Digging Up Dirt About Groundhogs

A childishly flamboyant letter want sent this week deriding Councilman Brownlee for actions that took place back in 2012. The letter was sent to City officials, the news media and our own Lillian Stech, our Police Blotter Reporter.

She thought we might be interested in this anonymous and “high school-ish” letter. The letter and attached police report were in reference to an incident from 2 years ago involving Councilman Brownlee. See below.

Anonymous Letter

Anonymous Letter

Police Report

Police Report

Interestingly, this topic has been brought up before during Regular Council Meetings. At the last two meetings, Mr Bob Halen has attempted to make a point about this incident during citizen’s comments. He has also made it his primary goal since early summer to attack the character of Councilman Brownlee at meetings.

Mr. Brownlee has since responded with an open letter. He claims that the anonymous letter was nothing more than another attempt to smear his character.

Brownlee's Response

Brownlee’s Response

Personal attacks have become rather commonplace in City politics lately. Maple Heights is on the verge of fiscal insolvency and residents are becoming increasingly dissatisfied. Nevertheless, City officials seem stuck on personality differences.

It is doubtful that digging up dirt is going to fix the problems in Maple Heights.

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