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Anyone having information related to any of these crimes should call the Maple Heights Police at 216-662-1234.

April 21, 2014

7:07pm – Call from the McDonalds on Northfield Rd. where the male complainant stated his girlfriend ran him over with his vehicle on the I-480 exit ramp onto Northfield Rd. and was headed home to Bedford Hts.  The complainant and subject were in an argument while stopped on the I-480 exit ramp to Northfield Rd.  The complainant exited the vehicle and at that time the suspect got behind the wheel and left the complainant.  Upon leaving the scene, the suspect hit the complainant with the car.  A squad was dispatched but the complainant refused transportation.  The complainant’s vehicle was located at a residence on Libby Rd.  Two arrests were made.  The complainant had a warrant from Brookpark and the suspect was charged with assault and domestic violence.

April 22, 2014

12:19am – Complainant from Mapleboro Ave. called to report that someone was ringing her doorbell.  It was discovered that the doorbell was stuck which caused it to keep ringing.

1:54am – A call came in from Maple Hts. Blvd. reporting two black females who have been arguing for 10 minutes. When police arrived they took inventory of one vehicle and discovered an open 750mL bottle of New Amsterdam vodka along with a plastic cup containing the liquor.  A summons will be issued along with the traffic citations once blood results are received.  Both subjects were arrested, one for no operating license and the other for operating a vehicle under the influence and no operating license.  Their passenger has a warrant with University Hts.

8:10pm – An auxiliary officer reported a group of at least 20 juveniles fighting at the 18400 block of Maple Hts. Blvd.  There were 3 separate groups of juveniles gathered and when police arrived the groups scattered.  Authorities were able to round up 9 juveniles and arrested them for aggravated riot.  All juveniles were released to their parents and the case will be turned over to the prosecutor for charges.

9:03pm – An employee from the Convenient Food Mart on Dunham Rd. stated that there are people in the parking lot who are physically fighting with Tasers.  Suspects in two cars were in a verbal altercation which progress into a physical altercation.  A Taser, box cutter and a hand gun were found.  Three arrests were made for disorderly conduct and one arrest for aggravated menacing.

April 23, 2014

12:46am – Complainant on Corkhill Rd. stated that someone entered his UNLOCKED home sometime between 10:30pm and 12:15am.  Items taken were a Galaxy 8″ & 10″ tablet, two flat screen tv’s, laptop and headphones.

2:22am – Newburgh Hts. police was in pursuit of a vehicle into our city, vehicle exited I-480 Eastbound at Granger at 80mph and proceeded to Dunham Rd. going south.  Suspect bailed at E. 146th St. prior to our officers arriving.  The suspect is a black male who may be intoxicated.  Bedford, Garfield, Valley View and Cuyahoga Hts. police also assisted.  Suspect was last seen in the backyard of a residence on E. 146th St. heading westbound.  Walton Hills K-9 unit heard the pursuit and responded to the area. Walton Hills, Maple Hts and Garfield Hts. units set up a perimeter but Newburgh police did not want to have K-9 conduct a suspect track.  No suspect was found and vehicle was towed to Newburgh Hts.

10:20am –  Robbery at the Dollar General on Northfield Rd.  An employee approached a shoplifter who assaulted her and threatened to shoot someone.  As the suspect left, the manager and employee were able to give police the license number and a description of the vehicle.  Police tracked the suspect to an address in Cleveland on Invermere.  Suspect was arrested and charged with robbery.

11:06pm – Complainant reported that he is following what he believes is a reckless driver who may be intoxicated.  The suspect vehicle was heading south on Dunham from Rockside.  The vehicle pulled into a driveway on Evening Star just prior to officers arrival and the driver was spoken with and everything checked to be OK.  The elderly driver was returning home from choir practice and was singing in the car.  She thought she was driving safely.  The driver was advised on her driving habits.

