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December 9, 2013

9:02am – A female was found passed out in the passenger seat of a vehicle at the Shell station on Warrensville Center Road. A bag of marijuana and an open container of beer were found in the vehicle. Vehicle was towed.

12:55pm – Female shoplifter was charged with theft at Giant Eagle. Suspect failed to pay for all items totaling $92.67.

3:30pm – Shoplifter in custody at Home Depot. Suspect was cited for shoplifting 2 LED flood lamps, 2 LED light kits, three 25′ pressure wash hoses and one 30′ pressure wash hose. Citation was issued.

4:18pm – Neighbor on Miller Ave. called in to report a possible theft of copper from a house. A male was found repairing the house but was turned over to North Randall for contempt of court.

4:56pm – Reports of a male in the Northwood Ave. area selling insurance to the elderly.

December 10, 2013

9:58am – Schades Impound Lot on Libby Rd reported someone broke into the lot overnight. It appears nothing was taken but a request for monitoring the lot was made for parties loitering around the fence.

Theft from auto

5:06pm – A purse was stolen from an unlocked car in the United Methodist Church lot on Libby Rd. Items taken were a Michael Kors purse, credit cards, drivers license and a white iPhone 5.

Two unlocked vehicles on Berkeley Rd. were broken into sometime overnight. One vehicle had nothing missing but the other vehicle had two wallets missing.

December 11, 2013

2:29pm – An assault on a female teacher from Kennedy Elementary School on Dunham Rd. was reported. The teacher was hit twice and knocked into a wall. The school is handling the situation.

4:52pm – A U-Haul truck was parked on Camden Rd. for a week. A parking citation was issued for a commercial vehicle parked in a residential area. U-Haul removed the vehicle as it was past due on being returned.

5:41pm – Called to a McCracken Rd. residence to assist in unjamming a gun. Caller was attempting to shoot at a raccoon that was trying to attack his chicken. The gun was successfully decocked and the complaintant was advised on firing at raccoons on his property.

11:38am – Urban mining at a residence on Benhoff Dr. Complaintant was winterizing this residence and discovered the break in. An unknown party stole the furnace and copper pipes.

December 12, 2013

11:30am– A Bedford Hts. Patrolman reported that they received a call from one of their residents who was involved in an accident in their city. After an investigation, it was found that she hit a telephone pole on Raymond Street in our city. The vehicle struck the telephone pole on Raymond St. and continued across the front yard and down the driveway. Driver sustained superficial injuries. Vehicle was towed.

12:05pm – A mailman was attacked by two pit bulls at a Fairway Ave. residence. The mailman sustained injuries to his right arm. The Animal Warden responded and had the victim sign a misdemeanor citation.

11:26pm – Vehicle was stopped on Rockside/Dunham Rd. for a burned out headlight. Upon approaching the vehicle a strong odor of marijuana emanated from the car. A probable search uncovered 27.3 grams of marijuana, digital scale and a grinder. Driver was cited for equipment violation and possession marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

December 13, 2013

12:13am – CO detector alert on Anthony St. – gas company was notified.

Auto Theft

5:45am – Attempted auto theft on Fairway Ave. Unknown party entered the vehicle, nothing was taken. Tracks found in the snow leading towards Raymond St.

6:11am – Attempted auto theft on Raymond St. Female left vehicle unlocked. Suspect removed a CD/TV screen.

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