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Anyone having information related to any of these crimes should call the Maple Heights Police at 216-662-1234.

March 10, 2014

4:41pm – While conducting a traffic stop on Granger Rd. near Saridakis Auto, the officer discovered that the driver was driving under suspension and then arrested him.  The children in the car were brought back to the station for pick up by a family friend.  The family friend had a warrant with Lorain County and he too was arrested.  The children were eventually picked up by another individual.

9:43pm – Two officers viewed a white Lexus with dark tinted windows traveling eastbound on Raymond St. from Warrensville Ctr. Rd. The vehicle was stopped at Raymond St./Clampher St. for not using its turn signal at the intersection.  The driver and owner had an active warrant with Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s office and was in possession of raw marijuana.  The passenger had a warrant through Cleveland Police Dept.  Inventory of the vehicle produced an open container of liquor in the glove box and a digital scale.  A debit card, issued to another person, was found on the driver who stated he found the card on the ground near his residence. The driver was arrested on his warrant and cited for the violations listed above.  The passenger was also arrested.

11:34pm – The manager of the McDonald’s on Broadway reported parties in a white Dodge Avenger fighting.  When officers arrived they discovered the owner and driver of the Dodge was driving under suspension and under the influence.  He was arrested and the license plates were confiscated by the registrar.  The remaining three passengers were issued citations for open container.

March 11, 2014

Good News!!!   Good News!!!   Good News!!! An honest citizen from Thomas St. turned in a wallet she found near Magic Hair and Beauty on Lee Rd.  The wallet contained a debit card, medical card, ID and a social security card.  The wallet was placed into evidence while attempts to contact the owner proceed.

1:41pm – A call was received from the High School on West Blvd. reporting several males trying to enter the school.  Security instructed the two juveniles to leave as both had been expelled from the school.  Officers arrested both juveniles and charged them with trespassing.

7pm – A call was received from the Golden Age Development on Clare Ave. reporting three males in dark hoodies loitering in front of the building.  Another call came in reporting three males chasing someone while firing a gun.  Officers at first could not locate the individuals but while still in the area located one subject, who was also the shooter, on Mayville near Clare Ave. and made an arrest for an outstanding warrant.  Another subject, who lied about his identity was arrested for falsification.

March 12, 2014

3:09am – An anonymous male called reporting loud music coming from a Morning Star Ave. residence.  Upon officers arrival, the music was excessive and could be heard from the street.  A citation for disturbing the peace was issued.

8:43am – An employee from Maple One Stop on Dunham Rd. reported 2 males outside fighting and that someone had a weapon.  Prior to officers arrival subject #1 left the area in a gray Impala heading north on Dunham Rd.  Officers talked to subject #2 who stated that while he was in the parking lot subject #1 approached him and started yelling at him regarding a 2 year old disagreement and at that time a fight broke out.  Subject #1 left, subject #2 chased his vehicle on foot and then returned to the store.  While talking with officers and viewing the security camera footage, it was determined that no weapon was involved. The store employee did not wish to press charges.  Officers checked the area without locating subject #1 and issued a summons for disorderly conduct to subject #2.

More Good News!!!   A call was received at 2:19pm from the VIP Apartments on Clare Ave. stating that there is a shopping cart full of copper pipes near the garages.  The manager did not know where the copper pipes came from and the pipes were brought back to the station and entered into evidence as found property.

6:14pm –  Call received from Bally Total Fitness on Warrensville Ctr. Rd. regarding a theft from auto.  Complainant stated that someone broke into his vehicle while he was working out.  His vehicle sustained a broken rear passenger window and a backpack was taken.  The complainant also stated that there were 3 other vehicles broken into.  At the time this report was taken, the drivers of the other vehicles had already left the scene.  ADDENDUM  Three minutes after this report was taken another complainant of this theft appeared at the station to make a report.  The complainant returned to her car to find her passenger rear window broken and her purse was taken.

March 13, 2014

9:58pm – The complainant was at the station to report that she had been assaulted by several people at the Magic Hair and Beauty on Lee Rd.  The scenario is as follows: complainant let a friend use her car, the friend while using the car was cited in Shaker Hts. on a parking violation, the complainant wanted her car returned and after a few attempts to meet, the friend showed up with 7 people and that is when the assault happened.  Because of conflicting stories no charges were made and the incident was referred to the prosecutor.

Kudos to Mom! Mom came to the station to report that she caught her daughter in possession of a stolen cell phone, she also brought her daughter and the cell phone to the station.  The daughter stated that she was given the phone by an unknown female at school AND stated she found it in a bathroom stall.  The officers spoke to the owner’s aunt/guardian who said they would not pursue charges, they just wanted the phone back.

10:22pm – Complainant from Steinway Ave. reported a female pulled into her driveway in a white Pacifica and attempted to come in her back door. When the complainant came to the door, the female (black female in her late 20’s or early 30’s, slim build, glasses) stated she had the wrong house and sped out of the driveway heading towards Dunham.  Subject had a black male passenger in the vehicle as well.  Vehicle was gone on officers arrival and unable to locate.

March 14, 2014

7:40pm – An officer on his way to work observed a reckless driver going past the station heading north on Lee Rd.  The officer stopped the vehicle and discovered the driver was driving under suspension.  The vehicle was towed and the driver arrested.

March 15, 2014

12:23pm – A call from the Maplepark Dr. apartments reported a black vehicle driving recklessly and now stuck in the back parking lot.  The vehicle jumped the curb between 2 apartment buildings.  Two people were arrested because they both stated that they were the driver.  Both were charged with obstruction and one with reckless operation.

6:33pm –  A customer at the Rascal House on Northfield Rd. was upset with her pizza and pushed the pizza across the counter and started knocking over everything inside the store.  The subject’s mother and daughter were transported to their home in Shaker Hts., and the subject was arrested for assault and disorderly conduct. The vehicle was towed but not before 2 wine bottles were found on the front seat.

March 16, 2014

2:25am – A complainant in the lobby and several other callers reporting a disturbance at the intersection of Broadway and Libby Rd. where people were threatening to shoot each other.  This was a case of road rage involving 3 vehicles.  Unit #3 driver was at fault and was not at the scene when officers arrived, he was later located in his driveway on Maple Hts. Blvd.   Unit #2 driver was arrested for operating a vehicle under the influence and unit #1 driver was arrested for criminal damage when he kicked the unit #3 vehicle.

March 17, 2014

Another good deed to acknowledge!  At 1:25am a resident of Kenyon Dr. found a purse in the street on Libby Rd/Prayner Rd.  The responding officer returned the purse to its rightful owner on Clare Ave.

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