More Stringent Laws Imposed On Maple Heights Landlords

Please note: Since this article has been published Council has passed at least one ordinance (2014-36 Rental Registration) related to Landlords and Rental Registration. Landlords should contact the building department for the most up to date information. 

During the month of December, Maple Heights City Council passed two new pieces of legislation to hold landlords in the city more accountable. Both pieces were introduced by Mayor Jeffrey Lansky and went into effect on January 1, 2014

The first requires all landlords owning properties in Maple Heights, but residing outside of Cuyahoga County to have an “Agent in Charge” (AIC) who resides in Cuyahoga County and oversees the maintenance and financial obligations of the property. The AIC must be registered with the city. Both the AIC and owner will receive notices from the building department. (ordinance #2013-74)

The second piece of legislation triples the late fees for landlords or AICs who do not register rental properties either within 30 days of the title transfer or annually before January 1st each year.

Landlord 101:

  • If, the owner of a rental property located in Maple Heights, Ohio does not reside in Cuyahoga County an Agent In Charge must be appointed AND registered with the City.
  • Rental properties must be registered with the City annually, before January 1st. The certificate of Rental Registration will be valid for up to one year ending December 31 of issuance year
  • The registration fee is $75 for each rental property. For rental buildings with multiple units the first unit is $75 and all subsequent unit in that building are $25.
  • The registration fee for commercial rental properties is $175.
  • All rental fees are non-refundable.
  • IF there are no changes (to tenant or original application – proper documentation must be provided) when a Rental Registration is renewed AND the registration is renewed before January 1 of the upcoming year the $75 fee shall be waived. IF the renewal is received between January 1st and March 31st the current year the fee will be $75. After March 31st the fee will triple.
  • Rental registrations become null and void if there are changes to the original application, the rental property is found to be in violation of any Maple Heights codes, laws or ordinances, false statement/documentation/representation or omission on application, or the tenant fails to cooperate with inspections.
  • Rental registration must be reapplied for with each change in tenant, change of AIC or owner.
  • Landlord and AIG who fails to register rental properties is guilty of 4th degree misdemeanor for the first offense, 3rd degree misdemeanor for the second offense and a 2nd degree misdemeanor for all subsequent offenses. Falsification during the application or inspection process is a 1st degree misdemeanor.
  • Within 30 days of a new or lapsed rental registration application, rental units will be inspected (if a rental inspection was not requested prior to the application). Rental properties with current Rental Registrations will be inspected once every 3 years or sooner when and  if an inspection is deemed necessary to verify tenants or code compliance. IF the unit passes, a certificate of registration will be issued to the owner and the AIC. If it fails, the owner and the AIC will receive notification that the property does not comply with building and maintenance code requirements.


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