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 Anyone having information related to any of these crimes should call the Maple Heights Police at 216-662-5884. 

November 1, 2013

Overnight most of Ron Jackson’s (District 4 City Council candidate) political signs were damaged or stolen. Jackson went on to win the election, anyways.

The side door of a Wheeler Road was forced open and a laptop was stolen.

A man reported dropping his vehicle off at Saridakis Auto and when he went back to pick it up the vehicle was missing.

November 2, 2013

1:09 AM, Mapleleaf Tavern: Disorderly Conduct. Large fight. 4 females were cited for Disorderly conduct and 2 other parties were advised of their warrants with Shaker PD.

4:57 PM, Danbury Drive: Doe-n’t Just Stand There Make a Move, Buck. A Buck was caught watching a neighboring Doe and wouldn’t leave the yard, so the homeowner could let her dogs out. The Police Officer scared the doe away and the buck followed.

7:55 PM, Walvern Blvd: Arson. A caller reported seeing a male go into a vehicle and leave. He asked the male if the vehicle was on fire and he said, “yes” and continued walking South on Glenwood Ave. The fire was contained to the dash, but the Fire Department had to break the windows of the stolen vehicle to put the fire out

 November 3, 2013

8:54 AM, Ramage Ave, Burglary. A women awoke to find an x-box missing and the back door to her home open.

Steinway Blvd. While at the residence for another call, the Officer remembered the home should have had the water shut-off, for an outstanding bill. This was confirmed with Cleveland Water, that this is the second time the residents have turned the water back on themselves. Cleveland Water will be pressing charges.

November 4, 2013

10:18 AM Maple Heights Police assisted Bedford Police in chasing two burglars from a burglary in their city. The suspects were both apprehended on Dalewood.

3:11 PM, US Bank on Northfield Rd, Robbery:  A possible suspect was found at the RTA station. He was cleared from any connection to the bank robbery, but arrested on an outstanding warrant.

8 PM A rock was thrown through a Maple Heights Blvd home’s rear window.

8:34 PM, A woman arrived at her Grasmere Avenue home and found a man on a bike hiding in the bushes. When he saw her he left headed towards Dalewood.

November 5, 2013

1:34 AM Two men were arrested at Mapleleaf Tavern for Disorderly Conduct.

2:30 AM, ACE Cash Express: Two men were arrested when police officers observed their occupied vehicle in the ACE Cash Express parking lot. One man was turned over to Warrensville PD for an outstanding warrant and the second man was charged for Brass Knuckles, open container and possession of Marijuana.

10:30 AM, Corridon Avenue and Dunham Road, Motor Vehicle Accident. The vehicle ran into a pole and the power was knocked out in the area. The driver fled going west on Corridon. The driver was charged with ” hit-skip”.

5:57 PM At a traffic stop near Vine and Maple Heights Blvd, two men were arrested, the first for failure to reinstate and the second on an outstanding warrant from North Randall. A third male was arrested when he came to pick up the passengers for driving under suspension and having brass knuckles and a large knife under the drivers seat of his vehicle.

9:50 PM Cleveland Police Department recovered a vehicle that was stolen from Maple Heights at the end of September. The vehicle was stripped and had no tires or plates.

November 6, 2013

3:15 PM Police were called out to a domestic violence situation on Watson Road. Two people were arrested, the first for Domestic Violence and Obstruction, the second after giving his information to the police, fled into the house and the police found him a few hours later near Kenyon and Prayner. He was arrested for Obstruction and an outstanding warrant through Warrensville Heights.

Libby Road. A caller reported that an Aluminum Canoe had been stolen from his back yard. The canoe was discovered in the adjacent rear yard, where the homeowner claimed to have seen 3  juveniles hop the fence around 11 AM.

November 7, 2013

7:42 AM: A light fixture caught on fire at the Maple Heights Library. The fire was out prior to the Fire Departments arrival.

A burglary to a Grasmere Avenue home was reported. A TV, washer and dryer, National Guard gear and copper piping were stolen from a home. The new owners were storing their belongings in the house until they moved in.

3:51 PM: A cyclist was cited for operating a “vehicle” under the influence after a caller reported he fell off his bike.

4:34 PM A Nitra Avenue home was broken into. A glass panel was broken out of the side door. An x-box 360, laptop, jewelry box and a Play Station Vita were stolen.

November 8, 2013

2:05 PM, Grasmere and Jackson Avenues: Several callers reported that there was garbage on fire in the tree lawn.

3:32 PM, Libby and Lee Road. A caller reported two vehicles driving recklessly and shooting at each other. Two males were arrested, both had outstanding warrants. One of the vehicles involved was reported stolen by NYC PD as was the hand gun involved. The vehicle had stolen plates and handicap placard as well.

A Corridon Avenue resident reported someone broke into her home through a back window and stole a computer, iPad, kindle, and diamond ring.

November 9, 2013

10:18 PM, Warrensville Center. A vehicle was stopped for expired registration. While speaking with the driver the Officer observed a bag of marijuana. The driver was cited for expired plates, expired license and possession of marijuana.

November 10, 2013

At midnight near Cato and North Blvd a caller reported a  large group of juveniles being loud. While officers were en route more more callers reported hearing guns shots. A male was located on Maple Heights Blvd with an airgun, both he and his brother were arrested for curfew violation.

November 11, 2013

A vehicle that was stolen on November 9th from a Grasmere Avenue home was found on Raymond Avenue.

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