Maple Heights Police at Work in the Rain

Policing Maple Heights

Anyone having information related to any of these crimes should call the Maple Heights Police at 216-662-1234.

To report suspected drug activity contact the SEALE Drug Task Force Narcotics Tip Line at (440) 735-6595.

Don’t Drink and Drive:

  • 12/7 – 12:25am – 35yr old driver on Warrensville Ctr. Rd. with an open 24oz. bottle of Ice House Beer.  Subject was cited.
  • 12/8 – 2:05am – 50yr old driver on Warrensville Ctr. Rd./Hansen Rd. pulled over for no license plate light.  Officer discovered marijuana and an open bottle of Bud Light.
  • 12/8 – 3:55am – 23yr old driver stopped for driving under suspension and seatbelt on Theodore St./Raymond St., also has warrants with Lyndhurst, Parma and Westlake.  Driver stated cup on console contained Hennessey. He was cited for open container.  29yr old passenger arrested on warrant with Maple Hts. for no operating license.
  • 12/11 – 10:01am –  Employee on Industrial Ave. reported an occupied vehicle behind the business. One of the passengers admitted to drinking in the vehicle and having a open container of Bud Light Lime and was cited for open container.  The driver was given a field sobriety test which had negative results and also has a warrant with North Randall for failure to appear.
  • 12/12 – 1:50am – Traffic stop on Libby Rd./Northfield Rd. for a vehicle with illegal window tint. While speaking with the 22 yr old driver the officer could smell the odor of marijuana, the 23 yr old passenger advised he had marijuana in his pocket.  7grams of marijuana was recovered rolled up in a plastic baggy in the passengers left pant pocket. The driver’s license was suspended and his vehicle was towed. During an administrative inventory per the Maple Heights Tow Policy, an open bottle of Henessy was located between the driver seat and passenger seat. The driver was cited for driving under suspension and open container, the passenger was cited for possession of marijuana.
  • 12/12 – 2:44am – Officer on a traffic stop at Prayner Rd./Libby Rd.  27 yr old driver was arrested for operating a vehicle while intoxicated.  Vehicle was towed.
  • 12/13 – 1:05am – Officer out with a vehicle in the parking lot Weave’s Lounge/Legacy Lounge on Warrensville Ctr. Rd.  Officers located an open bottle of Hennessy 375mL in the vehicle. 30yr old subject received a citation for open container.
  • 12/13 -2:36pm – Several callers from Granger Rd. reported a vehicle hit a pole and left the scene. The vehicle is a green Pontiac and one caller stated the male appeared to be sleeping at one point.  Officers located the vehicle at Meadow St.  Prior to a Standardized Field Sobriety Test, the officer located a small bag of marijuana (5grams) and a pipe in his pocket.  Vehicle was towed and the 47yr old subject was arrested and charged with operating a vehicle under the influence and cited for hit skip.  Subject was transported to Bedford to use their blood alcohol test machine.

Lock your car doors:

  • 12/7 – 6:29pm – The complaintant’s vehicle on Warrensville Ctr. Rd. was left UNLOCKED.  Her purse was rummaged through, food stamp card/coupons and 2 money orders ($500 and $113) were taken and a bag of newly purchased clothes were stolen.
  • 12/9 – 12:55pm –  Caller from Hazelwood Ave. reported items taken from an UNLOCKED vehicle sometime in the past two days. Missing is a pool cue, a bag containing a lot of quarters, and a leather jacket.
  • 12/12 – 6:05pm – Caller from Edgewood Ave. stated someone attempted to steal his vehicle in the last 15 minutes.  Complainant parked his vehicle on Edgewood Ct for about 40 to 50 minutes before calling the police and stated the doors were UNLOCKED. Complainant also stated the ignition was punched but it still started.
  • 12/12 – 8:40pm – Complainant from Watercrest Ave. reported his UNLOCKED vehicle was rummaged through. The only thing taken was a portable DVD player valued at $30.

Sunday, December, 7, 2014

2:37am – Complainant reported that while she was at Weaves Lounge on Warrensville Ctr. Rd., someone broke into her vehicle and stole two handguns which were left inside the glove box.

10:29am – Female from Maplepark Dr. reported she could hear 2 females fighting and heard one of the female’s say “you hit me”.  Complaintant stated it also sounded as if furniture was being moved around.  Officers discovered the subjects were having a loud verbal argument over money for the holidays.

Monday, December 8, 2014

2:12pm – Male on Clare Ave. reported a gun shot and 3 black male juveniles wearing black coats and jeans who just used the cut through on Clare and are now on Maple Hts Blvd.  Officers located all three juveniles, placed them under arrest and transported them to the detention house.  The gun used was found and logged in.

3:16pm – Officer reported a 16yr old juvenile jumped into a Fed Ex truck on Mapleboro Ave. but could not get the vehicle in gear and jumped out.  The juvenile was detained, arrested and charged with attempted auto theft.

