Policing Maple Heights

Anyone having information related to any of these crimes should call the Maple Heights Police  at 216-662-1234.
There were numerous reports of theft from autos this week:

April 17, 2014

7:03am – Cato St.   Suspect seen rummaging through vehicle. 12:51pm – Joseph St.  Items taken from UNLOCKED vehicle last night. 2:02pm – Catherine St.  Two UNLOCKED vehicles rummaged through in early morning. 5:29pm – Library Lane.  Item stolen from UNLOCKED vehicle. 5:50pm – McCracken Rd.  Two vehicles rummaged through, items taken from one.

April 18, 2014

12:50pm – Tokay Ave.  UNLOCKED vehicle rummaged through last night. 9:16pm – Tokay Ave.  Two UNLOCKED vehicles rummaged through last night.

April 20, 2014

5:06am – Applegate Ave.  UNLOCKED vehicle rummaged through by two black male juveniles. 5:15am – Bowling Green  UNLOCKED vehicle rummaged through. 7:14am – Donnybrook Rd.   Items taken from two UNLOCKED vehicles last night. 9:01am – Anthony St.  UNLOCKED vehicle rummaged through last night. 9:10am – Applegate Ave. Items taken, possibly left UNLOCKED last night. 9:33am – Clement St.  UNLOCKED vehicle rummaged through last night. 9:36am – Bowling Green  One item taken last night 10:05am – Centuryway Rd.  Vehicle rummaged through last night.  10:12am – Applegate Ave.  Open door on vehicle left in driveway. 11:53am – Clement St.  Nothing taken from 2 UNLOCKED vehicles, coat found. 12:36pm – Clement St.  Vehicle broken into last night, coat taken. 1:28pm – Clement St. 2:26pm – Anthony St. UNLOCKED vehicle rummaged through last night. 6:26pm – Applegate Ave.  Two vehicles rummaged through last night.

April 14, 2014

Neighbors looking out for each other . . .

9:52am – A caller from Homewood Ave. requested a welfare check on her neighbor.  The caller hasn’t seen her neighbor in over a week and her garbage cans were still on her treelawn since Thursday (April 10th).  Officers forced entry to the side door and found that no one was located inside.  Contact was made with the subject’s sister who stated that her sister is fine and has been working alot so she has been staying with her boyfriend. The residence was secured.

April 15, 2014

1:13am – Burglary at T-Mobile on Northfield Rd.  There was forced entry through the front of the business.  The interior was searched but no one was found.  Video footage shows the suspects took 10 phones with a total value of $4,900.  Video will be reviewed to make an identification.

1:47pm – Officer was on patrol at the apartment bldg. on Maplepark Dr. and discovered numerous (7) graffiti tags.  The tags were associated with the gang Gangsters Disciples.  As the officer was photographing the tags, a bystander informed the officer that some of the tags were 2 weeks old.  She also indicated that young black males, wearing all black, hangout in the parking lot around 1 in the morning and try to break into vehicles.  It is not known if these individuals are the people who did the graffiti.  Photos were entered with the complaint sheet.

3:26pm – A burglary occurred at a residence on Maplepark Dr.  The complaintant stated that her house was locked in the morning and was still locked when she returned in the evening.  Items taken were a 24″ flat screen TV and a play station.  The only people with keys to her residence is her father and sister and both have been ruled out as suspects.  It was discovered that the complaintant had lost her keys and had duplicates made without changing the locks on the house.  There are no suspects at this time.

April 16, 2014

7:13pm – Caller from Hollywood Ave. reporting a group of juveniles in the driveway of a vacant home and breaking windows.  One juvenile admitted to breaking a window on the garage and one juvenile admitted to breaking a window on the house.  The juveniles respective parents agreed to pay restitution to the caretaker of the property for the damages.

April 17, 2014

2:57pm – Complaintant from the Libby Rd/Mayville Ave. area called to report a group of kids fighting with no weapons.  The caller then hung up while officers were dispatched.  The group dispersed but two females continued the disturbance.  One female told officers that this event was none of their business and continued to yell.  She was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and obstruction.  The other female continued to yell at officers and was arrested for disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and menacing.

April 18, 2014

1:21am – Subject walked into South Pointe Hospital Emergency Room with a gunshot wound to the leg and stated that he was shot while at the Maple Leaf Tavern on Broadway Ave.  The victim was outside the Maple Leaf Taven to smoke.  He proceeded across the street to the parking lot where he was approached by a driver who asked him for a light.  The driver pulled a gun out and wanted money.  The subject did not want to comply and knocked the gun from the suspect.  The gun fired and struck the complaintant.  An individual on the scene pulled him into his car and drove him the South Pointe Hospital for treatment of his wounds.

2:57pm – Report of a black male in a white SUV emptying garbage into the dumpster at the vacant Tommy’s Pizza on Granger Rd.  The caller observed the suspect pull into the lot and remove several pieces of lumber and a cardboard box from his SUV and place them into the dumpster.  The suspect claimed he did not place items IN the dumpster, but rather that he was removing items FROM the dumpster.  The SUV was checked and there were no items in the vehicle.  The suspect was issued a summons for illegal dumping and transported to the police station for driving under suspension.

April 19, 2014

12:52am – Officers were in the parking lot of Maple Leaf Tavern and observed a male in a vehicle.  While approaching the vehicle the male  pretended to be asleep.  Officers saw an open bottle of 1800 Tequila on the drivers seat and a marijuana cigarette in the center console.  The driver was cited for open container and marijuana possession.

1:23pm – Female reported that someone followed her daughter from a gas station, hit her car and fled the scene.  A description of the vehicle and a passenger was given.  Vehicle was last seen turning right on Camden from Raymond St.  The area was checked but officers were unable to locate the vehicle which should have damage to the right front bumper.  Later that afternoon, at 3:17pm, the hit/skip vehicle was located at a residence on Philip St.  The owner of the vehicle, not the driver, was arrested for wrongful entrustment.  The driver of said vehicle was arrested for driving under suspension and hit/skip.  The passenger was cited for possession of marijuana.

April 20,2014


4:52am – While an officer was out on another call, he was approached by a male who claims he committed suicide.  The subject was transported to Marymount Hospital.

12:46pm – Complaintant called to report a burglary at her Watson Rd. residence.  Complaintant left her residence at 3pm on April 19th and when she returned on April 20th she discovered that someone threw a brick through her bathroom window.  A 55″ TV was taken and the bedroom was ransacked.  There are no suspects at this time.

3:33pm – While an officer was out on another call, he reported that a tow truck driver saw a juvenile, possibly 1 yr. old, unattended, walking in the middle of Broadway Ave.  An elderly black male picked up the child and carried the child up a driveway trying to find the parents. The person responsible for the child was found and cited for child endangering.  She stated the child wandered out while the family was eating dinner.

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