Outgoing members of Maple Heights City Council.

Inauguration for New City Council, Goodbyes to Outgoing Members

We will soon be accepting a new City Council in Maple Heights. In November, we had the opportunity to exercise our right of democratic elections in our great nation. And, for us, no issue was more important than the races for Maple Heights City Council.

Oncoming City Council

Yard Signs for Maple Heights 2013 Election. Among the seven districts in Maple Heights, only five had more than one candidate. Among those, Districts 4, 5, and 7 elected new representatives to City council while Districts 1 and 6 voted to keep their members of Council. Districts 2 and 3 were uncontested. Also, the race for City Council President was uncontested.

Therefore, in the oncoming Council will see five returning members (including the Council President) and three new. The newly elected members are:

  • Ron Jackson (District 4)
  • Bill Brownlee (District 5)
  • Edwina Agee (District 7)

The re-elected members are:

  • Jackie Albers (President)
  • Alex Adams (District 1)
  • Toni Jones (District 2)
  • Anthony Cefaratti (District 3)
  • Richard Trojanski (District 6)

The oncoming Maple Heights City Council inauguration will be January 2, 2014 at 7PM in the Maple Heights Senior Center (map). The swearing in of the members of Council will be followed by light refreshments.

Goodbyes to the Outgoing Members

At the last City Council Meeting on December 18th, the outgoing City Councilmen: Freddie Jackson (District 4), Charles Crews (District 5) and Joesph Szumski (District 7) were recognized for their service. Council President Jackie Albers presented commodations to the each of them. Additionally, Mayor Jeffrey Lansky recognized Freddie Jackson for his ten years of serving as District 4’s Councilman.

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We would also like to thank them for their service; your dedication and hard work are appreciated. Please join the new and veteran members of council and their family and friends on January 2, 2014 at 7PM at the Maple Heights Senior Center (map).

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