Maple Heights High School students picking up garbage along our street by the Library.

Being a Good Neighbor

Sometimes things going on next door or down the street aren’t just annoying, they are against city laws. Being a good citizen means reporting these nuisance activities to help maintain your communities quality of life. Violations can and should be reported to the police at 216-587-1234, in the case of emergency please call 9-1-1.

Criminal Activity

  • dogs at large, barking, cruelty to animals, unsanitary conditions
  • disorderly conduct
  • noise control
  • public indecency
  • supplying alcohol to minors
  • drug abuse
  • domestic violence, endangering children, assault
  • theft, trespassing (You do not have the right to cut across someone’s yard, sit on their porch or steps or congregate on someone’s lawn or driveway without their permission.)
  • fireworks
  • trash (cans should not be placed on curb before 6pm the night prior to pick-up or remain on the curb after 6pm the day of)


  • Curfew hours for youth 14 and under are 9PM through 6AM.
  • Curfew hours for juveniles over 15 to 17 years old are 11PM to 5AM.

This applies to juveniles not accompanied by an adult. Parents and Guardians have the responsibility for enforcing curfew regulations and will be cited for curfew/truancy (skipping school) violations by police.


Be a responsible pet owner and pick up after your animal. All dogs must be on a leash or gated in your backyard. Dogs should not bark, howl  or yelp to disturb the quiet of any neighbor. City code does not allow more than five dogs or cats combined over 3 months of age.


  • Do not mow your lawn or have contractors working on your home before 7am.
  • Music cannot be played at a volume to disturb the quiet or comfort of others whether it comes from your house or car.

Summer-time Property Maintenance

  • Cut your grass on a regular basis, the code does not allow grass to exceed six inches.
  • Bushes cannot obstruct your view or your neighbor’s view backing out of the driveway. Bushes lining the front of your property cannot exceed three feet in height to provide a clear view of traffic and pedestrians.
  • Keep your yard free of litter and debris.
  • No abandoned, unlicensed vehicles are allowed to be stored on your property. 
  • Vehicles cannot be parked in your yard.




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  1. Policing Maple Heights | Maple Heights News - June 21, 2014

    […] 11:06pm – While patrolling the area of Prayner and Raymond, in reference to the previous call, the officer observed a black male who was wearing a red shirt and blue jeans and carrying a jacket walking southbound on Prayner and Franklin. The subject was stopped and although he fit the description of the person of interest, he stated that he was meeting up with his 2 cousins at Prayner and Clare. All three males were out past their curfew, they were transported to their homes and their parents were cited for Curfew. […]

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