom had the internet turned off.  Juvenile was arrested and charged with domestic violence.

9:48pm – Complainant from Corkhill Rd. reported some type of odor coming from the neighbor’s residence.  Odor was from some shrimp and garlic the neighbor was cooking.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

8:59am – Vehicle parked on Philip St. with 18yr. old female driver slumped over the wheel.  Female fell asleep while dropping children off at the bus stop.

9:12am –  Female from above report backed into police cruiser.

9:52pm – Female from Libby Rd. reported that sometime after 12:30pm someone removed $300 worth of toys and a pair of $175 Air Jordan shoes from her vehicle.  The vehicle has an alarm but was left UNLOCKED.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

11:50am – 59yr old female in lobby reporting she pulled a muscle in her neck while opening the door to City Hall.

8:37pm – Aux Officer reported three vehicles and about 6 people outside arguing and fighting on Glenburn Ave.  He does not see any weapons.   A red passenger car, a gray passenger car and a white SUV were seen in the area but not sure if involved.

8:40pm – Anonymous female from a residence down the street from above call reported that someone broke out the windows to her Grandmothers vehicle. No one is outside now, but her brother stated he saw someone in a gray hoodie outside earlier.  Prior to the call, a gray passenger car, a red passenger car and a white suv were in the area but there is no confirmation they were involved.  Female was advised to leave her residence for the night.  At 10:47pm the subject left the residence and her children told her someone busted out the windows to her house.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Watchful eyes are never a nuisance.

12:19am – Complainant on Nitra Ave. reported 2 people were trying to break into the neighbors house.  Homeowner arrived while Officers were on scene, checks OK.  Subjects have permission to be at the residence and they were locked out.

2:31pm – Female from Evening Star Ave. reported an IRS scam.  The call came from 720-596-6594 and the callback number given was 202-470-6797.

8:44pm – 8 month old baby locked inside of a running vehicle on Anthony St.  The 20yr. old male ran into the house and the car door locked. Entry was gained and the baby is ok.

10:20pm –  A  23yr. old irate female was getting smart with the security officer at Walgreens on Lee Rd. and was asked to leave which she refused to do. The subject was causing a disturbance and the business just wanted her advised of trespassing.   Subject was advised of trespassing and was taken into custody where she was turned over to Independence police on a warrant.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

5:15am – Vehicle on Theodore Ave. was towed for 5 unpaid parking tickets dating back to August of this year.

Thank you for not texting and driving!

11:33am – Call from E. 141st St. reported an occupied black Chevy truck sitting in the area for at least 30 minutes.  The vehicle pulled off as the officer was arriving.  The driver stopped and stated that he did not want to text and drive, so he pulled over for a few minutes. Checks ok.

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