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Anyone having information related to any of these crimes should call the Maple Heights Police at 216-662-1234.

March 17, 2014

It pays to watch out for your neighbors and get involved!

3:27pm – A vigilant neighbor on Corridon Ave. alerted police of 2 suspicious black males who had been walking up and down the street for the past three hours and were now casing a nearby home.  The caller reported that her neighbor had just left for work and 1 suspect walked up the driveway and tried to get in through the side door.  He was able to open the security door but discovered the inner door was locked.  He then went around to the rear of the home where the caller lost visual contact.  The other subject was standing on the sidewalk in front of the home.  The neighbor also called her neighbor who then returned home.  Two arrests were made for disorderly conduct and falsification.  One suspect also had a warrant from Cleveland Heights.

6:25pm – A caller from Homewood Ave. stated he walked into the woods to take a picture of deer and found a Taylor Made golf bag and clubs and a Black and Decker electric weed whacker lying on the ground behind a fallen tree.  The golf bag had the last name “Fisher” on the name tag and appeared to have been in the weather for a period of time.  The items were taken into evidence as found property.

March 18, 2014

Another example of being a good neighbor and getting involved!

3:30pm – An observant caller from Granger Rd. reported a white male painting graffiti on the garage of a vacant house on Royal St.  The juvenile was found with paint on his hands and 3 cans of paint in the back of the house.  He was arrested and waiting prosecution.  While the police were looking for this juvenile, they identified another juvenile in possession of tobacco who was issued a citation for underage tobacco.

9:20pm – An anonymous call was received reporting eleven males fighting in the street in the Dunham Rd./Benhoff Dr. area.  Two suspects (juveniles) who were with the group denied fighting and stated that the group was just “dappin up”(?) and shaking hands and were not fighting.  The juveniles were turned over to an adult to handle discipline.  Police were unable to locate any witness who would cooperate.

March 19, 2014

1:23pm – A patrolman was conducting a bar check at the Wings Bar and Grill on Broadway and located an occupied vehicle with an odor of marijuana.  While conducting a search, the officer discovered that the front seat passenger was in possession of marijuana and a loaded firearm.  The passenger was placed under arrest for carrying a concealed weapon and cited for possession of marijuana.

Another observant neighbor!

7:35pm – A resident on Mapleboro Ave. was taking out the garbage and saw 2 black males at the back window of his neighbor’s house.  Once the subjects saw the complaintant, they ran up Mapleboro Ave. towards Stafford.  The homeowner was home at the time but said she did not hear anything.  Officers were at the same residence earlier for a disturbance.  No suspects at this time.

March 20, 2014

3:04pm – A juvenile returned home from school to her Gardenview Dr. residence. She entered through the locked front door and discovered that the home had been burglarized.  The juvenile went to a neighbors house down the street and stayed there until officers arrived.  Officers discovered that the rear door had  been kicked open and left ajar. Items taken were a flat screen TV, Wii, laptop, ipod, jewelry and 3 guns.  Although there are no suspects at this time, a neighbor stated that she saw 2 people walk through their yard.

March 21, 2014

Remember to always lock your vehicle and never keep valuables in plain sight.

2:54pm – A resident on Cato St. reported a theft from her UNLOCKED vehicle.  The only item missing was the complaintant’s purse containing 2 credit cards, work expense credit card and drivers license.

4:27pm – Complaintant stated that he is in the process of purchasing a home on Hansen Rd.  The subject furnished the home while the transaction was being made to eliminate the appearance of a vacant house.  The subject had not been to this property for a couple of months and now discovered the side door open and several items missing.  Missing items include a furnace, couch, loveseat and a chair.   Neighbors did not see anything and there are no suspects at this time.

March 22, 2014

12:54am – A confirmed burglary was reported at Walgreens on Lee Rd.  An audible alarm was triggered and a security camera recorded a black male wearing a black hoodie and black pants and wearing gloves entered the store, took cigarettes and left the store leaving the front door ajar.  Bedford Hts. responded with their K-9 to attempt to locate the suspect.  Officers were unable to locate as the K-9 never got a good track.

2:10am – Complaintant claimed seeing a white vehicle driving slowly down Anthony St. with people outside and he is concerned that a fight may break out.  Officers determined that the vehicle in question was checking on a male and a female who both indicated that they are not associated with the vehicle.  The male was issued a citation for pubic intoxication.  The female was released and sent home.  The passenger of the vehicle was issued a citation for open container and the driver was also issued a citation for open container and arrested for driving under suspension.  Vehicle was towed.

5:54pm – Officers were conducting a traffic stop at Maple Ave./Williams St. where the driver stated that he was in a hurry to get home on Beech Ave. due to someone having an asthma attack.  Officers followed the driver home and determined that no one was having an asthma attack.  The driver was arrested and taken into custody for reckless operation of a motor vehicle and littering.  The vehicle was also towed.

11:12pm – Officers conducted a traffic stop on Warrensville Ct. Rd. near Giant Eagle on a driver making an illegal left turn in front of another car.  Upon approaching the vehicle, the officer smelled an odor of alcohol and saw cups inside the vehicle.  The driver and passenger stated that the cups contained an energy drink. The occupants of the car were arrested for underage consumption and the driver was also issued a traffic violation.

March 23, 2014

4:19am – Guardian Alarms reported front door and motion alarms at Maple One Stop on Dunham Rd.  Police were notified at 4:20am and  arrived at the store at 4:22am to discover the front door had been pried open and it appeared that the suspect took cigarettes and lottery tickets.  The security camera recorded 2 males had entered the store and stolen the merchandise.

3:02pm – Complaintant from Watson Rd. reported a dog running loose in her yard, she was able to contain the dog in her garage.  When officers arrived, they found another loose dog in the area but was unable to catch.  Fortunately, another neighbor was able to contain this dog in his fenced in backyard.  The dog in the garage belonged to a neighbor who had already been cited for a loose dog 2 times the week before.  The owner was given her dog back and cited for animal at large.  The second loose dog was gone when officers arrived and they were unable to locate.

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