Traffic camera system.

Camera Charter Amendment Sent to Committee of the Whole

Maple Heights Charter Amendment Sent to Committee of the Whole Not Board of Elections

Last night City Council President referred the Ordinance to place the Traffic Cameras on the November ballot to Council’s Committee of the Whole without any discussion during the Council Meeting. Councilman Brownlee tried to bring back the ordinance to be reconsidered but no other member would second his motion. Charter Amendments are due to the Cuyahoga Board of Elections by September 5, 2014 to be placed on the November Ballot.

Writ of Mandamus Filed Against City of Maple Heights

Petitioners’ only hope to get the traffic cameras on the November ballot now lies in a writ of mandamus filed with the Ohio Supreme Court by the Committee for the Charter Amendment.

The Law Director said that he had not received the writ of mandamus from the Ohio Supreme Court which was sent by certified mail to the City of Maple Heights c/o John Montello, Law Director at City Hall. It was also sent to each council member at his or her home.  Recipients have 15 days to claim certified mail before it is returned to the sender. Already entered into the court docket are return receipts for two council members and Councilman Brownlee showed his at last nights council meeting.

Interestingly, the law director didn’t even give a report at last night’s council meeting to inform residents that a compliant for a writ of mandamus had been filed against the city involving an expedited election matter.

Council did, however, adjourn to an executive session at the end of last nights council meeting for a “legal update with the [city’s] legal council.”

More information about the two views of how the charter amendment petition works can be found in our article Traffic Camera Petition Hits Speed Bump.

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