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It was announced at the Maple Heights City Council meeting on April 16, 2014 that Police Chief Maracz will be retiring. You can watch a video clip of his speech on our YouTube Channel.

Anyone having information related to any of these crimes should call the Maple Heights Police at 216-662-1234.

April 7, 2014

This next report is a real disappointment and a slap in the face to the voters who passed a levy to rebuild our schools!

1:54pm – Mr. Richey of the Kennedy Elementary School on Dunham reported vandalism to the school.  Red and black paint was sprayed on the entrance pillars and walkway by 2 juveniles.  One juvenile was from Milkovich School and the other was his out of state cousin.  Their actions were caught on video which was forwarded to juvenile court for charges.  The Milkovich student was handed a 10 day suspension and will have an expulsion hearing.

2:36pm – Loss prevention officer at Home Depot on Libby Rd. reported they have a shoplifter in custody.  The subject was charged with  shoplifting $158 in merchandise and arrested.  Subject also has a warrant in Parma, and Painesville for contempt.

April 8, 2014

10:54am – Complainant, along with other workers at a residence on Camden Rd. reported the property they are rehabbing was burglarized.  The complainant reported that the front door was open and copper pipes were missing from various locations in the house.  The incident was documented for insurance purposes.  No suspects at this time.

9:08pm – Report of a male and female fighting in the parking lot of Drug Mart on Dunham Rd.  Upon officers arrival, the male subject had left the scene but located when another call was received from the Maple One Stop on Dunham reporting that one of the people involved in the fight was hiding behind the gas station.  The male subject was located and had an odor of alcohol about him and was disoriented.  He was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.  The female was not located but left behind a wig and half a bra.

9:18pm – Hysterical caller from Maple Ave. reported her son was just robbed at gunpoint in her backyard by a black male wearing a mask, all black clothing and had a black gun.  The victim was outside to let the dog out when he was approached from behind by the suspect.  The suspect took an iPhone and keys and left through the front yard. The victims mobile phone was shut off, the phone carrier was unable to give last location.  Garfield responded with the mutual aid canine but the track was completed with negative results.  Currently there are no suspects but a description was noted that the suspect was around 16 yrs. old with medium skin pigmentation.

April 9, 2014

12:45pm – A resident from Miller Ave. reported finding a purse on the side of his garage.  The purse contained only a bible and belonged to the complainants neighbor who stated an unknown party entered her UNLOCKED vehicle and removed it.

3:28pm – A group of juveniles were tearing out bricks at a vacant resident on Philip St.  Upon officers arrival, the mother of the juveniles had them replacing and cleaning up the bricks.  Unfortunately, she had an outstanding warrant for unpaid fines for contempt and was arrested.

9:14pm – Caller from Watson Rd. reported a group of males shot his daughter three times with a BB gun and were walking towards the Marathon station.  The victim knew the subjects as they attended the same school. Two juveniles were located in the area wearing clothing described by the victim.  They were arrested and charged with assault.  The juveniles were transported to a detention home but were later taken home because the detention home had a backlog.

April 10, 2014

4:03am – Call from a resident on Waterbury Ave. stating her neighbor came over and told her that she had just been attacked by her boyfriend and that she needed medical attention for head and neck injuries.  The caller then hung up on dispatch and did not answer when dispatch called back.  A squad was dispatched but the victim refused to be transported to the hospital.  Bedford Police was contacted for mutual aid to assist at the suspects residence as there were other adults inside and unknown if they had any weapons.  One arrest was made and the suspect was charged with domestic violence. The other adults in the house had various warrants with Shaker Hts., Cleveland Hts. and Bainbridge.

Kudos to the caller for getting involved!

10:37am – A third party called the station to report a domestic violence incident at a residence on Grasmere Ave.  The caller takes the Grasmere Ave. children to school and they told him that their father had pointed a gun at another daughter and chased her out the of the house.  One adult was arrested for domestic violence and 2 BB guns were located and removed from the residence. 

April 11, 2014

12:08am – Gunshots were reported, by three different sources, coming from the Maple Leaf Tavern on Broadway Ave. The bar owners co-operated with police stating that a fight had broken out and mentioned that a video may have recorded this incident.  One shell casing was found inside the bar and four casings were found across the street in the Mapletown parking lot.  The shooter was identified by various patrons as “Monte” who resides in Cleveland.  Currently no arrests have been made.  Marymount Hospital reported they treated a patient who was shot while at the Maple Leaf Tavern.  Authorities suggested more stringent security as they have been called to this location 4 times in last 2 weeks.

 According to reports by NewsNet5 there was a shooting early in the morning on Friday, April 18, at the Maple Leaf Tavern as well.  

1:27am – Two reports of eight gunshots fired in the Weave’s Lounge area on Warrensville Ctr. Rd.  Because the parking lot was full, additional patron parking was made on Clare Ave.  A large party exited the bar and headed towards their cars on Clare Ave. when a fight broke out in the street.  No one saw who fired shots or where exactly they came from.  Warrensville and Bedford were contacted for mutual aid.  Four shell casings were located on Clare Ave. in a side lot.  No arrests were made.

And on a lighter note!

5:21am – While writing parking tickets on Oakwood Ave., an officer noticed someone who appeared to be sleeping on the porch of a home.  Upon inspection everything checked OK as it was just a scarecrow!?

April 12, 2014

8:40am – Report of theft from two autos on Tabor Ave.  The vehicles were left UNLOCKED overnight; tools, sunglasses and liquor were taken.  No suspects at this time.

5:19pm – Male reported that he was approached by 4 black males on Granger Rd. who attempted to steal his shoes.  The victim threatened the suspects with a knife and they ran heading south on E. 141st St.

9:13pm – Call from Summit Ave. reporting 5 gunshots heard and stating that this is heard every weekend.  Officers spoke with several people in the area who also heard the noise and checked the area.  Officers found no evidence of any shots fired but later discovered the noise came from fireworks.

10:42pm – Another call from Summit Ave. reporting gunshots heard.  After speaking with residents they indicated the noise was from fireworks.  Officers found 2 sky rockets in the street in front of another Summit Ave. home but could not determine their origin.

April 13, 2014

12:43am – Caller from McCracken Rd. reported that a very large coyote or fox took her chihuahua.  The caller was very upset and believed the animal may still be in the area and is vicious.  Officers check the area and did not locate the animal.  The Animal Warden was notified.

1:48am – Multiple calls were received regarding a fight at the Tonite Lounge on Libby Rd as well as a party that was unconscious in the roadway.  A squad transported the injured subject to Marymount Hospital.  Male subjects were trying to break up a fight between female subjects in the parking lot.  The fight resulted with many injuries and one arrest.  The arrested individual was later released when victims/witnesses could not identify him.

Thanks for being a good neighbor and getting involved!

1:47pm – Caller from Granger Rd. reported that he just witnessed a black male steal an expensive bicycle from his neighbors yard on Royal St.  Garfield Hts. Police responded for mutual aid, the bike was recovered prior to their arrival.  The suspect is a black male wearing a blue hoodie, blue sweatpants and a red hat.

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