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June 15, 2014

Just a few reasons why vehicles should be locked.

4:10am – Female on Reddington Ave./E. 146th St. area reported a male dressed in all black walking up to several vehicles checking to see if they were unlocked.  The subject was gone upon officers arrival and they were  unable to locate him.

9:01am – Vehicle on Reddington Ave. was broken into overnight.  Unknown person(s) entered the UNLOCKED vehicle sometime between 2:30am and 8:30am. Vehicle was rummaged through and some clothing items were missing.

9:56am – Vehicle on Edinboro Ave. was broken into sometime between 9pm last night and 9am this morning where $738 worth of lawncare equipment was stolen.  Complainant stated the vehicle was LOCKED.   While the officer was on scene, he noticed that the complainants UNLOCKED 1998 Lexus also appeared to have been rummaged through. Per the complainant there was nothing missing.

10:11am – Sometime between 4am and 9am unknown person(s) entered the UNLOCKED vehicle on Dalewood Ave. and took the complaintants  wallet.

2:41pm – While on a traffic stop at Lee Rd./I480 Officers located 32.4 grams and 36.9 grams of marijuana along with a digital scale inside the vehicle. The driver was issued a citation. The officers also charged the driver with driving under suspension and the driver also has a warrant from Mansfield.

5:18pm –  A trifecta!  Officers were called out on a traffic offense on Lee Rd. S. at KinderCare Learning and arrested the subject for #1 driving without an operators license.  After a search of the vehicle, officers found and cited the subject for #2 an open bottle of brandy and #3 a glass pipe used for smoking marijuana.

June 16, 2014

4:29am – Officers were called out to Boost Mobile on Granger Rd. responding to a front motion alarm.  When officers arrived, an audible alarm was sounding and the glass on the front door was shattered.  A witness on site stated that three juveniles threw a brick through the door and then ran off heading south on East 141st.   Officers found a bicycle laying on the ground outside the business which was brought back to the station and placed in the garage as found property.  Officers were unable to locate the suspects.

June 17, 2014

1:22am – Call received reporting an alledged auto theft from R Bar on Warrensville Ctr. Rd.  The subject was dropped off at a residence on Catherine St where it was discovered that the vehicle was not stolen but was “misplaced” in front on a Raymond St. residence.  The vehicle was parked; with the keys in the vehicle while unattended, on the wrong side of the street, on the curb and blocking a driveway.  Due to the hazard and multiple parking infractions the vehicle was towed. While inventorying the vehicle, a small baggie (2.0 grams) of suspected marijuana was located in the cup holder.  The subject was cited for all of the parking infractions and marijuana possession.

10:44pm – Caller from Tabor Ave. stated that her son was shot in the leg by two black males and a black female driving a red Jeep.  Another call was received from another female on Paine stating that a female and a male driving a red Jeep just parked in her driveway and fled the area on foot, possibly towards Henry St.  Bedford PD, Bedford Hts PD and Solon PD responded for mutual aid along with a K9 unit from Indpendence.  One male, who admitted to being in the vehicle, was cited for possession of marijuana and also has a warrant with University Hts., was  taken into custody.  While conducting an inventory of the vehicle in question (red, Jeep Cherokee), an investigator located 2.0 grams of  marijuana in the center compartment in plain view. The small baggy was collected and entered into evidence. Addendum:  On 6/18/14 at 3:08pm an officer had a male in custody on station for drug trafficking and falsification charges who was involved in the case mentioned above.  This juvenile was booked into the jail.

June 19, 2014

Car alarms are not meant to be ignored!

2:35am –  The car alarm on a red vehicle parked in the driveway of an Oakwood Ave. home has been going off for the past forty-five minutes.  Alarm was sounding on officers arrival – Resident was contacted and turned off the car alarm.

9:07am – Caller from Oakwood Ave. reported a neighbors car alarm has been going off since 2am. The alarm was sounding when officers arrived and the resident was contacted again to turn off the car alarm.  The owner of the vehicle recieved a citation for disturbing the peace.

10:14am – Complainant on Donnybrook Rd. stated that he just yelled at a male juvenile who entered his neighbors vehicle.  Officers located the male suspect on Applegate between Bowling Green and Sunnyslope and during a search located 1.0 grams of raw marijuana on the suspect.   The male was arrested for theft from auto and cited for possession of marijuana.

June 21, 2014

12:20am –  Intoxicated male in the Taco Bell drive-thru on Warrensville Ctr. Rd. hit the building with his vehicle. The subject received his food but remained in the drive-thru line eating his food. During an inventory of the vehicle, a clear plastic cup with a clear liquid with an odor of liquor was discovered on the center floor.  The driver was cited for open container and arrested and charged with driving under suspension.

2:13am – Complainant on Steinway Blvd. reported four black males all wearing hooded sweat shirts, just walked up to her vehicle, which was parked in the driveway, and pulled on the door handles attempting to gain entry into the vehicle.  Complainants sister was outside and she chased the group away and they are now walking west on Steinway from the complainants residence.  Entry was not made, and the subjects were gone upon police arrival and were not  located.

11:02am – Sometime during the night of 6/19-6/20/2014 an unknown party went into the complaintant’s UNLOCKED vehicle on McCracken Rd. and removed $800 in cash, a Huntington Bank card, and Huntington checkbook.

12:23pm –  Caller from Maple Hts. Blvd. reported several black males fighting in the middle of the street. A second call was received by another resident on Maple Hts. Blvd. reporting the same.  Officers stopped the suspects vehicle at Maple Hts Blvd and North Blvd. and arrested five males and one female. One male had a warrant with Maple Hts. for failure to appear and driving under suspension.  A second male had a warrant with Shaker Hts. and a third male had a warrant with Garfield Hts and Warrensville Hts.

June 22, 2014

3:14am – Bedford Hts Dispatch reported they are out with intoxicated female at Famous Gyro George on Northfield Rd. who is upset with her order.  Bedford Heights PD called to advise Maple Hts PD can disregard as their unit was already there and reports the female has left the business.  At 3:20am Maple Hts PD reported that the female has returned to the business and she was advised of trespassing.  The subject was arrested and charged with a felony.  She also has 2 warrants from the Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Office and one with Cleveland.

June 23, 2014

10:40am – Complaintant from Arch St. reported items stolen from her garage.  During the night, unknown suspect(s) went into the complainant’s UNLOCKED garage and took several lawn equipment items including, a MDT push mower ($549.00), a gas edger ($200.00), a gas blower ($150.00) and a 2 1/2 gallon gas can.  They also took her grandson’s black Cadillac Escalade style power wheels scooter ($400.00).  There are no suspects at this time.

5:13pm – A call was received stating that people are fighting in front of a Clare Ave. residence.  When officers arrived, a vehicle left the scene – officers were able to stop the vehicle at Northfield Rd./Clare Ave.  There was one arrest made with a charge of disorderly conduct.

6:31pm – A follow up investigation to the above report resulted in additional arrests.  Three juveniles were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

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