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May 12, 2014

10:55am –  Brown pitbull running loose in the area of Fairway.  ~ ~ ~ 12:23pm – Light brown dog running loose in the area of Theodore.

11:04am – Complainant on Greenhurst Dr. stated that her dog bit a party that was soliciting at her door.  The victim was transported to Marymount Hospital and the complainant was cited for dangerous dog at large.  Animal Warden also responded to scene, he will follow up with dog owner.

May 13, 2014

7:40am – 2 pitbulls in the area of Homewood. Female at that address believes their owner lives on Libby.  ~ ~ ~ 9:52am – 2 dogs possibly collies at Warrensville near Rockside at Liberty Maple.  ~ ~ ~ 10:15am – 2 dogs mixed at Warrensville at Raymond St. ~ ~ ~ 1:47pm – Loose tan pitbull in area of Northwood/Glenwood.  ~ ~ ~ 3:08pm – Female on South Blvd. found a Pitbull on her front porch. The Mastiff mix was placed it in the cages.

May 14, 2014

6:41am – Male from Mapleboro reported his dog was just attacked by two neighbor dogs.  Two large German Shepherds from next door, which are usually kept in kennels, got loose and attacked his dog.

May 15, 2014

10:09pm – Complainant stated that a small dog on Cato St. is being kept in the garage and has been barking all day. The dog has also been barking on and off the last few days in the garage. Complainant has been in touch with the animal warden about the issue.  The dog was barking while officers were on scene. The owner was issued a citation for barking dog. 

May 12, 2014

8:29pm –  Employee from the Prime gas station on Granger Rd. reporting a customer trying to use a counterfeit $100 bill. The subject is a black male approximately 35 years old,  5′ 5″ tall with a medium build and having a beard. The complainant observed other $100 bills in the possession of the male; however, he only attempted to pass one. The suspect left in a newer model silver car. The counterfeit bill is a $100 note was entered into evidence. The employee’s brother will be working in the morning to get video if needed.

11:56pm – “Just say no.”- Complainant from Libby Rd. reporting a male punched her in the back of the head and pushed her out of his residence.  Male had kicked her out after an argument about her coming to his house and asking him to use drugs with her.  Female cited for drug paraphernalia.  Officers were speaking to the female prior to transporting her and asked if she had any syringes on her. She replied yes; 4 empty hypodermic needles, 2 crack pipes with steel wool, 2 push pipes and some steel wool were found in her purse. The female was cited for drug paraphernalia.

May 13, 2014

11:29am – While on a traffic stop on Broadway, the officer witnessed the passenger toss trash out of window. The passenger was cited for littering and the driver was arrested for driving under suspension.  Vehicle was towed.

6:18pm – Male from Maple Hts. Blvd. stated that he was just robbed on Beechwood Ave.  The victim set up a meeting in order to buy marijuana for another subject and was robbed of his wallet and other items in the process. The two black male suspects left in a silver Grand Prix and were last seen going toward Libby.  There were no arrests made.

May 14, 2014

3:32am – Female, calling from a bus shelter by the Marathon station on Warrensville Ctr. Rd. & Raymond St., stated she was robbed at gunpoint by a male who was wearing all black, a mask and a cap. The complainant stated that the male took her purse and phone and then took off and ran towards Warrensville Community Baptist Church.  Shaker Hts. responded with a K-9 unit but was unable to locate the suspect.

7:32am – A call was received from the Dunham Rd./Rowena Ave. area reporting a 2-3 yr old child in a diaper who was wandering around in the road. There are 2 adults on scene but they are passers-by who stopped their vehicle to check on the child.  The child was still in the street, upon officers arrival.  Officers located the child’s home on Rowena Ave. and spoke with the mother who stated that her child let himself out the back sliding door without her knowledge. The mother does not have any criminal record to show this behavior is a pattern. She was cited for Child Endangerment. 696-KIDS was called and advised of the situation

1:53pm – Caller from South Blvd. reported that approx. 30 juveniles are fighting in front of her house.  Two groups of girls, one from South Blvd. and one from Garfield, were arguing and then a physical fight broke out.  One group of girls, from Garfield Hts., drove off and returned a short time later and fired a gun out the window.  Three suspects were found and gave statements.  No gun was found.  The victims did not want to press charges.

May 16, 2014

1:08am – Female complainant reported someone may have come inside her residence on Longview Ave., and that she also heard gunshots.  Officers spoke with the complainant, who was uncooperative, who stated that her ex-boyfriend broke into her house and broke her television. The alleged gunshots heard by the complainant was the ex-boyfriend destroying the complainant’s television. The ex-boyfriend originally gave officers a false name, but correct I.D. was later verified.  No charges were made by the complainant.

2:44am – Male complainant from the above mentioned Longview Ave. residence reported clothes in the middle of the street on fire. The female complainant from the report above was arrested and charged with obstruction.  The male complainant from this report was also arrested and charged with falsification.

7:34pm – Complainant on Waterbury Ave. reported that her vehicle, that was entered as stolen yesterday, was returned and the male that took it is still at the residence.  Upon officer’s  arrival, the male fled but was taken into custody at another residence on Waterbury where a small amount of marijuana was located on the suspect. The suspect was arrested and charged with unauthorized use and issued a summons for poss. of marijuana and loitering.

May 17, 2014

5:26pm – Complainant on Rockside Rd. reported that her neighbor went to work and left her 2 and 5 year old home alone. The complainant stated that this has happened many times.  The children remained with the neighbor while officers checked the house next door.  The house was open, in terrible condition and there were no other adults inside.  Officers went to the subjects place of employment in Beachwood and made an arrest.  The subject was charged with 2 counts of child endangerment.

5:39pm – 4 white males on Libby Rd. were sitting in a maroon vehicle for about 15 minutes possible doing drugs. The rear seat passenger told officers he had a bag of marijuana and gave the officer a clear plastic baggie containing 3.0g of raw marijuana. He was issued citation for loitering and possession of marijuana and released. Another rear seat passenger advised officers he had a hypodermic syringe, 2 pills were subsequently located on him. A small white rock substance, a suspected narcotic, was located on the driver who was arrested and charged with possession of crack. The other two passengers were issued citations and released at the scene.  All four men were cited for loitering.

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