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Income Tax Increase Debated At Last Council Meeting

 A Special Council Meeting has been called for Wednesday, January 22, 2014 to be held at the Senior Center (map) at 6:30PM. On the agenda is pending legislation (the proposed Income Tax Increase and Levy).  This meet is open to the public. 

On, January 15th, 2014 the 2014-2015 Maple Heights City Council met for it’s first “real” meeting. Council Members were sworn in on January 2nd and attended an orientation work session on Monday, January 6th.

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New Finance Director Approved By Council

Council approved Mayor Lansky’s appointment of Irene Crowell as Finance Director.

Income Tax Amnesty Period Approved by Council

Council also passed a piece of legislation, introduced by Councilman Trojanski, creating an amnesty period for residents who are delinquent on their income taxes. Both penalties and interest will be waived for a period of 90 days (after the legislation is signed into effect by the Mayor)  if the delinquent balance is paid in full. To take advantage of this tax amnesty residents must bring their income tax bill to city hall and go to the information window on the lower level. Cash, checks, credit and debit cards are accepted.

Income Tax Increase Proposed by Mayor

Mayor Lansky introduced a piece of legislation to increase the income tax to balance the city’s budgetHe proposes to raise the income tax from 2.5% to 3.0%. An income tax of 3.0% will give Maple Heights the highest income tax in all of the 236 municipalities under RITA or the 39 municipalities under CCA. 

This income tax increase will effect every wage-earner over 18 who lives or works in Maple Heights. Those who work in Maple will have 3% taken out of their wages by their employer. Those who live in Maple Heights will have whatever the tax rate for the municipality they work in taken out of their paycheck, THEN when they file their local income tax form to RITA, they will pay the difference between the rate of the municipality they work in and the rate in the City of Maple Heights.

For example if a Maple Heights resident works in Cleveland their employer will withhold 2% and then the employee will pay the remaining .5% (or 1% under the proposed legislation) to Maple Heights via their RITA income tax return or quarterly payments. 

The legislation was placed on first reading, and will be read a second (and possibly brought to a vote if it is placed on “Emergency”) at a special Council Meeting, Wednesday, January 22, 2014 at 6:30 PM held at the Maple Heights Senior Center (map). This meeting is open to the public, but there is no “citizen comments” on the agenda like a regular meeting. If you would like to express your support or opposition to the increase contact your council person or Mayor Lansky.

A second, related piece of legislation is proposed to place the tax levy levy on the May 5, 2014 Primary Ballot.

Who is my Councilperson? When and where are City Council Meetings held?

Click here to find out what district you are in, who your member of council is, and  when and where meetings are.

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3 Responses to Income Tax Increase Debated At Last Council Meeting

  1. Debbie Hoffman January 22, 2014 at 6:48 pm #

    Very nice article, with a lot of important information. I really liked the pictures of each of the council members being sworn in. Good job!

  2. PHYLLIS April 3, 2015 at 1:38 pm #

    The good city of maple hts continues to raise taxes on the working poor residents of maple hts. Maple hts is heavily punitive of imposing a penalty of $150.00+interest no matter how little or much the tax payer does not pay. The mayor and its officials wonder why the residents of this city continues to vote down on any type of tax increases. As a working poor resident I will never vote in favor for any type of tax increase or school levy as long as I’m a resident of maple hts. NEVER!!


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