One of the traffic cameras in Maple Heights, OH.

Opinion: Keep the Traffic Cameras

In response to our invitation for opinion pieces supporting or opposing the different ballot issues for the upcoming November 4, 2014 General Election, we received the following opinion in Opposition to the traffic camera Charter Amendment, Issue 99. Residents should vote “no” to keep the Cameras or vote “yes” to get rid of the cameras.

There has been some negative feelings regarding our traffic cameras in the city. Although the presence of the traffic cameras have met negative reviews by some, I would have to say just by driving along the affected city streets traffic speeds have slowed down. The fact that we now see vehicles following the listed speed limit more often than not should be perceived as a positive safety outcome for the community and it’s resident’s. We will see a decrease in accidents and speeding violations. We will also realize a safer surrounding for our children and elderly who walk and cross those same now monitored streets. And yes,there will be citations for those who go over the allowed speed limitations..and that’s just it… citations will be given to those who go over the allowed speed limitations. So in essence, if we are not speeding,we are not cited. Change is rarely welcomed by people in general, but after the smoke clears concerning this issue, I think we will all be able to say, ‘we have all slowed down for the good.’

– Walter

Please note that no one was willing to write an opinion in support of Issue 99. Many felt it was too risky to say anything publicly.

One Response to Opinion: Keep the Traffic Cameras

  1. Jason Sonenshein October 16, 2014 at 1:36 pm #

    The assertion that “…if we are not speeding we are not cited” is not true. Optotraffic cameras have been documented to produce false positives. ( ) Stop the false accusations against innocent motorists. Vote YES on Issue 99.

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