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Maple Heights Council Passes Rubbish Resoultion

2014-37 Contract with Waste Management

A resolution authorizing the mayor to renew the contract with Waste Management of Ohio, inc for two years and to eliminate the recycling program in its entirety, effective immediately, to provide garbage and waste removal services in the city of maple height and declaring an emergency.

Last week (May 21,2014) Maple Heights City Council passed a Resolution (2014-37) to IMMEDIATELY remove recycling from the city’s contract with Waste Management in order to save money. Councilman Cefaratti stated that he believes that doing away with recycling is a step backwards for our city, even though only 11% of residents take advantage of the opportunity to recycle, and that we are already overpaying for solid waste removal. Councilman Brownlee brought some figures with him saying that last year $1.5 million was collected for solid waste removal from residents (via special assessment on property taxes) and that we were only charged $1.35 million by Waste Management. He wonders how we could be $.5 million in arrears? Law Director John Montello was quick to jump in with a simple solution, not everyone is paying their taxes. However, Brownlee’s $1.5million was the actual amount collected in 2013, not including those who did not pay.

Section 1060.02(b) of the Maple Heights Codified Ordinances addresses how solid waste collection fees are to be calculated, which was last updated on 12-19-2012, when over half of the current council was in office. By September 1 each year, the Finance Director uses a formula outlined in said ordinance to calculate the following year’s special assessment on residents’ tax bill. This formula takes into account the following years expected cost of solid waste collection, the balance of Fund #251 (Solid Waste Disposal), and the delinquency percentage of the first half of the current years property taxes.

This means that Fund #251 should always be self-balancing. Nonetheless, City officials reduced the trash collect in an effort to save money. But, according to Section 1060.02(b), now that recycling is removed from our contract residents should see a decrease in the special assessment on their tax bill. We will see what happens.

The vote passed 5-1, after Councilman Brownlee was removed from the meeting for trying to continue discussion on the resolution. Councilman Jackson also tried to make additional comments (36:00), but Council President Albers proceeded to ask for the roll and Law Director John Montello was overheard saying “it is the third reading I think we have had plenty of discussion already” (36:30).

2014-38 Auction for Surplus Equipment, Passed 6-0

A Resolution authorizing the fiance director to dispose of surplus equipment which is no longer needed for public purposes on the internet at and declaring an emergency.

  • No list of equipment was provided to council.
  • A 2001 Chevy 12 passenger van was listed on May 15, 2014 by the Mayor’s Secretary – six days before Council gave approval.

2014-39 Foreclosure Filing Fees Increased

An ordinance amending sections 1484.04 and 1484.05 of the codified ordinances increasing the fees fro notice of foreclosed properties in the city of Maple Heights and declaring an emergency.

  • Instituted in 2007 to allow the city of Maple Heights monitor vacant homes and enforce building codes.
  • According to the legislation, the cost of monitoring foreclosed homes has increased.
  • Current fee is $75. New fee is $500. Late fee is currently $225. New late fee is $1,500. Both reflect more than a 600% increase.
  • Councilman Cefaratti asked for the legislation to have a second reading to allow time to clarify the process.
  • The rules were suspended by a vote of 5-1. If councilman Brownlee had still been in the meeting and voted no, the legislation would have been placed on second reading because a 3/4 vote is needed to suspend the rules.
At this point in time our camera was removed by the law director.

2014-40 Libby Road Reconstruction

A resolution authorizing the engineer to begin the preparation of plans and specifications for the reconstruction of Libby Road from the Bedford Heights corporation line to lee road and authorizing the mayor to enter into a locally administered transportation project agreement with the Ohio Department of Transportation and the city of maple Heights, and declaring an emergency.

2014-41 Lee Road Paving and Repairs

A resolution authorizing the engineer to begin the preparation of plans and specifications and to advertise for bids for the pavement repair of lee road in the city of maple heights and declaring an emergency.

  • City has been granted a $269,370 LOAN by the Ohio Public Works Commission.

2014-42 Accepting Bid for the CDBG Grant Project to repave parts of Applegate, Milan, and Fairway Streets (Addendum)

A Resolution authorizing and directing the Mayor, to enter into a contract with the Burton Scot Contractors LLC to provide for the resurfacing of several streets int eh city of Maple Heights and declaring an emergency.

  • Grant is for $150,000. Bid from Burton Scot is $151,000


Citizen Comments: Building Inspections

2 property management companies and a real estate broker came to the meeting to voice their concern over inspections being scheduled 4-6 weeks out. The property management companies fear that their vacant renter-ready properties will be broken into and damaged. The real estate broker sited escrow timelines of 30-45 days for most escrow companies, 60 days in the case of a 203k. Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and HUD charge for every 15 day extension. The real estate broker and one of the management companies representatives mentioned that Bedford, Bedford Heights (also uses MBIS) and Oakwood Village are scheduling inspections 3-5 days out.

Human Services: Senior Center Fundraiser Scheduled

This year is the 40th anniversary of the Maple Heights Senior Center. A fundraising event is to be held at St. Andrews on June 22nd, 2014 from 1-5PM. Tickets will be $20 and are available at the Senior Center. There will be gift baskets to be bid on, split the pot drawings and 50-50 raffles.

Finance Directors Report

By the end of May the Finance Director will be the only employee in the Finance Department. They are recruiting replacements for the two employees whose resignation. Payroll/Accounting Clerk applications are being accepted until Wednesday, May 28, 2014.

Economic Development: No Report

Economic Development Director Applications being accepted until Wednesday, May 28, 2014.

Police Department

Chief Popielarcyzk reported that they graduated 250 students from the DARE program, the most in the 6 years since the Mayor re-instated the program. They also continued to receive restitution from Garfield court for OVI toxicology fees, which helps offset the budget UH task force grant for OVI checkpoint. Officer Pozek received an award for a click it or ticket presentation.

Fire Department

The Fire Department has received 3 letters of retirement. Captain Plunkett who has served for 25 years, Firefighter Gustely with 28+ years of service and Firefighter Schultz with 32 years of service. This leaves the department with 32 fire fighters on their roster.



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