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May 6, 2014 Primary Election Results (Complete)

The list below has been updated to show the winners from the May 6, 2014 Primary. In all the races (except for central committees) the winners from each party will face off in the November General Election.

Results can also be found on the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections website.

Elected Officials

Governor and Lieutenant Governor

John Kasich and Mary Taylor (R) (Incumbents)
Edward FitzGerald and Sharen Swartz Neuhardt (D) (FitzGerald is the current Cuyahoga County Executive)
Larry Ealy and Ken Gray (D) Lost in May 6, 2014 Primary
Charles R. Earl and Sherry L. Clark (L)  Disqualified
Anita Rios and Bob Fitrakis (G) (Write-in)

Attorney General

Mike DeWine (R) (Incumbent)
David Pepper (D)

Auditor of State

Dave Yost (R) (Incumbent)
John Patrick Carney (D)
Write-in (L)

Secretary of State

Jon Husted (R) (Incumbent)
Nina Turner (D) (Current 25th Senate District/Prior Cleveland Ward 1 Councilwoman)
Write-in (L)

Treasurer of State

Josh Mandel (R) (Incumbent)
Connie Pillich (D)

Representative to Congress – 11th District

Mark Zetzer (R)
Marcia L. Fudge (D) (Incumbent)

Justice of the Supreme Court

Full term commencing 1/1/15

Sharon Kennedy (R) (Incumbent)
Tom Letson (D)

Full term commencing 1/2/15

Judi French (R) (Incumbent)
John P. O’Donnell (D) (Current Cuyahoga Common Pleas Judge)

Judge of the Court of Appeals – 8th District

Full term commencing 2/9/15

Sean C. Gallageher (D) (Incumbent)

Full term commencing 2/10/15

Larry A. Jones (D) (Incumbent)

Full term commencing 2/11/15

Patricia Ann Blackmon (D) (Incumbent)

Full term commencing 2/12/15

Anita Laster Mays (D) (Currently Cleveland Municpal Court) 
Brian J. Corrigan (D) (Currently Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court) Lost in May 6, 2014 Primary

Member of State Central Committee, Man – 25th District

Armond D. Budish (D) (Currently Representative 8th District)
Roosevelt Coats (D) (Past Cleveland Councilman – Ward 10) Lost in May 6, 2014 Primary
Terrell H. Pruitt (D) (Current Cleveland Councilman – Ward 1) Lost in May 6, 2014 Primary
Daniel Patrick Troy (D) (Current Lake County Commissioner) Lost in May 6, 2014 Primary

Daniel P. Carter (R)

Member of State Central Committee, Woman – 25th District

Juanita O. Brent (D) Lost in May 6, 2014 Primary
Sylvia James (D) (Running for Representative 8th District, also) Lost in May 6, 2014 Primary
Charlene Mancuso (D) Lost in May 6, 2014 Primary
Barbara J. Thomas (D) (Incumbent)

Denise Verdi (R)
Brittany Williams (R) Lost in May 6, 2014 Primary

State Senator – 25th District

Write-in (R)
Ed Jerse (D) (Former State Representative) Lost in May 6, 2014 Primary
Kenny Yuko (D)
Thaddeus J. Jackson (D) (Current Bedford Heights Ward 4 Councilman) Lost in May 6, 2014 Primary

State Representative -25th District

Jill Miller Zimon (D) (Former Pepper Pike Councilwoman) Lost in May 6, 2014 Primary
John E. Barnes, Jr (D) (Incumbent)

Judge of the Court of Common Pleas

Full term commencing 1/1/15 (General Division)

Michael J. Russo (D) (Incumbent)

Full term commencing 1/2/15 (General Division)

Nancy A Fuerst (D) (Incumbent)

Full term commencing 1/3/15 (General Division)

Pamela A. Barker (R) (Incumbent)
Sherrie Miday (D)

Full term commencing 1/4/15 (General Division)

Nancy R. McDonnell (D) (Incumbent)

Full term commencing 1/5/15 (General Division)

Brendan J. Sheehan (D) (Incumbent)

Full term commencing 1/6/15 (General Division)

Robert C. McClelland (R) (Incumbent)

Full term commencing 1/7/15 (General Division)

Nancy Margaret Russo (D)

Full term commencing 1/10/15 (General Division)

Matthew A. McMonagle (R)
Mary Elaine Hall (D) Lost in May 6, 2014 Primary
Shannon M. Gallagher (D)

Full term commencing 2/9/15 (General Division)

Deena R. Calabrese (D) (Incumbent)