3:24pm – Female on Libby Rd. reported her 16yr old juvenile son came home intoxicated. Son would only state that he was in Cleveland but would not say who he was with or how he got the alcohol and denied being intoxicated. Mother was advised of her parental rights. Both parties advised of domestic violence laws.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Cat found his Christmas angel.
11:01am – Caller from Libby Rd./Broadway Ave. stated there is an animal stuck in the fence on the East end of the bridge on the North side. Passer by stopped and rescued the cat from the fence and will take custody .

2:07pm –  Caller from Thomas St. reported that four black males and one black female just arrived in a grey vehicle, which is parked in front the caller’s home.  Subjects walked into the backyard of a vacant home on Kenton, and went into the home via a rear sliding glass door. Upon officers arrival the subjects ran from the home heading south through the backyards along Kenton and then south on Jackson towards South Blvd.  Vehicle was towed and officers caught some of the group on South Blvd.  Three arrests were made, two 14yr olds. and one 16yr old., and all were charged with trespassing.

 Wednesday, December 10, 2014

7:33pm – Traffic stop on Rockside Rd./Dunham Rd.  where a strong odor of raw marijuana eminated from the vehicle.  Driver admitted to having marijuana inside and a partially smoked joint was located in the center console. The driver was cited for tinted windows, tinted license plate cover, and possession of Marijuana and sent on his way (?)

9:33pm – Tornado sirens sounded in the city.  MHPD  did not set off the sirens, and was not aware of any emergency.  Sirens were set off in Bedford Heights, Garfield Heights, Walton Hills, Bedford and Twinsburg.  Walton Hills PD also reports sirens in Summit County.

10:50pm – Complainant reported her vehicle was stolen while she was shopping in Southgate.

11:04pm – Complainant reported someone stole her wallet while she was shopping at Dollar Tree at Southgate USA.  Complaintant discovered her wallet was missing and not sure if she lost the wallet at Dollar Tree or another location.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

12:46am – Complainant stated someone broke into his vehicle while he was getting a hair cut at Southgate Barber Shop at Southgate USA.  Entry was gained by breaking the rear passenger side window.  Six hair shears, twelve hair curlers, and one blow dryer were removed from the vehicle.

3:33pm – Female on station to speak with an officer reference her wallet being stolen on Saturday, December 6th at 1am at the R-Bar on Warrensville Ctr. Rd.   Complaintant left her purse in the care of her husband who was watching the game and not watching the purse. She returned and upon leaving the bar, realized her wallet was removed by an unknown person. Items inside the wallet: her engagement ring set in white gold and valued at approximately $2400.00, her husband’s wedding band also set in white gold and valued at $1200.00, Social Security card,  State ID card, children’s social security cards, a company issued debit card, her Capital One credit card, $60.00 in cash.  Complaintant has contacted her insurance company and only requested the incident number to file a claim. Officers are following up with the bar to see if there are any working cameras.

9:22pm –  Officer on a traffic stop at Raymond St./Greenhurst Dr.  Driver was driving under suspension, vehicle was towed and subject was arrested and cited for carrying a concealed weapon (brass knuckles).  Subject also has a warrant with Garfield Hts. for contempt.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Nice work!
10:45am – Search warrant served in reference to an earlier report of burglary on Benhoff Dr.  Evidence recovered with the assistance of Cleveland Police:  Gateway Laptop, LG “42” flat screen television, HP Pavilion All in One PC, JVC 32″ Flat Screen TV, VIZO 55″ Flat Screen, Memorex DVD Player, Nintendo WII (blue) EVL-010,  Samsung Sound speaker bar, Samsun Sub Woofer.  Subjects involved: 19yr old female, not on scene who has a warrant with Willoughby for failure to appear, 16yr old male and a 20yr old male.

12:53pm – Caller from Beverly Ave. reported 3 parties physically fighting.  A 22yr old male was breaking into her grandson’s vehicle and her grandson is holding him on the ground at this time.  Officers arrived and arrested the subject who has a warrant with Maple Hts. for unpaid fines for loitering.

1:59pm – Complaintant from Gardenview Dr. stated her child’s father (who has a warrant from Eastlake for failure of appear, domestic violence and from Ashtabula) was outside her  bedroom window wanting to come inside, she stated that he does not live there.  The subject was advised of his warrants and of trespassing at the residence, however he could not provide proof that he lives there and only had property that he brought him with. The subject left his property on the treelawn and stated he would come back for it.

2:56pm – Child from above call stated her father climbed through the window and is now fighting with her mother. Officers arrived and made one arrest with a charge of trespassing.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

10:08pm – Female from South Blvd. reported her father caught a young male juvenile breaking into their vehicle.  Two juveniles (13yrs and 12yrs.) were arrested and charged with trespassing and theft.

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