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Policing Maple Heights

Sunday, July 20, 2014

10:12 AM – Longview. Theft of a 2007 Chrysler Sebring

11:30 AM – Lee Road South at Dunbury. Man “hanging around the area” was found to have an outstanding warrant and during search patrolmen found 5 bags of marijuana on his person.

2:4o PM – Home Depot. Shoplifters were caught at Home Depot trying to carry out almost $300 worth of merchandise in a diaper bag.

11:06 PM, 11:49 PM- two residents from the 15500 block of Steinway reporting several juveniles running through yards and hopping fences. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

12:47 AM – While investigating a garage door panel that had been kicked in at Fire Station #2 police found a flat screen TV was stolen.

2:14 AM -House fire on the 15800 block of Rockside.  

7:03 PM – E. 141st. Two calls reporting a road rage incident between motorists involving a gun. One driver pulled out a shovel and the second pulled out a gun (he had a concealed carry permit).  #don’tbringashoveltoagunfight

9:35 PM – Maple Park Drive. Dumpster Fire

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

12:24 AM – Robbery at 6100 Lee Road Apartments. 3 males had been in the apartment earlier, and upon their return, the occupants wouldn’t let them in. They busted in the door and demanded money. Female jumped out window and started yelling for help. Cellphones valued at $800 were stolen.

9:24 PM – Maple Heights Patrolman pursued a 1992 Pontiac Bonneville into Cleveland, plate not visible. Later in the evening the vehicle was reported stolen. When the owner came to pick the vehicle up he presented fraudulent insurance information, then it was discovered that the vehicle had NOT been stolen, but lent to a friend and he had falsely reported it stolen.

11:23 PM – During a traffic stop on Warrensville Center  the driver was arrested on multiple charges and  a gun that was reported stolen out of Maple Heights earlier this year was found.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

10:16 AM – Clare Avenue. Anonymous caller reporting male stealing an AC unit from the back of a vacant home. The suspect was located on Hillgrove Avenue and arrested for driving under suspension, criminal tools and scavenging. The owner of the vehicle will also be cited for wrongful entrustment.

2:13 PM – Broadway and Waterbury. Received multiple calls about an accident involving a 13 year old on a bike. Juvenile was treated at the hospital and released that evening. The accident was determined to be the cyclist fault. Witness was arrested for outstanding warrant with GHMC.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

9:35 AM – Open vacant home on Raymond. Copper pipes stolen and water running. Cleveland water contacted to shut off water.

Friday, July 25, 2014

2:19 PM – Jefferson Road. 3 packages were stolen from a US Mail truck, one for Longwood and 2 for Maple Heights Blvd. Postal Police are investigating.

9:07 PM – Customer at Shear Style Barber Salon reporting another patron had a gun. Suspect had an outstanding warrant and due to a previous conviction is not allowed to have a concealed carry permit. The weapon was found in a garbage can wrapped in a sweatshirt and is being fingerprinted to verify that it belonged to the suspect, who was wearing an empty holster when the police arrived.

10:50 PM – 30 juveniles were kicked out of St. Monica’s Carnival and then proceeded to wreak havoc on each other, homes and cars on the west side.

  • squad called for one, but refused.
  • Backup requested from Bedford PD
  • police chased juveniles East on Tabor, South on Dunham, East on Northwood, South on Glenwood, across Rockside and into backyards, and then officers apprehended some at St. Andrews church on Maplepark Dr.
  • 4 arrested for curfew violations
  • 8 reports of bricks/rocks being thrown at vehicle or house windows (some breaking)
  • one caller was arrested for an outstanding warrant.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Thefts from autos were reported on the North East side of the City on the following streets: Catherine, Cato, Libby Joseph and Franklin.

11:51 AM – Glass at the Bus Stop at the corner of Libby and Broadway was reported broken by a Patrolman.

10:22 PM – Window broken at Wheeler Road residence by group of juveniles. 6 Juveniles were caught, but homeowners were unable to ID who threw the rock. Two juveniles were turned over to GHPD regarding an incident with a stolen cell phone.

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