Unexpired term ending 1/11/17 (General Division)

Joan Synenberg (R) (Incumbent)

Full term commencing 1/8/15 (Domestic Relations Division)

Rosemary Grdina Gold (D) (Incumbent)

Full term commencing 1/9/15 (Domestic Relations Division)

Leslie Ann Celebrezze (D) (Incumbent)

Unexpired term ending 1/12/17 (Domestic Relations Division)

John Mayer (R) Lost in May 6, 2014 Primary
Janet Rath Colaluca (R) (Incumbent)
John McIntyre (D) Lost in May 6, 2014 Primary
Francine Goldberg (D)

Full term commencing 1/1/15 (Probate Division)

Michael R. Sliwinski (R)
Anthony J. Russo (D) (Incumbent)

Full term commencing 2/9/15 (Probate Division)

Laura J. Gallagher (D) (Incumbent)

County Executive

Jack Schron (R) (current County Councilman- District 6) 
Shirley Smith (D) (current Ohio Senator 21st District) Lost in May 6, 2014 Primary
Armond D. Budish (D) (Currently Representative 8th District)
Thomas O’Grady (D) (Former North Olmsted Mayor) Lost in May 6, 2014 Primary
Bob Reid (D) (Former Cuyahoga County Sheriff, Former Bedford City Manager & Chief of Police) Lost in May 6, 2014 Primary
Walter Allen Rogers Jr (D) Lost in May 6, 2014 Primary
Timothy J. Russo (D) Lost in May 6, 2014 Primary

Member of County Central Committee

What is the Central Committee? It is the leading body of each political party. They endorse candidates, help endorsed candidates and issues with fundraising.

Jannie M. Henry (D)

Daryl Davis (G)
David Ellison (G)
Susan Miller (G)


Issue 1: Proposed Ohio Constitutional Amendment – PASSED

Click here to see more information.


Proposed by Joint Resolution of the General Assembly
To enact Section 2s of Article VIII of the Constitution of the State of Ohio
A majority yes vote is required for the adoption of Section 2s.
This proposed amendment would:
1. Authorize the state to issue bonds or other obligations to finance or assist in financing public infrastructure
capital improvements for local governments and other governmental entities. Capital improvement projects
would be limited to roads and bridges, waste water treatment systems, water supply systems, solid waste
disposal facilities, storm water and sanitary collection, storage, and treatment facilities.
2. Determine that such capital improvements are necessary to preserve and expand the public infrastructure,
ensure public health, safety and welfare, create and preserve jobs, enhance employment opportunities, and
improve the economic welfare of the people of Ohio.
3. Limit the total principal amount of the state general obligations issued under the amendment to no more
than $1.875 billion over a ten-year period, with no more than $175 million issued in each of the first five fiscal
years and no more than $200 million in each of the next five fiscal years. Any principal amount that could
have been issued in any prior fiscal year, but was not issued, may subsequently be issued.
4. Require that obligations issued under this amendment mature no later than thirty (30) years after their date
of issuance, and that any obligation issued to retire or refund other obligations mature no later than the
permitted maturity date for the obligations being retired or refunded.
5. Authorize the General Assembly to pass laws implementing this amendment, including laws establishing
procedures for incurring and issuing obligations, and laws providing for the use of Ohio products, materials,
services and labor to the extent possible.
If approved, the amendment shall take effect immediately.
A “YES” vote means approval of the amendment.
A “NO” vote means disapproval of the amendment.

Issue 7: Proposed extension of alcohol and cigarette taxes for sports facilities (Sin Tax)- PASSED

County of Cuyahoga

A majority affirmative vote is necessary for passage

For the purpose of paying the costs of constructing, renovating, improving, or repairing sports facilities and
reimbursing a county for costs incurred by the county in the construction of sports facilities, shall excise taxes
be levied by Cuyahoga County at the rate of three dollars on each gallon of spirituous liquor sold in the
county, sixteen cents per gallon on the sale of beer at wholesale in the county, thirty-two cents per gallon on
the sale of wine and mixed beverages at wholesale in the county, twenty-four cents per gallon on the sale of
cider at wholesale in the county, and 2.25 mills per cigarette on the sale of cigarettes at wholesale in the
county, for 20 years beginning August 1, 2015.

Issue 15: Proposed Municipal Income Tax (Increase) City of Maple Heights- FAILED

A majority affirmative vote is necessary for passage.

Shall the ordinance providing for a .5% levy increase on income, to a rate of 3% per annum, for the purpose of current expenses and general operation of the city, effective July 1, 2014, be passed?


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