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Throwback Thursday #TBT

Note to our readers: This article originally contained 3 errors. A letter from Mayor Lansky’s lawyer informed us that he did not veto the 2013 Property Tax Levy, that the Fire Station #2 was closed at the direction of  the Fire Chief, and there was no loss of service for senior transportation. These errors have been “struck out” and updated. 7/23/14 

The past might be in the past, but it still shapes our future. With the exception of 2004-2007, Mayor Lansky has been involved in Maple Heights City government since 1987: District 7 Councilman 1987-1991, Council President 1991-2003, and Mayor 2007- Present. (2)

In 2011, Mayor Lansky’s Campaign literature invited electors to “reflect on the successes we have accomplished in only a short time” during his first term as Mayor of Maple Heights. Let’s take a look back and see if the City has gone “…forward; not backwards” since then. (2)

Then Now

“reopened brand new safety town” (1)…. Closed. BACKWARDMaple Heights Food Pantry sign

“opened a choice food pantry for all residents” (2)… Open. FORWARD

“10 new police officers” (3)… At the beginning of 2012 there were 41 officers, currently 36. BACKWARD

“6 new firefighters/paramedics” (1)…   2004: 40, 2014: 28.  BACKWARD

“hired and re-hired over 87 residents to full and part-time jobs in the last 4 years” (2)… 60-some” laid off, retired or moved on and not replaced since 2011. BACKWARD

“5 new building department inspectors” (1) (“Remember how things were in 2007? Deficient Code Enforcement, Blighted Property and Neglect” (1))… 1 building inspector, outsourced building department (for Rental and POS Inspections. They are so far behind that they have started issuing temporary occupancy permits because it was taking 6 weeks to schedule an inspection), building department closed on Fridays. BACKWARD.

“Purchased over $2 million in new equipment used by Police, Fire, Service, Recreation and Senior Center Departments” (1) We are using the new equipment (and still paying for it). FORWARD

“Returned 4th of July Fireworks, Music in the Park, EasterFest, Pumpkin Hunt, Santa Delivery and Mayor’s Pool Splash parties for Senior Citizens” (1)…Couples enjoying a dance at Music in the Park. Santa brings gifts to children as part of Maple Heights Santa Delivery.

no fireworks for the past 2 years… BACKWARD
Music in the Park… stopped in 2014. BACKWARD
EasterFest… FORWARD
Pumpkin Hunt… FORWARD
Santa Delivery… FORWARD
Mayor’s Pool Splash Parties… BACKWARD

“Restored DARE Program”… FORWARD

“Balanced City Budget 4 years in a row.. (3). Ended 2013 with a $1.9 million deficit.  BACKWARD

“Opened state of the art swimming pool and water park.” (1) ( “Remember how things were in 2007? Deserted City Kiddie Pool. Abandoned City Pool. ” (1))… Closed state of the art swimming pool and water park in 2014… BACKWARD

“Renovated and Rededicated Veterans Memorial Park” (1)… FORWARDMaple Heights, OH Veterans Memorial

Maple Heights Dunham Park“Purchased new playground equipment, created new pocket park, developed community gardens” (1)…
playground equipment is continually vandalized and broken causing more work for a short-staffed recreation department… BACKWARD
pocket park… FORWARD
developed community gardens…FORWARD

“constructed new football field and 3 new soccer fields” (1)… FORWARD

“no reduction in city services or programs during economic downturn”… (3) Closed Fire Station #2. Eliminated Recycling. Reduced van service for Seniors. BACKWARD

“Refused to accept city-provided healthcare benefits, use of city vehicle, cell phone, city paid memberships and other city funded perks” (3)… He now uses a city vehicle. The City has paid for his trips to Washington DC for conferences. BACKWARD.

“over 100 vacant and foreclosed homes demolished”… and at least 35 since 2012 (demolished by the city, Cuyahoga County Land Revitalization Corporation or the private owners/insurance companies).FORWARD. 


Let’s take a look at his opponent in 2011 and see what he cautioned us to beware of….

May2014IncomeTaxBattle“She voted to raise your city income and property taxes” (3)…While the Mayor vetoed the legislation to put the November 2013 Property tax on the ballot, The Mayor sent out a flyer supporting the Spring 2014  income tax levy. 

“[She] Allowed city pools to close and eliminated special city-sponsored events for children and senior citizens” (3)… Mayor Lansky also closed the pool (after building a new one that the residents are still paying for), stopped Safety Town (also new during his first term), Music in the Park and discontinued fireworks. 

“[She] Permitted police force to drop to critically low protection levels”… (3) Mayor Lansky, who is also Safety Director, allowed fire fighters/paramedic levels to drop 30% since 2004, and CLOSED Fire Station #2… and closed Fire Station #2 at the direction of the Fire Chief. Furthermore, Fire Chief Drsek announced his retirement as on August 1st (video) and the police force has dropped from 41 officers in 2012 to its current level of 36 officers. 

“[She] Voted no to print and mail city newsletter for residents”… (3) Discontinued in 2014

“[She] Voted no for renewal of Code Red  Resident Alerting System”… (3) Discontinued in 2013


Maybe we were “tricked” after all…


Mayor Lansky 2011 Campaign Literature

(1) “back to the future”


2011 Mayor Lansky Campaign Literature

(2) “a democratic tradition”

(3) "we can't afford to be tricked this election"

(3) “we can’t afford to be tricked this election”





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