11:30pm – Prior to the traffic stop on Broadway/Clement St., a strong odor of marijuana was coming from the suspect vehicle.  As officers approached, the odor was considerably stronger.  The driver surrendered a 4 gram bag of raw marijuana and officers located, in the driver’s door, a digital scale with marijuana residue.  The passenger surrendered a 2 gram bag of marijuana.  In addition, the passenger who has 2 active warrants in Warrensville Hts., had a 10 gram bag of marijuana and a digital scale in his pocket.  A 56 gram bag and a 28 gram bag of raw marijuana was located in the center console.  (That’s a total of 100 grams of marijuana!)  The driver and passenger was cited for possession of marijuana, drug paraphernalia, safety belt and passenger safety belt violations. The passenger was arrested on his warrants and turned over to a Warrensville Hts. PD unit.

April 25, 2014

1:59am – Various callers reporting shots fired.  First caller from Meadow St. thought the shots may have come from the east side of the railroad tracks.  The second caller was from Check Smart.  The third caller from Libby Rd. heard 9 shots and thought the shots came from the Maple Leaf Tavern area.  Officer located the suspect vehicle and a pursuit was initiated through many side streets.  It was also reported that the suspect had a stolen gun in his possession. Bedford responded for mutual aid.  The suspect was finally taken into custody at Harlan and Homewood where he was arrested and charged with fleeing & eluding, receiving stolen property, driving while intoxicated and discharge of a firearm.

11:59pm – Call received from the B&M Bar BQ on Warrensville Ctr. Rd. reporting a male slumped over in his vehicle with the brake lights on.  During an administrative inventory an open bottle of Long Island Iced Tea cocktail was located in the center console along with 2 bags of marijuana in the backseat.  The male was arrested for possession of marijuana and open container.  He was also charged with failure to reinstate and operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

April 27, 2014

1:00am – Auxiliary officer at Southgate Lanes on Southgate Park requested assistance for an individual who was shot.  Bedford and Bedford Hts. police where on scene to help with crowd control.  The victim was transported to Bedford Hospital.  Upon further investigation, it was found that the victim had been punched in the mouth which resulted in a split lip and was not shot.  There was a report of possible gunshot fired inside the bowling alley but no evidence was located.

11:13am – Report of vandalism at the apartment building on Maplepark Dr.  Someone sprayed graffiti on the back wall of the garage.  The letters GD and a Star of David with a “6” in the middle and a pitchfork.

Numerous reports regarding the strike at Clifton Steel Co. on Rockside Rd.

April 24th  12:07pm – Striker verbally threatened an employee.
2:28pm – Clifton Steel property mgr. reported several vehicles belonging to the picketers are parked on their property.

April 25th  3:59pm – Officers en route to speak with the picketers about trespassing.
5:25pm – Report of a male picketer trespassing on Clifton Steel property.  The picketer was arrested and charged.

April 26th   8:03am – Clifton Steel associate witnessed, from his home surveillance system. a picketer drive through their parking lot honking his horn.  The manager on duty also witnessed this and has it on video.  The driver was arrested and charged with trespassing and carrying a concealed weapon.  Vehicle was towed.
9:02am – A striker reported a Toyota driven by a light skinned black male threatened the strikers.  The driver then returned with a black female.  It was thought that the male may have had a gun.  The vehicle cut through Speedway and headed toward Dunham.  The male was located and officers spoke with him.  The incident is settled at this time.
9:40am – A Clifton Steel employee reported a vehicle driven by a striker drove through the lot and went left on Lee South.  The vehicle was identified and the stiker turned himself in to the police station.  He was arrested and charged with trespassing.

Huh?  Really?

April 23rd Complainant on Longvale Ave. says neighbor’s kids threw sticks in her yard.
April 24th Same complainant as above says her neighbor’s children threw a stick in her yard. Another complainant on Longvale Ave. says her neighbor’s children rode their bikes on her lawn.                                                                                                     April 25th Complainant on Tokay Ave. reported that his son is not listening to him about chores. Complainant on South Blvd. reported an unruly juvenile who didn’t want to help the family pack up to move.
April 26th Complainant on South Blvd. is upset his wife turned off the cable and internet service  and then put the TV in her bedroom.
Same complainant on Tokay Ave. above called 911 to report his son is not listening to him.
Verbal argument on Milo Ave. between father and son over chores.

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