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State Auditors Office Says “It’s Rainin’ in Maple Heights”

UPDATE:The meeting scheduled for  Tuesday, July 15, 2014 has been cancelled. 

Last week, Maple Heights City Council had “Special” meetings Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night at 6 PM in the Senior Center. Monday, was also a Public Hearing for the 2015 Tax Budget, Tuesday representatives from the State Auditors Office were present to brief Council on what the Fiscal Recovery Plan needed to have and answer any questions. The meetings mostly focused on the 2014 Amended Appropriations and the 2015 Tax Budget.

This week council will focus on the Fiscal Recovery Plan. They will once again have “Special” meetings Monday and Tuesday at 6 PM and Wednesday, will be a “Regular” meeting, which will have time for citizen comments on the agenda, starting with a caucus at 6:30 and the meeting commencing at 7. All meetings are open to the public and at the Senior Center.

Video from all of the meetings can be watched on our YouTube Channel: Maple Heights News

Monday, July 7, 2014: Maple Heights Council Special Meeting

  • Council voted 4-3 to KEEP the Solid Waste Fund (2014-47, introduced by Councilman Cefaratti), a move which was supported by the State Auditors Representatives at Tuesday’s Meeting (32:30). Mayor Lansky had introduced an opposing piece of legislation (2014-46) to not only eliminate the Solid Waste Fund, but to transfer the balance to the General Fund.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014: Maple Heights Council Special Meeting

  • Watch the discussion with State Auditors Representatives here.
  •  2 Property Tax Levies were passed totaling 6 mills, which means they will be placed on the November Ballot. A 1.3 mill levy for the Senior Center, projected to generate just shy of $400,000, annually for 5 years. A 4.7 mill levy for general operations of the City, projected to generate just under $1.4 million annually for 5 years.
  • Council President Albers hinted that the Income Tax Credit Reduction, which was passed at the end of June to be placed on the November Ballot as a Charter Amendment, may be brought forward again to be repealed by Council. The Income Tax Credit Reduction was projected to generate close to $3 million.
  • Finance Director Crowell shared how her Speed Camera Revenue went from $400,000 to $1.1 million (between the 6/25 draft and the 7/9 draft). (1:00)
  • Police Chief Popielarczyk shared with council how many Speed Cameras there are going to be and where they are going to be. (5:15)

Wednesday, July 9, 2014: Maple Heights Council Special Meeting

  • A Collective Bargaining Contract with the Patrolman’s Association has been brought forward for Council approval. The contract has many concessions.
  • Mayor Lansky introduced legislation to terminate the Rainy Day Contingency Fund and transfer the balance to the General Fund. Council asked the Auditors Representatives at the meeting on Tuesday for their input, and were told “it’s kinda rainin'” (22:18). Councilwoman Agee, moved to amend the legislation to KEEP the fund and then after more discussion, Councilman Jackson, moved to only transfer out part of the fund, about $100,000 and keep about $20,000 for an unexpected deluge. The twice amended legislation passed unanimously, even though some council members had been against one or both of the amendments.
  • Discussion about an increase in the Mayor’s Office line item, due to his old secretary resigning, a new one being hired (18:30).

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