May 6, 2014 Maple Heights Primary Election Results

Maple Heights Issue 15 Mailers

Residents vote to keep their paychecks

1743 voted against the Maple Heights Income tax increase, while 1105 residents voted for the  tax to be increased. If the levy had passed it would have increased the current income tax from 2.5% to 3%,  which would have tied Maple Heights with a few other cities for the highest income tax rate in the state. About 50% of the regular voters are retired and would not have been effected by the increase because it is only on earned income a fact Mayor Lansky touted in his mailer two weeks ago:

Maple Heights residents on Social Security, Disability, or Public Assistance would pay nothing, while others pay the income tax through their employer withholding.

Councilman Brownlee also distributed a mailer asking for fiscal responsibility and for city hall to adjust to the “new normal” with a plan. Councilman Brownlee isn’t alone.  In a 2005 interview with Maple Heights Press, then candidate Ron Jackson, now District 4 Councilman, said

we need someone to do some short, medium and long-term financial planning.

A Council meeting is scheduled for tonight at the Maple Heights Senior Center (map) starting with a caucus at 6:30 PM. There will be a time for citizen comments during the meeting which starts at 7 PM.

Barnes Defeats Zimon Despite Support for Zimon from Maple Heights Officials

While Councilman Trojanski, Councilwoman Jones, Council President Albers and Mayor Lanksy endorsed Zimon she still received 200 less Maple Heights supporters than Representative Barnes.  In the entirety of District 12 Barnes won the democratic vote by over 900 votes.

Other Races

Kenny Yuko, a familiar face around Maple Heights, won the democratic vote for State Senate 25th District with almost twice as many votes as his nearest competitor. The “Sin Tax” passed receiving 56% of voters support.


We will have complete election results up this evening. 

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2 Responses to May 6, 2014 Maple Heights Primary Election Results

  1. Bernard May 7, 2014 at 10:05 pm #

    It’s interesting that the author made it a point to note which officials supported the candidate who lost but neglected to mention that those same people endorsed Yuko, who did win. She clearly has an agenda here. If you’re going to call this “news” then at least report the facts without spinning the truth. Otherwise this is nothing more than a glorified blog.

  2. Lynde Brownlee May 7, 2014 at 10:37 pm #

    Council President and Mayor Lanksy were listed on Zimon’s campaign literature. I had previously seen Council Persons Trojanski (no surprise there since she gave him his oath of office in January) and Jones endorse her on Facebook. I also saw signs in Mayor Lanksy’s yard for Zimon (and Yuko).

    If I remember correctly Councilman Adams endorsed Barnes (and Yuko).

    I didn’t mention endorsements in Yuko’s race because it wasn’t “close.”

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