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Policing Maple Heights

Anyone having information related to any of these crimes should call the Maple Heights Police at 216-662-1234.

Noise Disturbance: 12

Weapons Offense (shots fired): 11

Sunday, September 14, 2014

1:51am – Complaintant  from Boujettos Bar and Grill on Warrensville Ctr. Rd.  reported people fighting outside.  Bedford Hts, Bedford, and Warrs. Hts. were contacted for mutual aid.  On officers arrival, there were approx. 15 people physically fighting. Pepper spray was deployed and the crowd was dispersed.

2:17am – Officer stopped a vehicle on I-480/Warrensville Ctr. Rd. for weaving. The driver was found to be appreciably impaired and in the front passenger seat was the subject’s nine year old son. The driver was arrested and cited for operating a vehicle under the influence, child endangering and driving under suspension. The juvenile was turned over to the station.

Monday, September 15, 2014

2:20am – Officer was conducting a traffic stop on Clare Ave./Warrensville Ctr. Rd.  Garfield Hts. K-9 responded and two subjects were arrested.  One subject was charged with driving under suspension and the other subject was transported to Marymount Hospital for a voluntary body cavity search due to admitting to having bags of drugs hidden on her person.

9:00am –  DM Auto Sales on Broadway Ave. reported a loose pit bull in their lot that wouldn’t let people out of their vehicles.  An officer observed a black and white pit bull sitting in front of the business door and as he approached, the dog barked aggressively and charged.  Several attempts were made to approach the dog, but it was clearly vicious. Other officers got into the back of a pickup truck with an animal control pole.  An officer lost her footing and fell to the ground when the dog charged at her and at that time a spray was used to repel the dog. The dog ran back to the truck and officers were able to get the dog in the animal control pole. The dog continued to pull away and attack the pole. While officers were waiting for the animal warden, the dog pulled away and came within inches of biting an officer.  The dog was held to the ground while it was biting the pole and continued to act vicious. Due to the animal’s vicious behavior, it choked itself  unconscious. Slack was given to the dog in an attempt to help it breathe but it passed away. The dog’s owner had been previously cited twice for animal at large and vicious dog.

1:30pm –  Male caller states that someone stole his wallet from his UNLOCKED vehicle in the Linhart Realty Building parking lot.

 Tuesday, September 16, 2014

3:06pm – Officer reported parties are fighting on Grasmere Ave./Jackson Blvd. and the officer was chasing a male. Two juveniles were arrested and both charged with disorderly conduct and one juvenile was also charged with obstruction.  Both juveniles were turned over to a guardian.

3:39pm – Off duty officer at the Giant Eagle on Warrensville Ctr. Rd. reported a counterfeit bill was passed.  One arrest was made and the subject was charged with falsification, attempted theft and has a warrant with Shaker Hts. for failure to appear.  The subject also uses an alias and was in possession of a stolen ID card and social security card from Cleveland.  The subjects vehicle was towed.

6:54pm – Security officer from Huntington National Bank on Dunham Rd. reported a white male just robbed the bank.  The subject said he had a bomb and was carrying something in his hand with wires in it. The suspect was wearing a white face mask, black hoodie, and light blue jeans and left in a black Chevy.  Officers stopped the vehicle in front of Clifton Steel on Rockside Rd. where a pipe bomb looking object was thrown from the vehicle.  Bomb squad was called out and collected the non-explosive device.  Vehicle was towed, suspect was arrested and charged with robbery.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Things like this you just can’t make up.
12:48am –  Complainant from Tokay Ave. stated her neighbors are arguing loudly.  The female is inside the home yelling, and a male is in the driveway yelling loudly as well.  Subjects were having an argument about Facebook.
12:51am – Female from Nitra Ave. stated her son will not leave the residence.  Son and mother had been arguing over how much cereal the son had been eating.

3:03am – Officer made a traffic stop on Lee Rd./Raymond St. and discovered the driver was driving under suspension.  Subject was arrested for this offense and cited for receiving stolen property (firearm), weapon under disability (possessed a weapon and had a felony conviction) and has a warrant with Cleveland Hts.

