Maple Heights Fire Department

Fire Chief Says Response Times to West Side 4-6 Minutes

After last night’s Special Meeting the Fire Chief addressed Council, reassuring them that he is doing the best he can with what he has. He explained that if nothing changes, Station #2 would be used as a jump station 53 times over the remainder of the year. These 53 instances would occur when staffing is above 6 firefighters (video).   He also said that response times to the West Side, so far, have been 4-6 minutes and that as of August 1st there will be 29 firefighters, down from 40 when the Chief took over.

Councilman Adams confronted the Chief about when the decision had been made and why council was not notified. The decision was made late Thursday, and the Chief thought the Mayor was going inform Council as he, the Chief, was busy with logistics. Both Councilman Adams and Councilwoman Jones found out from a reporter that the station was closed.

Chief Drsek also shared that recently the Fire Departments ISO Rating went down (a good thing) and residents should see lowered premiums as a result. 

Solid Waste Assessment Fee’s are Safe.

Council voted to keep the Solid Waste Fund 4-3, defeating the opposing legislation to transfer money from the Solid Waste Fund to the General Fund.

A separate resolution to transfer the $121,250 in the “rainy day” Contingency Fund to the general fund is also on the table.

More Property Tax Levies Proposed

Two levies, a 1.3 mill for the Senior Center and 4.7 mill for Operating Expenses have been proposed. The first is projected to generate $383,402 annually and the later $1,385,147. Council must first vote to place the levies on the November Ballot. There already is a Charter Amendment to decrease the the income tax credit from 100% to 50% approved to go on the November Ballot.


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