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Anyone having information related to any of these crimes should call the Maple Heights Police at 216-662-1234.

Driving under suspension: 3

Noise disturbances: 15

Sunday, September 7, 2014

6:05pm – Anonymous male reported a group of juveniles gathered at Mountville Dr./Mayville Ave. where one of the males is mooning people. The male matching the description (black male no shirt and pajama bottoms) was located on Mountville Dr. and denied mooning anyone.  He and his mother were advised of the complaint and his mother will be taking care of the discipline.

10:07pm – Female reported an intoxicated male passed out, but breathing, in the Tonight Lounge parking lot on Libby Rd.  Officers were advised that the male has a head injury and is bleeding. The victim was taken to Marymount Hospital and his wife was called to pick up his vehicle. There were no signs of foul play, and appears the subject was just very intoxicated, passed out and hit his head on the ground, causing injury to his head. A citation for disorderly conduct was issued.

Monday, September 8, 2014

1:45am – Anonymous female from Maplewood Ct. reported parties are outside yelling and someone is banging on a door.   Both parties were highly intoxicated, locked out of the residence and were knocking on the door to get someone inside to let them in. While knocking, several residents from their building were awakend from their sleep. Both parties were cited for disturbing the peace, and after an extended amount of time one of the females discovered she had the key to the front door.

6:31am – Female from Walvern reported that sometime overnight unknown person(s) entered her UNLOCKED garage and took a gray mens mountain bike and a Charter One checkbook from her vehicle.

7:26am – Sometime last night on Theodore St., an unknown party entered the complainants UNLOCKED vehicle and took his wallet.

8:12am – Sometime between 11pm last night and 6am this morning an unknown party entered the complainants UNLOCKED vehicle on Catherine St. and took all the loose change.

8:30am –  Male on Charles St. reported a loose pitbull that tried to attack him while he walked his dog. The owner of the pitbull arrived on the scene and took the dog into the house and stated that the dog had most likely been loose since Saturday as he had not been at the residence since then. The dog was a black male pitbull and was barking, growling aggressively and chasing people on the street. The neighbors reported ongoing problems, specifically over the weekend, with the dog being loose and barking all hours of the day. Three summons were issued to the dog owner for Barking Dog, Animal at Large, and harboring a dangerous dog.

8:56am –  Report from Dunham Rd. that sometime between 2:30am and 6am. this morning an unknown party entered all of the UNLOCKED vehicles parked in their respective driveways. Nothing was taken from unit #2 as it was just rummaged through, unit #1 had a set of keys taken from it and unit #3 had a pair of Coach sunglasses taken. No damage done to any of the vehicles.

Timely tips help our officers.

11:16am – Neighbor on North Blvd reported 3 males wearing hoodies were attempting to break into the vacant residence next door.  Officers responded immediately and were able to apprehend and arrest all three subjects.

11:22am – Sometime overnight on Summit Ave., unknown person(s) entered an UNLOCKED vehicle and took the registration.

12:54pm – Sometime last night on Summit Ave. again, unknown person(s) entered an UNLOCKED vehicle.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

9:40pm – Female from Walvern Blvd. stated that her boyfriend shot a gun in the air and has her blocked in the driveway.  The subject fired a 12ga. shotgun into the roof over-hang of the garage and was arrested for receiving stolen property, discharge of a firearm and felony carry/conceal weapon.  The gun was entered as stolen from Garfield Hts.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

1:04am – Officer  stopped this vehicle on Lee Rd. for no front plate and discovered the driver did not have a valid license. During the inventory of the vehicle the officer located 3.9 grams of raw marijuana. The driver was cited for driving under suspension and released from the scene. The vehicle was towed.

Couldn’t Make-up this one.

10:02pm – Call received from Maplepark Ct. regarding parties arguing over make-up.  Complainant (33 yrs old) stated the other individual (43 yrs. old) used her make-up without complainant’s permission.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

8:25am – Complaintant from Friend Ave. reported a theft from his UNLOCKED vehicle.  Apple MacBook, Sony laptop and iPad (4th generation) taken, no serials numbers known. No suspects.

2:34pm – Home Depot on Libby Rd. reported 2 shoplifters.  When approached they left going WB. Parties no longer have any store merchandise.  Parties were located behind a garage on Gardenview Blvd., arrested and charged with shoplifting and obstruction.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Someone needs a hobby!

4:59am – Dispatcher from Cleveland PD reported a gun entered as stolen with our department was located in their city.  Subject taken into custody by Cleveland PD: subject has warrants with: Cleveland Hts., Mentor, Lyndhurst, North Ridgeville, Painesville, Warrs. Hts., Lake County Sherrif’s Office, Shaker Hts. PD, Maple Hts.PD, Garfield Hts. Municiple Court and 2 Felony Warrants for Fraud.

Two robberies took place within a 20 minute time span.  The first took place on Raymond St. at 10:53pm where a female caller reported a group of males wearing dark clothing armed with a 22 Revolver, robbing people and shooting at them.  Complainant is with a male at her residence that was just robbed approx. 10 minutes ago. The second incident took place on Hollywood Ave. where the complaintant stated he was shot in the leg.

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