8:30pm – Complainant with Hone Barber College on Warrensville Ctr. Rd. reported parties are outside fighting and she heard someone mention shooting people.  Officers arrived and Bedford was contacted for mutual aid.  Five adults were arrested.  All five were charged and two had warrants with other cities.  One with Garfield for contempt of court and the other with Cleveland Hts. and East Cleveland both for failure to appear.  A Magnum 12 gauge pump shotgun was located in the area.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

6:55pm – Security Officer from Home Depot in Southgate reported a shoplifter in custody.  The subject attempted to steal $702.11 worth of misc. construction materials. She walked into the store, selected an empty cart, selected the items, and exited the store without attempting to pay for the items. The subject was monitored by loss prevention from the time she walked into the store from the parking lot till the time she left.   A summons to Garfield Hts. Municipal Court for shoplifting was issued.

Was the attitude necessary?  Just saying . . .
8:14pm – Uncooperative caller from Tabor Ave. reported that her adult son is intoxicated and tearing up the house.  Upon officers arrival they noticed the exterior screen door to the residence was broken. Officers spoke with the complainant who was still uncooperative and she stated the male had left and refused to speak with them any further.

8:39pm – Loss prevention for Home Depot reported a black male shoplifter that took approx. $175 worth of sealer after switching the price tags. The subject refused to stop when the complainant confronted him and got into a grey mini van driven by another black male.  The subject stated he was having a stroke and was transported to the hospital. He also admitted to stealing $ 269.91 worth of Sealant from The Home Depot.  A crack pipe was found in the subject’s sock. The subject checked himself out of Bedford Hospital before officers could serve him his citations for Drug Paraphernalia and Theft.

Friday, September 19, 2014

11:19pm – Officer was out with a vehicle in the parking lot of Maple Leaf Tavern.  While checking the parking lot he observed an occupied vehicle that contained at open 175ml bottle of Bacardi Limon Rum in the cup holder. The passenger was cited.

11:42pm – While checking the parking lot of Tonite’s Lounge on Libby Rd., an officer observed two females sitting in a vehicle where a small amount of marijuana was on the dash board in plain view. The officer also observed that the passenger was drinking an 8oz can of Budweiser beer. Parties were cited, one for open container and the other for possession of marijuana.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

12:36am – Another incident at Tonite’s Lounge on Libby Rd. where another officer was called out with a party in the parking lot.  The officer observed two open glasses containing a liquid having the distinct odor consistent with an alcoholic beverage that were in plain view in the center console cup holder, and an open 175ml bottle of Grey Goose Vodka that was also in plain view on the rear passenger side floor board.  Both occupants were cited for open container.

12:54am – Officer was called out with a vehicle in the Mapletown parking lot near Polo Nails.  He observed an open 1.75L bottle of 1800 Tequila that was in plain view on the passenger side back seat floor board. Vehicle owner was cited for open container.

1:51am – Officer conducted a traffic stop on Lee Rd./Maple Hts. Blvd.  An open 24oz can of Steel Reserve Malt Liquor and an open 12oz bottle of Angry Orchard Ale was located on the passenger side floor board. The driver stated the can and bottle were his. The driver showed 6 clues of impairment during the HGN test. He was arrested under suspicion of operating a vehicle under the influence and transported to the Maple Hts. jail.   A breathalyzer test was submitted and the subject was found not to be appreciably impaired.  He was cited for driving under suspension, driver’s seat belt and open container and released.

5:46pm – Female from Centuryway Rd. reported two large dogs chasing people while they are trying to get their cars. The dogs came up to her door while she was trying to leave and she could not get out.  When officers arrived, the dogs were already back inside their residence. The dogs unlatched the fence and let themselves out. The owner was advised to fix the gate to make sure they cannot get out again.

7:50pm – Female on station needed handcuffs cut off of her daughter who was playing and got them stuck on her wrists.  The mother was unable to find the key and responded to the police dept. for assistance. The handcuffs were special cuffs and standard cuff keys did not fit. The police dept was unable to cut the handcuffs off, so the fire dept. was notified. The handcuffs were successfully removed. There was no signs of foul play or excessive discipline in this case.

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